Est. sponsored '09 PMLN and '93 PPP Long March! why complain now?

  • Establishment sponsored 2009 PMLN's Judiciary restoration march as was admitted recently by Justice Tariq Mehmood in one of the talk show. And that was after CoD signed between two major parties. Similarly BB's 1993 long march that brought Nawaz Sarif''s gov down had establishment nod. How PPP and PMLN are complaining about 3rd front (TuQ, MQM, PMLQ etc) long march.

    What goes around comes around.

  • Shirazi - Nobody is complaining. Let him march with errm 40 lacs marchers. We are eager to watch.

  • @imtiazahmed saab

    I don't know what papers are you reading or channels you are watching or blogs you are reading where you don't see another establishment coup d'état.

    Army's intervention doesn't need 40 lacs, 100,000 'd be more than enough. If that happens Miyan Saab will be biggest looser as PPP is done with their term. PMLN lost the moral ground when Shahbaz Sharif and Ch. Nisar meets Generals after mid night and Nawaz Sarif does long march on Generals's nods - what goes around comes around.

  • @shirazi

    I thought you have political acumen but it looks like there is a lot to learn. In 2009, army intervened to stop the long march because it was started without their permission. If it was not stopped at Gujranwala and had reached rawalpindi, no body could anticipate its destination. Judges were reinstated to stop the onslaught otherwise it was never in the plan.

  • My take for PMLN to let long march happen and call the bluff. Remember it is not 1977/1993/1999 and it will be stopped by its originators aka army establishment way before rawalpindi anyway as letting it get in will pose unforeseen dangers for army and situation will get out of control as this padri will actually start thinking himself as khumeini-II. It will make sure once and for all the no body can now derail the democracy. It will also give a big leverage to future PMLN govt to curtail army. NS should announce the name of new army chief as soon as he takes oath of office to make kiyani a sitting duck for next 6 months just as he did to aslam baig in 1990. That way, new appointed army chief will make sure kiyani doesn't do something foolish and in the mean time, NS will have enough time to bring establishment under civilian control just like erdogan did in Turkey.

  • Peacefulness of PPP and N gives an impression that this all drama is more of a political show.

  • " NS should announce the name of new army chief as soon as he takes oath of office"

    Paindo or inn ki batain haha

  • @Shirazi,

    So you are saying that Establishment that sacked the entire judiciary arranged a long march to restore the same judiciary?

    Your assumptions does not make things a fact, specially when majority of ordinary people supported the long march and all independent surveys proved the same.

    This long march was not a for some joke, but 1 of the 3 state pillars was not existing in Pakistan after almost 70% of judges refused to take oath on 3rd November 2007.

  • @rohail taqi

    have your chusni in and pay attention to your bakra leader's telephonic address otherwise your sector in-charge will have to fill another bori fitting your size. btw if paindoo means being born in karachi and belonging to an urdu-speaking family then your bakra leader is a paindoo too ;)

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  • @Rasheed bahi and Bechari Awam Saab

    It's not me even Najam Sethi said 2009 long march had establishment nod. Justice Tariq said it was impossible for us to leave the house unless establishment wanted it. When establishment wanted a crack down how many people Miyan saab could muster when he tried to come back and was sent back from airport barely couple of thousands.

    These million marches in our society are backed by establishment, unfortunately. As far as objectives are concerned even Tahir ul Qadri is also flying high - restore this eradicate that, it doesn't matters what counts is who is behind it. From Sunday ke Sunday drone concerts to DPC rallies to PPP, PMLN, TUQ long marches it's always establishment otherwise they 'd just be like Miyan Saab's reception at Islamabad airport.

  • Establishment sponsored 2009 PMLN's Judiciary restoration march

    شیرازی بھائی ۔

    ابھی چلہ لگایا نہیں اور یہ حال ؟

    پہلے تو عدلیہ بھالی مارچ ن لیگ کا نہیں ۔ بلکہ وکلا اور عمران کی محنت کا نتیجہ تھا ۔ دوسرا اگر اسٹبلیشمنٹ ہی سب کچھ کرا رہی ہے تو پھر بے نظیر کو بھی اسٹبلیشمنٹ نے ہی مروایا ہے ۔ زارداری کو صدر بھی اسٹبلیشمنٹ نے ہی بنایا ہے ۔

  • @Shirazi,

    You must be suffering from establishment-o-fobia. One day establishment sacks judiciary and second day, they restore same judiciary, which is a joke.

    If establishment sees the mood of people and decides not to "interfere", this DOES NOT mean that establishment wanted to do it.

    I was part of long march along with thousands of others, I can confirm that I was not backed by establishment. I also proudly spent more than Rs. 100,000 from my own resources to support the logistics of Long March in 2009.

  • @rasheed bahi

    I am sure establishment wouldn't have approached you for long march and you are not the first one to deny, Sheikh ul Islam saab also confirmed establishment isn't behind him. I didn't say establishment gave money to Nawaz Sharif, I said they didn't stop him, when they stopped PMLN could only get 2000 people to airport.

    BTW I am not the only one with establishment phobia. There are many in media including Najam Sethi in yesterday's program who say without establishment's nod 2009 march wouldn't be possible.

  • لگتا ہے کرسیاں گننے والے رشید صاحب ہی ہیں ۔۔۔۔

  • @asif bahi

    "دوسرا اگر اسٹبلیشمنٹ ہی سب کچھ کرا رہی ہے تو پھر بے نظیر کو بھی اسٹبلیشمنٹ نے ہی مروایا ہے ۔ زارداری کو صدر بھی اسٹبلیشمنٹ نے ہی بنایا ہے ۔"

    Not just that, the apple that Adam ate in haven that forced all of us to this world was also establishment's conspiracy.

  • شیرازی بھائی ۔

    لچ اف دا ڈے


  • @asif bahi

    "لگتا ہے کرسیاں گننے والے رشید صاحب ہی ہیں"

    Additionally Rasheed bahi picked up the phone from Pappa Kiyani that forced Miyan Saab to turn around.

  • Additionally Rasheed bahi picked up the phone from Pappa Kiyani that forced Miyan Saab to turn around.

    کیوں رشید بھائی ۔ سچ بتائیں ۔ تب کیانی صاحب کا فون اپ نے ہی اٹھایا تھا یا کوئی اور تھا ؟

  • @Shirazi,

    Your arguments are funny like PPP, who take the credit for restoration of judiciary, since Gillani made the executive order.

    Every sane and reasonable person knows that only when a million people were marching towards Islamabad under leadership of Nawaz Sharif, PPP and Establishemnt bowed to the pressure and had to restore the Judiciary.

    But this DOES NOT mean that PPP + Establishment WANTED to restore the judiciary.

    If Kiyani wanted to really restore the Judiciary, he had 1.5 years for it yet he did not.