BB's Uncles ....

  • Shirazi Bhai

    A nice piece for knowledge and in formation. It reminded me many things of Past, including NSF.

    Dr Mubashir still goes to Neela Gumbad with his few followers to demonstrate in his style.

    I'm sure one day you and I will have a lovely chat in DC, apart from that what opinion you might have formed about me in these last days. I have a lot respect for everybody who got sincere feelings for Pakistan. I don't care about myself. I know what I am and that why I am so, and I'm quite happy with myself. Yet remain a constant learner.

    Wish you a very happy New Year to you.

  • @JA Khan Saab

    Our political differences have noting to do with our relations. I respect you as a person and looking forward to see you in person whenever you come across this side of Atlantic but unfortunately politically certain days we are poles apart and some days we are like minded - I guess depending upon your mood.


  • خان صاحب ۔

    شیرازی بھائی ہم سے تو چلے کا وعدہ کر کر بھول گئے ۔ اب ریکھتے ہیں اپ سے کیا ہوا وعدہ پورا کرتے ہیں یا نہیں ۔۔۔۔۔

  • @asif bahi

    I still remember chila promise. You needed to hook me up with your DC chapter. The lapse, if any, is on your end not mine.


  • Shirazi Bhai

    I'm very easy going person and always respect what others say. Every single critic is a source of learning. After 14th Jan. 2013 I'll be in touch with you a bit more in detail.

    I know that every civilize and educated person loves to see democracy in his country, since it's the best way to run any country in a civilize manors. Unfortunately our nation is not given any chance to practice it as it ought to be.

    But I'm sure it will happen the day the current system is abolished altogether. However, I personally don't see this day now very far away. Inshaalah soon we will see a big change in Pakistan. It's now also in interest of western powers to get rid of this system from Pakistan, for the world cannot afford any further chaotic situation in Pakistan. I think also our military is realizing now many facts that brought our Pakistan to this chaotic situation. Therefore I believe now firmly that soon after that big change happens Pakistan will be put into a right direction full of true sense of democracy. Our Pakistani voters are not stupid at all. The only problem is they are frightened and feel themselves blackmailed by this jaggerdarana and bradri system totally. They sell their vote for one plate of biriani and a note of Rs. five hundred only. They are kept poor, uneducated, threatened and frightened so that they can be bought and tyrannize easily. I'm sure people like you are quite aware of all these facts.

    Shirazi Bhai, I'm dying to live in a civilize Pakistan the rest of my life. I want to work there for small and deprived children. I have some expertise that could help Pakistani children and youth like anything. I want to educate them for a real sense of life without leaving their village and family which could also ease to reduce city population, or at least not to let it grow any further. I know I can do it. But unfortunately this bloody current situation is not allowing me at all. Cheers

  • I still remember chila promise. You needed to hook me up with your DC chapter. The lapse, if any, is on your end not mine.

    ٹھیک ہے پھر شیرازی بھائی بستر تیار رکھیں ۔ جماعت والے وصولی کے لیے ائے تو پیچھے نہ ہٹ جائیے گا ۔

  • Sure Asif bahi, what do I need to pack?


  • asif Jee

    Shirazi Bhai has not promised me anything.

    I don't know what's going on between you two and your mutual promises.

  • 1. sleeping bag

    2. toothbrush + touthcream

    3. cloths

    4. sleeping pajama

    5. about 100 - 200 dollars

    Please No computer, No mobile phone


  • Why no mobile phone?

  • شرازی بھائی نیا سال مبارک ہو

    باقی آصف بھائی کا ترلہ کریں موباہل لیے لینے دیں اور پجامے کو بے شک رہنے دیں۔

  • Why no mobile phone?

    شیرازی بھائی ۔

    ہمارے بڑے کہتے ہیں ۔ پہلے انسان کے دو شمن ہوتے تھے ۔ نفس اور شیطان ۔ اب تین ہیں ۔ نفس ۔ شیطان اور موبئل فون ۔۔۔۔۔