Enemy Objectives and our Carelessness and in fighting

  • America has certain defined objectives for its presence in Afghanistan; they want to dominate not only Central Asia but also to dominate China and denuclearize Pakistan. The other major objective is to defame Islam and kill the Islamic spirit, more so the political Islam which is the only living threat to capitalism after collapse of communism with the disintegration of Soviet Union.

    War was turned onto Pakistan by declaring FATA as the sanctuary for the terrorists. Pakistan was prompted and forced into war against its own people on its own land; the worst scenario for any country. Today it's over a decade that Pakistan is suffering, its army has suffered casualties far greater than the entire ISAF Forces, and over 40,000 innocent civilians have been killed through induced terrorist activity and drone attacks. Had Pakistan not sided with the American agenda, today Pakistan would have been a peaceful place.

    Very cleverly and through arrogance, the US has ensured weakening of Pakistan; Pakistan's infrastructure has been damaged that needs billions of dollars for its rehabilitation; besides this economically Pakistan has suffered over 100 billion dollars by suffering losses in trade and commerce. Economy is suffering, industry is closing; CIA sponsored and fanned terrorists are attacking all over the country. The US is inducing and supporting insurgencies in Pakistan. Some of the political parties have been taken on payroll that is spitting venom against Pakistan but these are also acting and supporting terrorism in Pakistan.

    Now that it's an open secret that the US with all her might has had no success in Afghanistan, a face saver is badly required or else the region will burn in a fire like never seen before. America has the potential and the history that to cover up her defeats, she has embroiled the regions into wars. Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is just one example. After her defeat in Vietnam, the US spread the war into Laos and Cambodia.

    In Afghanistan, a similar situation has developed. Right from the day one, the US and her allies have not been able to command and establish their writ there, Afghans have never accepted occupation or slavery nor would they accept in the future. Afghanistan has earned the title of being the graveyard of empires whereas Pakistan is emerging as 'Empire Killer.'

    For now America is building a narrative against Pakistan both for its people at home and the world at large. Her latest Hollywood series, 'The Last Resort' is a point in case. Here they show USS Oklahoma, one of the most lethal submarines in the world off the coast of Pakistan firing its nuclear missile because Pakistan is a terrorist state. The narrative is to break Pakistan by taking out Balochistan. It's no secret that the US, India, Israel, the UK and host of other countries are behind the Balochistan insurgency. The US senators and congressmen are trying to move bill in their committees to that end.

    To achieve the objectives, the US and her allies are creating situation where Pakistan Army is fully deployed and committed in every part of Pakistan. Army is already in FATA, Afghan border, Balochistan, Indian Border and now they are being stretched her into Northern Areas and Karachi. By doing so they are ensuring that Pakistan has no force to counter the attack that they plan from the south.


  • Vaadi-e-Najd Mein Wo Shor-e-Salasal Na Raha

    Qais Deewana-e-Nazzaara-e-Mehmil Na Raha

    Hausle Wo Na Rahe, Hum Na Rahe, Dil Na Raha

    Ghar Ye Ujda Hai Ke, Tu Ronak-e-Mehfil Na Raha

    Aye Khosh Aan Roz Ke Aayee Wo Basad Naaz Aayee

    Be Hijaabaana Soye Mehfil-e-Ma-Baaz Aayee

    The noise of Lovers’ chains in the Najd's Valley has disappeared

    Qais has no more remained longing for the litter's sight

    Those enthusiasms, we, as well as the heart has disappeared,

    The house is destroyed as You have not remained the glory of gathering

    Oh those happy days when You with elegance shall come back

    When will You unveiled, to our congregation come back

    Baada-Kash Ghair Hain, Gulshan Mein Lab Jo Baithe

    Sunte Hain Jaam Bakaf Naghma Ku-Ku Baithe

    Daur Hangaama Gulzaar Se Ek-Soo Baithe

    Tere Deewane Bhi Hain Muntazir Hu Baithe

    Apne Parwanon Ko Phir Zauq-e-Khud Afrozi De

    Barq-e-Dereena Ko Farmaan-e-Jigar Sozi De

    The Others drink wine, seated in the garden, at the edge of the water-channel

    Listening to the cuckoo's call with wine-cup in their hand

    In the garden on a side far from the riotous crowd are sitting

    Your madmen are also patiently wanting for the "Hu"

    Again endow Your moths a relish for self-kindling

    Give to the ancient lightning a command of liver-burning.

    Qaum-e-Awaara Anaan Taab Hai Phir Soo-e-Hijaaz

    Le Uda Bulbul-e-BePar Ko Mazaak-e-Parwaaz

    Muztarab Baagh Ke Har Ghoonche Mein Hai Boo-e-Niyaaz

    Tu Zara Ched Tho De Tashna Mazaraab Hai Saaz

    Naghmein Be-Taab Hain Taaron Se Nikalne Ke Liye

    Toor Maztar Hai Usi Aag Mein Jalne Ke Liye

    The wandering community is riding again towards the Hijaz,

    The relish for flight has carried away the wingless Nightingale.

    The fragrance of humility is restless in every flower bud

    Just start the music, instrument is seeking the plectrum

    Melodies are restless to emerge from the strings

    [Mount] Tur is restless to burn in that same fire!

  • Mushkilein Ummat-e-Marhoom Ki Aasaan Karde

    Mor-e-Bemaya Ko Hamdosh-e-Sulaiman Karde

    Jinse Nayaab-e-Muhabbat Ko Phir Arzaan Karde

    Hind Ke Der-e-Nasheenon Ko Musalmaan Karde

    Juye Khoo-mi Chakad Azz Hasrat Daireena Ma

    Mee Tapad Naala Be-Nashtar Kada Seena Ma

    Make the difficulties of the blessed people easy,

    Make the no-account ant the equal of Solomon.

    Make the invaluable produce of Love accessible again

    Make the temple-sitters of India [into] Muslims.

    [In Persian:] "A stream of blood drips from our ancient longing

    Wailing palpitates in the wounded breast of mine!"

    Bu-e-Gul Legayi Beroon-e-Chaman Raaz-e-Chaman

    Kya Qayaamat Hai Ke Khud Phool Hain Gammaz-e-Chaman

    Ahd-e-Gul Khatam Huwa, Toot Gaya Saaz-e-Chaman

    Udgaye Daaliyon Se Zamzam-e-Parwaaz-e-Chaman

    Ek Bulbul Hai Ke Hai Mehwe Tarannum Abtak

    Iske Seene Mein Hai Naghmon Ka Talatun Abtak

    (From this verse to the end of the poem Allama Iqbal is referring to himself and his book, Bang-e-Dara)

    The fragrance of rose took garden's secret outside the garden

    Outrageous that flowers themselves are informers against the garden

    The spring is over, broken is the orchestra of the garden

    Flown away from branches are the songsters of the garden

    Only a nightingale is left which is singing still

    In its breast overflows the flood of songs still

  • pakistan47,

    The article says the right story but I dont trust the Russian media Pravda. Russians were equally responsible for the mess they created and killed atleast 3 million innocent Afghans. They simply made a humiliating withdrawal and never apologized let alone pay compensation for their unjust and illegal invasion and obliteration of Afghanistan. Also notice the media keeps blaming the Afghan factions and Taliban for destruction and rarely blame Russians for the mess they created.

    As one scholar said: Soviets bombed Afghanistan to rubble and destroyed the infrastructure and America and NATO war criminals bombed the country to dust.

  • Rubbish article and nothing but false Russian media propaganda.

  • @ Sweettruth

    Dont you think that there is some reality in it. It may be written with aim of propaganda but one can deny it summarily.

  • For Mr.AK 47,

    Lets put ur Peero Murshid,Zaid Hamid behind the bars or arrange a seat in Bus no.4 for him.Say him k agr mard k bachy ho to saamny a kr baat kro shatoongrro ko agy na kro

  • For Mr.engrabuzar,

    Al-Hamdolillah I have no peer o Murshid, I rather dislike Zaid Hamid for his narrow thinking and giving wrong citation from Ahadith.

    It is not good to pass personal remarks on any discussion forum like shatoongra etc. If you disagree you should give your arguments or just ignore it. Thanks.

  • @ 47

    Bro I only find the imprints of these type of thoughts in Lal Topi,s videos.Fortunately he also blows the trumpet of 47,s Pakistan which is ur nick.So the things point out towards the man in self-imposed diaspora.If u r not his Khalifa,i will be happy that our people also think over the issues without getting renumeration from Inter Stupids Intelligence.Thanks