Nawaz Sharif and his Saudi Connections??

  • Why Saudi Arab was/is paying for Nawaz Sharif's politics....

    We are against American involvement in Pakistan but why not people condemn Saudi's involvement.

    Are they using PML N and Pakistan to fight against Iran/shia in some proxy war?

    Worst part is that Nawaz Sharif even broke promise to

    Saudies, Are they going to help him out again ?

    How NS and his family going to pay back Sauides for " a special economic development loan" they have received from Saudi Arab



  • expakistani

    Its is now confirm that ISI is againt Nawzs Sharif, We condemn funding of nawza sharif if ISI knows about the funding of MQM, JUI, ANP and other political parties who are getting funds for not to make Kala Bagh Dam, and shia sunni fasad......

    You mention the ref regarding ISI if its true than we have to also thing about the policies of ISI, which is around only NS not ppp, ANP, PTI, and other parties.

  • You mention the ref regarding ISI if its true than we have to also thing about the policies of ISI, which is around only NS not ppp, ANP, PTI, and other parties

    Im interested in the PTI part. Any evidence in this regard?

  • @LHR42

    Same ISI created IJI and we dont need to go far to find out

    what they have done for Nawaz Sharif in past...

    What making me worry is Nawaz Sharif is playing in foreign hands... what kind of pledge he has done to Saudies? I am sure its not just giving them one of their daughters...but something has to do with Iran as well.

  • Expakistani

    Dear...... To save pakistan is our first priority. what you think if we just stand in one topic..

    "Why Saudi Arab was/is paying for Nawaz Sharif's politics....

    We are against American involvement in Pakistan but why not people condemn Saudi's involvement."

    We just have to decide that.. to fund any party is right or wrong.

    if wrong then y ISI does not ban all other parties which r from Balochistan, as i said and mention above cant stop them too,....

  • Little publicized fact about Nawaz Sharif is that his father late Mian Muhammad Sharif, who had been spoon feeding Nawaz as late as 1999 while residing in Prime Minister House, was a fanatic faithful Wahhabi.

    Nawaz Sharif's visits to Daata Darbar may purposely for fooling public and getting their votes.

    کنجری بنیاں ذات نہ گھٹ دی - نچ کے یار مناون دے

    قبری پوجیاں وہاب نہ رُس دی - دب کے ووٹ بناون دے

    Fact: Nawaz Sharif is a Wahabi but only a Barelvi or Shia would care.

  • azizi

    bhai main kehta hon jhuton par Allah ke laanat.

    aap kaho.....aammeen

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  • @LHR42

    Funding to pakistani political party for any outside sources

    is dangerous....If provided funds then they will ask for return.

    What Nawaz sharif promised to give Saudi in return? To my surprise champion of democracy and so called Anti establishment forces are not denouncing such act.


    Charities from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates financed a network in Pakistan that recruited children as young as eight to wage “holy war”, a local newspaper reported on Sunday, citing Wikileaks.

    A US diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks said financial support estimated at $100 million a year was making its way from those Gulf Arab states to an extremist recruitment network in Pakistan’s Punjab province, Dawn newspaper reported.

    Asked to respond to the report, Saudi foreign ministry spokesman Osama Nugali said: “Saudi Arabia issued a statement from day one that we are not going to comment on any WikiLeaks reports because Saudi Arabia is not responsible for these reports and we are not sure about their authenticity.”

    The November 2008 dispatch by Bryan Hunt, the then principal officer at the US consulate in Lahore, was based on discussions with local government and non-governmental sources during trips to Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous province.

    It said those sources claimed that financial aid from Saudi and United Arab Emirates was coming from “missionary” and”Islamic charitable” organisations ostensibly with the direct support of those countries’ governments.

    Saudi Arabia, the United States and Pakistan heavily supported the Afghan mujahideen against Soviet occupation troops in the 1980s. Militancy subsequently mushroomed in the region and militants moved to Pakistan’s northwest tribal areas along the border with Afghanistan, seen as a global hub for militants.

    Since then there has been a growing nexus between militant groups there and in Punjab. In recent years militants have been carrying out suicide bombings seemingly at will in Pakistan, despite military offensives against their strongholds.

    Children sent to training camps

    But militancy is deeply rooted in Pakistan. In order to eradicate it, analysts say, the government must improve economic conditions to prevent militants from recruiting young men disillusioned with the state.

    The network in Punjab reportedly exploited worsening poverty to indoctrinate children and ultimately send them to training camps, said the cable.

    Saudi Arabia is seen as funding some of Pakistan’s hardline religious seminaries, or madrassas, which churn out young men eager for “holy war”, posing a threat to the stability of the region.

    “At these madrassas, children are denied contact with the outside world and taught sectarian extremism, hatred for non-Muslims, and anti-Western/anti-Pakistan government philosophy,” said the cable.

    It described how “families with multiple children” and”severe financial difficulties” were being exploited and recruited, Dawn reported.

    “The path following recruitment depends upon the age of the child involved. Younger children (between 8 and 12) seem to be favoured,” said the cable.

    Teachers in seminaries would assess the inclination of children “to engage in violence and acceptance of jihadi culture”.

    “The initial success of establishing madrassas and mosques in these areas led to subsequent annual “donations” to these same clerics, originating in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates,” the cable stated.

  • @Javed Sheikh

    Above link (

    is absoultely terrible and a big joke with people of Pakistan. Foreign funding to train jihadis using young kids is disgusting and alarming. Why Pakistani Govt (all key players) is so irresponsible, corrupt and overlooking such dangerous activities. Today, whole Pakistani is burning (with bomb blasts and extremism especially KP Province) and rling elite is busy saving their Govt in next election.

  • @allahbanda – I say Ameen to your dua. The following is a proof that my post about Sharif being a Wahhabi is correct.

    Nawaz Sharif inherited Wahhabism from his father. Here is an excerpt from a book “Pakistan: A Hard Country – by Anatol Lieven”.

    “Partly from older family tradition, and partly perhaps because of the impact of migration, Nawaz Sharif’s father joined the Ahl-e-Hadith, a religious tradition with strong Wahhabi leanings. This is an affiliation, which later strengthened and was strengthened by, Sharif ties to Saudi Arabia, where Nawaz Sharif’s father went into business after Z. A. Bhutto nationalized his industries in the 1970s, and where Nawaz took refuge after being overthrown by Musharraf. Nawaz Sharif therefore has been widely suspected of sympathies with the radical Islamist theology.”

  • Irrespective of the fact that logically speaking, Pakistanis are supposed to know more about someone born and bred in Pakistan, still some consider "Anatol Lieven" who has no first hand knowledge as an authority on the issue.

    House n igger, eh?

  • If Pakistanis can support a runaway leader who spent 8 years in exile due to fear of imprisonment than they surely can learn a thing or two about their country from a foreigner.