A New Pakistan Emerging?

  • مجھ کو تو یہ 'حالت' نظر آتی ہے دگرگوں

    معلوم نہیں دیکھتی ہے تیری نظر کیا ؟؟

  • @Javed Sir

    آنکھیں ہیں ھمہاری بند ور جاری زبان پر تسبی

    غوٹرغوں غوٹرغوں غوٹرغوں غوٹرغوں

  • Emerging Pakistan or dying Pakistan? May Allah save our beloved country from a death, aameen!

  • This post is deleted!

  • After watching most of the Talk Shows at the Pakistan Media,

    the impression makes me afraid,

    if Pakistan is melting away gradually?

  • I would like to see a Dharnaful Pakistan; dharna in every small and large city and outside every Parliament against corrupt rulers. Quetta dharna with coffins may spark a countrywide protest against insensitive and incompetent rulers.

    People should not demand but snatch their basic rights which ruling elites have in plenty and ordinary Pakistan do not have even 10% of their basic rights.

    It is time to blow wind of change.

  • @Javed Sheikh

    1. Why do some members call you Joginder Singh? Any reference to your IQ level?

    2. Which one of the following is correct?



  • @Javed Sheikh

    I wonder if Diwana is indeed nadaan nadia; Do you remember nadaan? She used to be on Pkpoltics few weeks ago with her unbalanced and illogical views.

    The way Diwana keeps repeating same illogical comments again and again and nadaan nadia did the same.

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