Terrorists Strike Again -19 Shia Pilgrims Killed in Balochistan

  • Terrible atrocities on Pakistani Shia minority continue with yet another horrific attack on their pilgrim bus enroute to Iran. This has become a norm in parts of Balochistan to attack pilgrim's buses in broad day light and security forces have been (once again) unable to provide safe route to Shia pilgrims. Many Shia mosques have been attacked with devastating impact in the past in several Pakistani cities and banned militant groups like SSP and Lashkar Jhangvi have proudly claimed responsibility for their acts of terrorism. Peaceful Hazara community has been target of these militant groups in Balochistan province and these Shia-hating groups have links with talibans animals who have also declared them kafir in the past.

    What is even more disturbing, Rana Sanaullah, a senior Minister in Punjab seeks open voting support of such banned militant groups during general and bye-elections in one of the Jhang electorates. State and Federal Govt do not take such horrific attacks on their shia minority seriously; few statements of condemnation from President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Interior minister and other political party leaders, announcement of meagre Govt compensation for dead and injured and the file is closed forever.

    Perpetrators and Mastermind of such heinous crimes roam free and even shoulder with Govt ministers, other party leaders and even appear on TV programs giving interviews and chatting with anchors.

    Where is State of Pakistan going?

    Why Govt Ministers collaborate with banned militant groups?

    Why State of Pakistan is NOT SERIOUS to tackle such heinous crimes?

    Why minorities feel so unsafe in their own country?

    Why terrorist groups such as talibans/Lashkars are so powerful in Pakistan?

  • یار - یہ تو خبر کل پوسٹ کر دی تھی

    اب ایک نیا تھریڈ کھولنے کا کیا شوق پیدا ہوگیا ہے؟


  • واقہی جناب ، فورم پے تھریڈس اتنے زیادہ ہوگے ہیں کہ کبھی کبھی تو کوئی مخصوص تھریڈ ڈھونڈنے میں دقت ہوجاتی ہے ، امید ہے اڈمن جی اس بارے میں کوئی خاص پالیسی پر عمل درآمد کروائیں گے

  • First the news media reported "suicide" bombing. They later back tracked and said it was probably booby trapped car. This is more or less the modus operandi in most of these cases. No one will ever know the truth but ST exposes his knee jerk reaction by blaming "terrorists". Are they terrorists disguised as mercenaries?

    What is the role of the tens of thousands of mercenaries implanted in the country. They are reported to speak fluently in local languages and wear shalwar Khameeez too. Remember the guy Raymond who later was taken into protection and sent home scot free even after murdering two innocents by saying he was a "diplomat". Are these mercenaries building schools and hospitals?

    If the Soviets had minded their own buisness...if the Americans had minded their own buisness, there would be no Taliban, no suicide bombers, no hanky panky business.

  • Minorities (even muslim ones) face bleak and uncertain future in Pakistan and with rising number of attacks on their pilgrim buses and mosques along with Govt lack of response and inaction, it has become too difficult for them to survive in Pakistan.

    Founders of Pakistan repeatedly stressed on protecting rights of minorities in mulit-faith Pakistan but today in 2012 Govt inaction is a BIG QUESTION MARK for Pakistani minority groups.

  • @AR

    As my compatriot where we hate such crimes, you do not worry too much when shia community is attacked by talibans or taliban-like terrorists.

    Now your new weapon of attack is why Soviets invaded, why Americans invaded, why Pakistanis trained Mujahideen, why and why so talibans are justified and their acts of terror are also justified.

    Ar, stop living in the past. Why did Aourangzeb kill his brothers to grab power?

    AR, in a nutshell, you are simply a pathetic individual.

  • I wonder why don't Pakistani security forces strike against terrorists.

    Terrorists have struck umpteen times against State of Pakistan. When will State of Pakistan strike?

  • An endless war between Iran and Saudi Arabia on Pakistani blood and soil. Shame to Iran and Saudi Arabia for fighting a proxy war in our beloved country!

  • میٹھے سچ بھائی جان

    سکیورٹی ایجنسیوں کو اپنی “چوت چالاکیوں“ سے فرصت ملے تو ان معاملات کی طرف دیکھیں گے ۔

  • Since its independence,army has been the greatest rogue of the country.I will tell just 10 reasons which is only tip of the iceberg.

    1. Extremely non professional,lost all the five wars against india i.e 1948,65,71,84 &99

    2. Extremely non professional,lost all its potential allies on western border one by one just for the pleasure of United States, i.eMasood,Rabbani,Siyaf,Dostum,Hekmatyar and finally Taliban.

    3. Extremely non professional,always kept bad relations with greatest potential ally Iran, after 1979,just for the pleasure of United States.

    4. Extremely non professional,never responded to Chinese aspirations in proper way,just for the pleasure of United States.

    5. Extremely non professional,in a peaceful environment of the country,attacked Waziristan in 2003 by throwing the pacts of Mr.Jinnah with tribes,since then our people r facing a horrible war & these businessmen r earning dollars ,just for the pleasure of United States.

    6. Extremely non professional, twice attacked India (1965,99) by expecting victory but slapped out in pitiable condition in a few days.

    7. Extremely non professional,greatest land mafia of the state with 12% of the land.Better to say them property dealers than soldiers.

    8. Extremely non professional, biggest corporate institution in Pakistan with more than 200 commodity industries all over the country.Better to change its name i.e Pak Army (PVT) Ltd with a slogan “Businessmen at their best”.

    9. Extremely non professional,always involved in pre poll rigging in elections by creating hatred for genuine politicians &trying either to bribe or eliminating them,thus growing dirty politicians under the umbrella of GHQ (Convention League,MQM,Functional League,PML Q & ZAR_BABA 40 chor etc),just to fed-up people from politicians so as to prepare ground for martial laws.

    10. Extremely non professional, always tried to alienate &break up those regions from federation,who stood up against the attrocities n hegemony of these Watchdogs.Fall of Dhaka is the typical example that how these conspirators held elections &then refused to transfer powers to the winner Bengalis,thus instigating them to grow the seeds of separation.As the sitiuation was not worsened,they even started operation to kill bengalis &rape their women as the last nail in the box.Balochistan &Waziristan operations were also planned on same patterns &for the same reasons.If this processs continues,only Northern Punjab will be left as their beloved den.

  • Very sad

    Shias are not safe while having a Shia president

  • Just to help sectarian violence and keeping Saudi Masters happy....

    PML-N decides to make seat-adjustment with Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (ASWJ)