Shia massacres and background

  • Leave to Iran? No way. The Shia refugees from Afghanistan forced themselves into Iran during Soviet occupation only to be kicked out at the earliest opportunity by Iranian nationalists.

  • Yeah Right.

    Next they will want the Bralevis to leave.

    It is time for the nation to wake-up and rein in these enemies of humanity.They belong in the lowest level of Hell(if there is any).

  • @expak

    Good and eye-opening article; it is tough times for shia community and majority sunnis are simply paying lip service and no meaningful action is being taken by Islamic Republic of Pakistan to stop genocide of shias.

    Where is Islam and Islamic spirit in Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

  • I am thinking there are paid killer, Saudi Arab & UAE type governments are paying them now to fight against Shias around the world. Before that same killer were in Indian Kashmir and before that period they all served in Jihad against USSR.

    On other side we as pakistani are paying price of Saudi and Irani wars. Do you see any strong words or action from PPP or PML N against such killing? I guess not, because Killing in hazar not going to hurt their vote bank. and on other side PLM N cant afford to voice against Jhangvi/Sipah Sahiba killers.

  • Ayotullah Khomeni vowed to export his revolution. His announcement was followed by Iran's policy of intervension in the other Muslim countries. That was the inception of sectarian war in Paksitan.

  • This author probably has the same tunnel vision like other sellouts:

    Shia-Sunni conflict in Pakistan is not a new phenomenon. It existed before 9/11 but the scale of this conflict has always been the target killing of each other leadership or prominent personalities. Can someone remind me that during 80s and 90s how many Hazara Shias of Balochistan were being massacred in the ensuing Shia-Sunni conflict? Probably none!!

    I have a question for all those who have this tunnel vision that why now suddenly the Hazaras of Baluchistan are being targeted by these sectarian terrorists? There are more Shias who live outside of Baluchistan but why only Hazaras are being targeted? Is there any sinister plan in targeting only Hazara Shias by some hidden hands? Think about it!

  • Dar Sahab

    Differences among different schools of thought have always been existent. However, the tolerance levels have been variable. It is the political leadership which plays an important role in modulation of tolerance levels. I lived in the Middle and observe that unlike the North Indian people, the South Indian had great degree of tolerance level in religious matters. The peoples of South Indian Christian, Muslim and Hindu community are often seen sharing rooms and foods. After exchanging some information with the Indians, I concluded that the Communist governments of South Indian States played a key role in establishing religious tolerance and harmony. In North India, the politicians rather played with the religious affairs for political mileages and made North India an intolerant society in religious affairs. The incidents like Babri Masjid never occur in South India. All the Hindu Muslim riots also do occur in North India.

  • How many of above have visited Quetta and have learned the problem first hand??? earlier the target was Punjabies... they were being killed, until they sold their properties and left...

    then the pashtoons and now Hazaras!!!

    In order to find out who is the master mind behind the killings ( This terrorist outfit called Lashker-e-Jahngvi is just a hired killer and have to be killed)and massacre one need to take out the prime property buyers in last 5/6 years...

  • Khanamer Bhai

    True that we have not tradition of diagnosing the root causes of social or administrative ailments and then subsequent application of treatment. Previously, the situations of East Pakistan, FATA, NWFP, Interior Sindh and Karachi were not rationally analyzed and very inadequate solutions were applied. The results were worsening of situations.

    You are abosolutely right that superficial study and inadequate actions may keep on worsening the situation.

  • There is a clear pattern in the worsening situation of Baluchistan since Akbar Bugti's killing in August 2006.

    Prior to his killing Baluchistan was relatively peaceful and harmonious despite of the war-of-terror being fought for almost 4-5 years in its neighborhood. There were obviously grievances of common Baluch people prior to that event but it was never a violence wrecked place like it has now become.

    The killing of Akbar Bugti and the ruthless and shameful behavior of Musharraf regime in his killing alienated the Baluch people from the state of Pakistan. I would term it the single most heinous crime of Musharraf after his shameful phone-call-surrender back in 2001.

    Soon after this the Baluch struggle found new friends and financiers across the border and it turned violent. First it started with ethnic killing of Punjabis and Pashtuns but fortunately it did not serve the purpose of the financiers so they now have turned it into a multi-dimensional conflict with both religious and ethnic connotations to it as Hazaras are not just an ethnic minority but a religious too in a multi-ethnic Baluchistan.

  • East Pakistan situation was also badly mishandled. True problems were not recognized and no adequate solutions were applied. The net result was the most shameful surrender of the Islamic history. We have no intellectuals at the helm of the affairs to fathom the realities and apply adequate solutions. There is no country of the world where similar problems do not sprout up. Even in case of neighboring Iran, there are problems like Sunni Baluchis, Sunni Kurds and Azerbaijanis. Their wise and strong leadership controls these problems sometimes by force and sometimes by strategies.

  • When you have abundance of sellouts on the payroll of foreign forces within your country and they align themselves with foreign agendas against the nation and toe their line 24/7 then it becomes very difficult for even the strongest leadership to return the situation to normalcy.

    Now top it off with the leadershit we had available in the last 13 years of this 21st century. A tinpot dictator who considered himself some sort of messiah who can do no wrong while he did absolutely everything wrong and then a crook who's only aim in his life perhaps is to accumulate as much wealth as he can before he die or get killed.

  • Strong leadership in terms of both caliber and character is badly required to solve our national problems. According to a report, 300 billion dollars of Pakistani politicians are deposited in the banks of Switzerland itself. What a pity!

  • @expakistani

    I am thinking there are paid killer, Saudi Arab & UAE type governments are paying them now to fight against Shias around the world

    Tweet from :

    Dr Shahid Masood @Shahidmasooddr

    Breakfast with friends in Hezbullah : I was told"Brother! if your state can't, we'll go quietly to take Killers of Our Shia brothers Down"!


    @Shahidmasooddr Dr Sb, Who knows how many Hizbullah fighters r already on their way n how many Raymond Davis' are roaming around. Stay Safe.

    Another tweet:

    What is Hezbollah's flag doing in a protest at D-Chowk Islamabad? We don't even share a border with Lebanon.

    Both Police and respected shia leader Maulana Abbas Kumaili agree that same group is involved in Killing of Shias and sunnis


    Dawn News 28-Dec-2012 :

    Same weapons being used in ‘t!t-for-tat sectarian killings’


    CCTV footage of Jamia Binoria Clerics. Identify them and your case will be solved as to who is sponsoring these friggin' terrorist.

  • اکثر علماے دین اور مولوی صاحبان اپنی تقریرکا آغاز

    بسم الله و الرحمن الرحیم

    . سے کرتے ہیں

    یعنی الله بڑا رحم کرنے والا اور مہربان ہے

    لیکن تقریر ختم کرتے ہیں

    یقاتلون فی سبیل الله ---- پر

    اور الله کی راہ میں قتل کرتے رہو

  • These Molvi Sahibans were introduced by Mr. Ronald Regan as the heroes of the century in a White House reception. Our religious class was badly spoiled and exploited by many foreign powers including America.It was America that supported the sectarian religious organization like Jamat Islami to form a fence against the growing communism.

  • Why always and everywhere Muslims are victims of foreign powers?

    For how long Muslims would stay like Watermelon?

    History unfolds that Muslims have been always killing each other even when there was No America.

  • "History unfolds that Muslims have been always killing each other"

    Wrong. Always a fifth column supposedly Muslims was playing treacherous role and hence the killings.

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    How true can this be? If there is substance to this then we need to vote in a strong government. Elections must not be delayed.