Will launch a 'political drone attack in three days': Altaf Hussain

  • Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain has claimed that he will launch a “political drone attack” on Tuesday January 8, 2013.

    In a statement released by the MQM early on Sunday morning, Altaf hoped that once he launches his drone attack in the next 72 hours, no one in Pakistan can launch a counter political drone attack.

    The MQM chief urged his party workers to prepare themselves for the strike and for its after effects.

    The release though did not elaborate on the nature of the attack, nor the intended target of the strike.

    The MQM has been caught in between storms.

    The party has pledged to support and travel to Islamabad as part of Minhajul Quran International chief Dr Tahirul Qadri’s long march on Islamabad.

    On the other hand, the Supreme Court issued a contempt of court notice to MQM chief Altaf Hussain, directing him to appear in person before the court on January 7, 2013. The MQM has filed a petition in the apex court seeking immunity for their leader.

  • ایک اہسا سیر جس کا کوئی سوا سیر نہیں

    Last time Altaf bahi created such suspense he shared 10 years old maps, sang some songs and in post press conference analysis Nusrat Javed saab were forced off air.

    جنتا جلال تو آئ بلا ٹال تو


  • شیرازی جی

    پیر معجزے شاہ آف لندن شریف کے ڈرون حملے پر پہلے بھی ایک تھریڈ چل رہا ہے


  • At best Mutahida Qadri Movement would vacate the assemblies and march to Isb.

    What else can they do. If his coming back to Pakistan, as some suggest, is a drone attack then my commiserations on Altaf bhais mental health. Showing up in Pakistan is no big deal. Infact absconding for more than decade is.

  • This time again he will make his crooks fool to super fool asking to make refrendum "Whether he should continue to lead crooks or resign"..... but flock of crooks would cry and say no..no.. continue to enjoy in London with extortion money and Bhatta.