Najam Sethi labels Judiciary as Establishment

  • Najam Sethi's analysis on MQM, specially since last two weeks has been spot on!

    However, between the lines, Najam Sethi has been fully justifying the big lifafa in form of "new york apartments" sponsored by Field Marshal Malik Riaz (his bird?) by ridiculing the judiciary.

    Today, Najam Sethi went to new extent by calling judiciary as "establishment" and saying that judiciary does whatever they want without any regard of constitution, and therefore judiciary is already part of the stake holder in any new setup.

  • Correct your self, he said two establishments, Army and Judiciary. What exactly is your disagreement with that?

  • @rasheed bahi

    Weren't you part of the gang that attacked Supreme court? If Judiciary wasn't establishment why did you, PMLN, attack it? Also, could you please give your definition of establishment?

    Also, when Sethi Saab was spot-on on MQM which lifafa was he justifying?


  • Always remember this formula while analyzing Pakistani Politics on ideological grounds.

    Najam Sethi =Dunya TV =Mian Amir =Malik Riaz =PPP =PML-F =ANP =Zaid Hamid =Tahirul Qadri =MQM =Frontline Ally Army

    = U.S.A =New World Order

  • Taliban =PML-N =Jamat Islami =PKMAP =PTI =Ansaar Abbasi =Saleem Safi =Orya Maqbool =Current Supreme Court

  • @engrabuzar

    Are you sure you are Engineer? That's one crazy formula you presented even more crazier than Engr. who built Water Car.


  • @engrabuzar

    Your formula reminds me of basic quantization in stochastic processes theory... :)

    If we could polarize the world around us based on such quantization... Their would only be two colors left of this colorful world... Black & White... :)

  • @Cerazi

    Refute it with arguements,not by craze which is evident from ur words &even name.

  • @Imtanan

    In a confused society of colourful jugglers,its a blessing for two-legged to discriminate things like black &white.No wonder,one should be......

  • نجم سیٹھی روزانہ بونگیاں مار رہا ہے - روز یہ گنجے کا پیڈ چپراسی ایک نئی لاتا ہے

  • روحیل بھائی

    لگتا یہ کوئی نئی مرغی ہے

    First he introduced 10 commandments on many threads then went underground to bring something even crazier.

  • @Rohail Bhai

    نجم سیٹھی کی چڑیا آج کل مختلف جگہوں سے دن چک رہی ہے

    اسلیے تھوڑا ہچکچاہٹ کا شکار لگتا ہے وہ غالب نے کہا ہے نہ

    بک رہا ہوں جنوں مے کیا کیا کچھ

    He contradicted himself manytime regarding long march. Once he said if long march would be violent then it would go in bad book of TUQ but and on other side he keeps referrring plan B for successful long march by PTIan agression.


    کیا یہ کھلا تضاد نہیں ہے


  • @engrabuzar

    If I'd exhausted all my options for betterment, deserted all my hopes of improvement... I'd perhaps be using the same spectacles... the ones showing me only two levels. (I hope you would not take my point against the divine definition of right and wrong, as me too.. I believe in that)

    For anthropological viewpoint and the world around us, I need to be hopeful... I need justifications for my mistakes and don't want my slips getting considered as black in totality..

    I am a hopeless optimistic.. I hope you would spare me for that :)