NA 66 - Sargodha-III

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  • 2002 ELECTIONS:

    1 Tasneem Ahmed Qureshi Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 40448

    2 Ch. Muhammad Hamid Hameed Pakistan Muslim League(N) 29496

    3 Ch. Sultan Ahmed Pakistan Awami Tehreek 2241

    4 Dr. Muhammad Arshad Shahid Muttahidda Majlis-e-Amal Pakistan 38952

    5 Rao Abdul Ghaffar Khan Advocate Independent 927

    6 Farzana Hameed Independent 346

    7 Bhogro Independent 263

    8 Mehr Ahmed Shujjah Khan Luk National Alliance 349

    9 Mian Muhammad Shahid Nazir Advocate Pakistan Muslim League(QA) 10128

    10 Mr.Nisar Ahmed Hundal Independent 73

    Valid Votes 123223

    Rejected Votes 3359

    Total Votes 126582

    Registered Voters 282701

    Percentage of Votes Polled to Registered Voters 44.78 %

  • I think MMA vote bank will decrease compared to that in 2002. PPP votes are also expected to decrease slightly (~5000). So I expect interesting results of this constituency. I would like to hear from someone who has firsthand knowledge of current situation in sargodha.

  • ppp good chance. but good fight between ppp and PLM(N)

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    This is mostly urban area seat.

    Last time MMA candiate was runner up and lost to PPP candidate by a v close margin of 1500.

    At the same time PMLN candiate who was on 3rd position got about 30000 votes.

    After boycott of JI, number game seems in favor of PMLN. PMLQ acanidate willl use all resources and govt suppport to make it a gud contest.

  • I tell u the exact situation in sargodha city NA-66.


    Ch abdul hameed won the election PML(N).


    1. Tasneem Ahmed Qureshi PPP 40448

    2. Ch. Muhammad Hamid Hameed PML(N) 29496

    3. Dr. Muhammad Arshad Shahid MMA 38952


    1. Tasneem Ahmed Qureshi PPP 69943

    2. Muhammad Hamid Hameed PML(N) 65020

    now a days, there is no strong candidate for PTI and no politician from NA-66 has joined PTI. So I think PTI has no chance to win this seat.

    Tasneem Qureshai still is very strong and he will be candidate from PPP in the upcoming election.

    PML N s the strongest among all parties uptill now. Hamid hameed son of Abdul Hameed (MNA-1997 PML N) will be strong candidate from PML N in upcoming election.

    Jumat-e-islami candidates Dr Arshad Shahid and Mian Izahar ul Haq(Dar-eArqam School) are very strong in character and are well reputed. But Jumat-e-islami single endedly will not be able to defeat PML N.

    PML Q candidate Farzana Shoib along with her husband Shoaib awan (Ex tehsil nazim) has joind PML N.

    Dr liaqat ali (independant candidate for MNA) has joined PML N.

    EX MNA Aslam Kachela has joined PML N.

    In the upcoming election there will be contest only if:

    PTI and Jumat-e-islami go for a single candidate otherwise there will be no competition.


    PML N will win by big margin(15000) if there is no alliance.

    PML N will win by small margin (5000) if PTI and Jumat-e-Islami go for alliance(expected)

    These are 100% true facts uptill now(08-07-2012)

  • very good analysis, thank you.

  • very good analysis i m agree wid u my dear

  • NO one needs a good IQ that boycoot of JI ended up in increasing votes for PML N in 2008, but yet they lost. This time JI will not boycott, so all those extra votes that went for PML N due to boycott of JI and PTI are not going to be there anymore, and PTI cuts the good number of PMl N (Thats what PMl N shouts at every TB show) votes of PML N. In case of JI+PTI cnadidate, I cannnot see PMl N candidate in top two positions!!

  • Some folks just so happen to be way out of sync! We have a little P(o)TI toadie who has travelled all the way from Karachi and talking about Sargodha politics when he does not even know his own constituency in Karachi and even claims that P(0)TI would poll more votes than MQM in Karachi :D

    Daft-Ikhar Bhai, apna jaali munjun kaheen aur baicho warna bohat gunday ho gai yahan par.

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