Akbaruddin Owaisi (Indian Politician) charged with hate speech for this speech

  • My friends from Hyderabad say that this younger Owiasi is from the political family and knows how to play with the emotions of the people. His father was same and always said Kashmir "Hindustan ka Atoot Hissa hhai".

    There credibilty is not that good among Muslims. The Owaisis are running Medical and Engineering colleges and have opened Hospitals. They charge atleast Rs 100 Lakh donations ( $200,000) dollars for admissions to medical school and huge ammount for Engineering colleges too. The education standards have gone down as they are after economic prosperity and not academic excellence.

    Only letter "Ain" has remained in the famous Osmania University. The rest has gone with the wind including the Arabic, Persian and Islamic studies departments. It should be noted that Osmania was the first university in pre-partition India that had both Medicine and Engineering in Urdu medium and produced some of the best Engineers and Doctors. Owaisis also hosted Tahir ul Quadri as Hyderabad has too many dargahs on every street corner. No wonder Tahir ul Quadri knows where he will be welcomes and was there with his Canadian streched limousine. Owaisis also patronize hundreds of Dargahs in that region to get "votes" in the election. Every Dargah has a list of voters that help this Owiasi family to get seats in Indian parliement.

  • When was this speech made? Seems like a recent one.

    Never heard or seen this guy before. He appears to be a local politician to me. But indeed a very hard hitting and emotional speech challenging all the advanis and modis.