Does Our Planet Need a Stroke of Insight?

  • Some ideas are really worth spreading.

  • Alternate link for video on TED-Talk, those unable to access You-Tube may be able to watch it here....

  • Terrible talk

    extremely boring with a lot of hypotheses with no real explanation.

  • hmmm I thought it is a very moving talk.Maybe right hemisphere of your brain dealing with emotions and empathy is not working or has been desensitized.

    Do you enjoy sadistic situations?

  • An interesting comment by another lady who suffered trauma to left brain....

    "" Know my memory losses due to brain injury. Also affected ability to retain information since then, takes focus and repetition to make it stick. I'm able to deal with. wasn't surprised when I understood trauma. that it centered on left brain injury. Jill's talk enabled a gestalt in understanding the strange changes in emotional balance.and reactions and the place they fill in establishing and reinforcing cognitive reality. Neurologists specializing in surgery and physical structures did not understand what I was trying to report. . like Jill it was about 8 years until I was able to realize how bad it had actually been. Was always good at faking normalcy. it stood me in good stead. The surgery used an approach from top of skull , down through the center to clip off basal artery bleed. I believe the surgery itself caused some of the ephemeral symptoms associated with right brain processes. I am a calmer, kinder person than before so there was some positive outcomes to offset the cognitive losses, It is easier for whatever cause to shut down or stifle my logical side and "daydream" which I feel resembles the state I used to achieve in 15 minutes or so using TM techniques before the trauma. I do not need nor use the formal rituals of meditation since the trauma and my friends do tease me of zoning or blissing out (worried it was seisure )., though I do remain responsive to sensory input not sure about cognitive. Jill's talk helped me understand the differences in logical and emotional sides of structural brain and the sense of relief there might be a physical basis rather than pure "psychological" explanations. It felt right and here was someone's experience from the inside that rang a strong response, That she was able to express this in full formed flamboyant terms with no hesitation with her professional training was reassuring. After dealing with the best intentioned neurologists it helped to feel I did have a handle on what was going on in my own mind""

  • "hmmm I thought it is a very moving talk.Maybe right hemisphere of your brain dealing with emotions and empathy is not working or has been desensitized."

    Now is what happens when you watch too many youtube videos on a particular subject, you become and expert on that subject :)

  • If "boring" is your expert advice, I can only feel sorry for you.


  • Typical confused Western intellectual. Allama Iqbal knew these creatures very well long back:

    Dhondne wala sitaroun ki guzar gahoun ka

    apni afkar ki dunya ka safar kar na saka

    The one who is trying to explore the mysteries of universe

    He is not able to comprehend the world of his own creation

  • Ha ha ha!

    As if you comprehend it.

    Our brain is probably the most complex thing in the universe.

  • "The one who is trying to explore the mysteries of universe

    He not able to comprehend the world of his own creation "

    moreover, pity on those hasnt able to acknowledge their creator.

    سبھی کو پہچانا مگر اپنے خالق کے

  • Just because they don't have some silly concept of the Creator like Abrahimic religions doesn't mean they are ignorant.


  • افسوس ان لوگوں پر جو سچ کو جانتے ہوے بھی دھوکے کو گللے لگاے بیٹھے ہیں

  • Has anybody stopped you from sticking to your irrational beliefs?

  • and who has stopped you from following your deceptive, man made, worldly and materialistic beliefs?

  • Wow!

    How do you even know my beliefs or even know if I have any?

    Don't tell me by watching the above video you are able to judge me.

    You can't be that stupid.Can You?

  • dont tell me even if someone tries to reply to your initiated thread you could go this silly stage.

    why dont you lock your thread or post somewhere else where you only want to read your desired comments

  • Why can't you stick to the content of the video instead of bringing in other's beliefs?

    Let me hear your thoughts on the subject and any experiences you may have encountered in people with traumatic brain injury.

  • you can always run a healthy debate without attacking anyones beliefs.



    i would say, return home. exclude yourself; from the march of a blinds funeral

  • I totally forgot what profession Jill Bolte Taylor has or had when she suffered a stroke. Most probably I heard she was (or still is because she flexed repeatedly her arms during her lecture) a choreographer. Brain is such a complex yet the most vital part of the body that it requires pages to explain. Yet its basic knowledge, I think, every one must know. Nervous system is composed of main brain in the skull and running down the spine through vertebral column. There are two main kinds of nerves that are spread over the entire body – sensory nerves and motor nerves. Every function of our body is governed by the brains, even involuntary actions like heart beats and breathing. This is why excessive bleeding in the head due to any shock or accident causes the pressure on motor nerves that control lungs which results death by breathlessness. The two lobes of the brains that look alike yet they have different function. The right lobe receives information (optic, smell, touching) that are interacted with the nerves of left lobe through relay nuclei of bundles of thalamus. Optic nerves are special kinds of neurons. Both eyes receives image on their retinae and transfer the information that interchange through optic chiasm that develops a single image in the brain.

    Now this the normal story of nervous system. There are more than one thousand one abnormalities akin with nervous system. Some are genetically inherited, some are due sudden external accident some developed with the passage of time. Talking about stroke or paralysis, I think Jill suffered from damage to thinner than hair arteries that are supplying blood to the brain’s vital parts. This results in damage to neurons immediately surrounding the damaged artery. Please note well neurons are degenerative, meaning thereby, neurons once damaged cannot be regenerated. I think Jill is the first person that has told what happens when a stroke strikes. My wife also suffered from stroke. Every second counts when paralysis attacks. We wasted no time to take her to Liaquat National Hospital. Cat Scan, MRI and medication started and after that the physiotherapist started the special exercise. Within two days she was back home and is as active as Jill. Only life long medicines to keep blood pressure in control and some medicines like lowplat for thinning the blood she administers daily. But she does not remember of anything that happened during the attack.

    My advice to those that have chronic high blood pressure, to please drink excessive amount of water – at least they can do to minimize chances of stroke.

  • Imtiazahmed,

    Sorry to hear about your wife's encounter with stroke but I'm glad you acted wisely and swiftly and got her the proper help in time.

    Sounds like your wife had a mild attack.Jill Bolte had a massive clot the size of a golf ball.It took her 8 years to recover.

    She is very lucky to be alive and the irony is that she herself is a brain scientist (neuro-anatomist).

    For people with high blood pressure and heart problems they recommend an Aspirin a day that helps to thin the blood but is not recommended for patients with stomach ulcer.