Qadri MQM Dharna in Freezing Islamabad

  • In case Qadri and MQM manage to bring reasonable followers to Islamabad, how long would they survive on roads in freezing weather of Islamabad?

  • It all depends upon how the mother nature treats them and how much human waste Islambadis can absorb.

    In 1979, when Zalim Zia announced his Zakat deductions from bank savings account as a part of his "Islami Nizaam", the Shia groups clogged Islamabad with mostly Shia patrons from Jhang. The local population was so fed-up with the human defecation that authorities facilitated the ruler for an end to that sit-in. Finally, with combination of other dynamics Zia withdrew his original idea.

    I was looking for a Don’t Know choice.

  • I dont want this going for long... would be good for pakistan if someone take serious notice and implement constitution as it suppose to be....

    People with corruption charges, Jaldi degree, daul nationals

    NRO Zadagan, Maffi waley log... need to hang according to Islamic tradition.

  • Same like Azizi I was also looking for and choice of "Don't Know"

    I have a strong feeling that march will be stopped in the mid way only or may be it will not start only.

    Why because fear of march, is clearly seen on the faces of all ruling and oppotion of Fed and Punjab. they keep on saying they would not do anything against march. but I think Fed.Gov and Pun.Gov will not sit relax to watch them on TV.

    They would definitely opt all options to stop them.

    How, it is big question mark may be:

    by negotiation OR

    by Conspiracies OR

    by dirty politics.

    by voilence OR

  • Zardari has been successful so far by throwing a bone at every barking dog. Can Tahir ul Qadri be tamed with a bone?

    It is very obvious that MQM is in it to raise their payout.

    By the way, after 1979 incident, Islamabad authorities implemented an ID check procedure at the entry to Islamabad. After every threat of an agitation, everyone was stopped at Zero Point to show an ID with residence or work address of Islamabad.

  • Zardari has been successful so far by throwing a bone at every barking dog. Can Tahir ul Qadri be tamed with a bone?



    نہیں عزیزی بھائی

    طاہرالقادری انکا بندہ ہے جنہوں نے زرداری کو بھی ہڈی ڈال رکھی ہے

    اس لیے اسے زرداری کی ہڈی کی نہ ضرورت ہے اور نہ ہی پرواہ

  • Fatim92

    Nothing will happen.

    Everything will go smoothly.

    This fact is something that has made both giants sleepless. They may shout in parliament only.

    Everything will start and end up according to plan quietly and smoothly.

    It seems a very long term planing where every single danger has been calculated and taken into consideration. Otherwise TUQ would have been arrested by Khadim-e-Aala's Punjab Police with some very serious allegations and put behind the bars a long time.

  • Bawa JI: Very fitting comment (those that are providing bones to Qadri and MQM group are also the same that are provding bones to Zardari).

  • بہت شکریہ امتیاز بھائی جی

    آپکی شاگردی میں میں نے بھی تھوڑا تھوڑا سوچنا اور سمجھنا شروع کر دیا ہے

    :) :)

  • Rehman Malik is meeting that MQM's coward absconder Altaf in London. Like Maulana Fazl, Altaf too is always willing to accept highest bidder's price. It all depends upon what Zardari offered opportunist Altaf..

  • I dont think more than a few thousands would even show up ..

    The "Mutahidda Qadri Alliance" has its fingers crossed and wants Ashfaq Kyani to announce dispatching of 500 jawans in aid of the long march.

  • On ground MQM's criminal unit bhathakhors(extortionists) are aggressively collecting bhatta from karachiites for Canadian Pope wannabe Qadri's Islamabad drama..

  • expakistani Bhai

    My dearest suggestion is that please stop dreaming in the day time, and be ready for next surprises. Pakistan was not created for people like you or me. Who do you think we are?

  • ڈاکٹر صاحب ۔

    آپ نے الطاف کو بزدل چوہا کہہ دیا ۔ ابھی اس کے مالشیے آپ کی خبر لینے آئیں گے ۔ رات کو میرے پاس آئے تھے پھر ہم نے مل کر انکی “ٹکا ٹکا“ کر خبر لی ۔

    آتے تو خبر لینے ہیں لیکن “خبر“ دے کر چلے جاتے ہیں ۔

  • Very funny politics going on

    Two psychopaths going to bring INQALAB

    One is already detained in London

    Second one will soon be detained under section 3(compulsory treatment of psychiatric patients)

  • tsunami

    Just let's be surprised!

    The biggest problem will be where to sleep and where to do other businesses. Ayub Khan was not completely idiot why he had shifted the Capital from Karachi to Islamabad. But this smart move of his caused us the loss of East Pakistan.

  • پینڈو پارٹی کی پھٹی پڑی ہے

    اس کو کہتے ہیں لچ تلنا گورنمنٹ میں بھی رہو ور لانگ مارچ بھی کرو

    ٹائٹ پٹا ڈالا ہے گنجے حرام کے پلے ور اس کے انٹرنیٹ ڈوگیوں کو قادری نے

    کل تک ننگا بلے بلے ڈانس کرنے والوں کو آج اپنی شلواریں کسنی پڑ رہی ہیں

  • Rohai Taqi Saheb

    Why are you insulting people like this, please?

  • @JAKhan

    bhai minnows like @Rohail taqi have no other choice. A bori of their size is ready if they don't act on their bakra leader advice. Bakra-e-azam has already threatened media by giving his longest Baaaaaa.