Punjab University Set New Records

  • PhD's in one year = 206

    PhD's in last 5 years = 681

    PhDs's from 1990 to 2007 = 734 (18 years)

    Books Published by Teachers in 2007 = 25

    Books Published by Teachers in 2011 = 94

    Books Published by Teachers in 2012 = more than 100

    Students take part in exams each year = 0.5 million

    Students Library Members = 36,000

























  • Here is another academic exercise:

    Kickbacks of Sub Division Officer to Chief Engineer of public development projects (2007). Rs. 19 Billions

    Bakhsheesh of a Patwatri to get a Fard deed of ownership: Rs. 100

    Moving average of completion of civil court cases (2007): 3.9 years

    Kickbacks of Sub Division Officer to Chief Engineer of public development projects (2012). Rs. 42 Billions

    Bakhsheesh of a Patwatri to get a Fard (2012). Rs. 300

    Moving average of completion of civil court cases (2012): 6.2 years

    Number of corrupt bureaucrats prosecuted (2012): 1

    Crime statistic has already been discussed in another thread

  • well done Doctor Mujahid Kamran and congratulation.

  • I really doubt the quality of these PHDs. What were their respective fields of research? What was their contribution in those fields?

    I hope its not something like how many djinns does it take to screw a light bulb?

    p.s: What is Punjab's obsession with setting bogus, meaningless records? How is this a record?

    Remember Ali Moin Nawazish aka Bhainsa who got 22 A's in A level? I heard he went to Cambridge and barely passed his BA in Poli-sci.

  • There are only 2 good institutions left so far, IBA karachi and LUMS Lahore.Rest is detail.

    Mujahid Kamran himself is a true man of vision and its not the punjab gov but Mujahid Kamran who should be appreciated for all the goods works as far as PU is concern.

    At one point of time SS tried to remove him but then sanity prevailed.

    SS is one good administrator and I had a great respect for him .I want him tobe next PM because of his candid energy and will to do, but due share of respect should be given to the one who earned it hard

  • Improving in Education system is really good news... no matter Karachi or Kyber

    Per QS Ranking-2012 we have 6 Universities in top 6 of asia...

    I dont think it has any thing to do with Shahbaz Sharif or any previous CM but really faculty, students and VC do the magic .....


    Also, i have little concerned about

    PhD's in one year = 206

    Do we have 1 year PhD program ?

    Normally its take more then one year. ( some cases it take 4-6 yrs, unless you are doing in IQBALIYAT or ISLAMIYAT??).. so Student who registered 5 years back also fall under Shahbaz sharif's ?

    What has changed since Mushsarf's previous governments and shahbaz sharif/Zardari governments? Mushsarf's HEC was big thing i guess.... dont remember what kind of changes he made but i know at least one of my friend came to Yale University

    from LUMS per HEC grant...and he went back to teach in LUMS after 2 yrs

  • PML(N) chamchas, pay attention:

    Let’s stop promoting corruption in Pakistan’s universities.

    By Pervez Hoodbhoy

    Published: January 4, 2013

    Imagine the following experiment aimed at improving Karachi’s police force: suppose that policemen are offered cash prizes for every criminal they kill in a police muqabala, given public recognition and told that promotions to higher posts hinge on their kill count. The outcome can be readily anticipated: judgment, caution and conscience will go to the wind. A few bad guys might indeed die but the city’s morgues would overflow with innocents. The decent cop would be left behind, while the unscrupulous one would climb to the top. Although police terror would become ubiquitous, the city’s streets would be left no safer.

    Thankfully, no such experiment has actually been performed in the police department. But in Pakistan’s higher education sector, something closely similar has been in progress since 2002-2003 under a ‘revolutionary’ policy conceived by Dr Attaur Rahman, and implemented by the Pakistan Council of Science and Technology as well as the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Pay and promotion for professors became contingent on the numbers of research papers published and the numbers of PhD and MPhil students supervised. Only the ‘kill count’ mattered. Soon it became clear that university teachers had roughly the same moral and ethical standards possessed by our policemen, politicians, generals and shopkeepers.

    With no change in the quality of the actual researchers, Pakistan’s universities started to produce a bumper crop of ‘research articles’ year after year. The HEC trumpeted its success as professors ratcheted up publications and PhD and MPhil students. This was only possible because many university teachers engaged in wholesale plagiarism, faked data and produced research that no one seems to have any use for. As academic ethics went into free fall, university administrators and the HEC turned a blind eye. The new policy — which required learning how to play the numbers game — had the effect of turning many professors into crooks and thieves.

    Take the case of Dr X, a professor of biological sciences at Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU), who had been caught red-handed forging the confidential external thesis evaluations of the PhD students he had been supervising. The forged evaluations were then passed off as written by scholars from Canadian and American universities. The subterfuge even included sending the fake student evaluations through Canadian postal mail via an acquaintance. Despite his admission of guilt, X was not terminated. The QAU administration simply shrugged it off. X took early retirement and moved to become dean at another university. Currently, he is vice chancellor of a university in Wah.

    Dr Y followed a similar trajectory. A professor at Punjab University (PU), he became renowned for producing a research paper every couple of weeks and soon clocked up a few hundred publications. It turned out that all these articles were reproductions of papers already existing on the internet. When the scandal eventually broke, the PU did not dismiss him. Taking early retirement, Y moved on and became dean at another university. There, he spent his time putting together a book with chapters stolen from great scientists of the 20th century. Once this wholesale plagiarism was exposed, a second early retirement quickly followed. But, wonder of wonders, Y is now vice chancellor of a university in Lahore!

    If these were isolated examples of academic dishonesty, they could be easily dismissed. But the cancer of corruption has metastasised and spread to almost every department of every university. Social taboos on plagiarism and fake research do not exist; while a man can easily get beaten into pulp for inadvertent minor offences, stealing the work of others excites no passions and only cursory interest.

    An intrepid researcher, Dr Isa Daudpota, has documented many more cases of outright fraud than is possible for me to comment upon here. Patiently tracking down fly-by-night journals, both national and international, he finds that any ‘research’ can be published — for a price. One professor — let us call him Dr Z — recently received the Pride of Performance Award from the Government of Pakistan. Sarcastically referred to by Daudpota as ‘Pakistan’s Euler’, he has been publishing one mathematics paper every week, year after year. A mass of evidence exists that Z is a cheat. Daudpota has demanded that the authorities investigate but his complaint will be just more water splashing off a duck’s back.

    As the X, Y, Z cases indicate, the current assessment and incentive scheme is thoroughly rotten. It will surely impact upon the hundreds of fresh PhDs — many of whom have just returned from abroad — as they begin their university careers. Some are very bright, have done excellent dissertations and are not yet tainted by the sleazy practices around them. But they will be at a serious career disadvantage unless they join the rat race for fake publications and supervision of junk theses. This will be a generational loss for Pakistan.

    How can this be avoided? A first step is to put an end to the nonsensical policy of paying hard cash for research papers and to stop awarding promotions and honours based upon paper count. Equally important is to discourage the mass production of PhD and MPhil degrees. Academics cannot be fairly rated or rewarded by some automatic one-size-fits-all formula. Only their peers — meaning those experts belonging to a particular field (or perhaps sub-field) — are potentially accurate judges. But in Pakistan, where the number of genuine experts in a given field is usually very small, this is not easily doable. Moreover, it is difficult to keep out considerations of ethnicity and language, religious attitudes or personal likes and dislikes. Therefore, in my opinion, it is far better not to judge rather than to judge badly.

    Let us be honest about the situation of our universities and our society. We need to focus on supporting the few quality researchers that we have, especially in the younger generation, and focus graduate education on those precious few with real gifts for research. The goal should be to foster academic institutions and a culture that values scholarly achievement and the virtues of honesty, rigour, correctness, originality and cooperation.

    Published in The Express Tribune, January 5th, 2013.

  • In 80's and 90's, UET Lahore was under siege by violent student wings of political parties and exams were not conducted for many years. The hostels were taken over by these student leaders with weapons, and Engineering students were stuck indefinitely.

    Shahbaz Sharif conducted an operation and UET has been peaceful since then.

    Regarding Punjab University, it was under siege by Jamiat, who also got Imran Khan arrested in 2007. Just google and you will find many stories of armed violence in Punjab University.

    http://www.thenews.com.pk/Todays-News-5-108466-PU-teachers-protest-IJT- hooliganism

  • Shahbaz Sharif conducted an operation and UET has been peaceful since then.

    رشید بھائی

    بڑی خوشی ہوئی یہ بات سن کر ، اگر ایسا یہ آپریشن باقی شہر میں بھی ہو جاتا تو پولیس مقابلوں اور ڈکیتیوں کا بھی خاتمہ ہو جاتا

  • This post is deleted!

  • Rasheed bahi,

    I was studnet of PU from 93 to 99 and also suffered at the hands of IJT. Anyone , a student then can vouch 'BADMASHI's of IJT? Wasn't PU came under SS ?

    Secondly , universities , if i remember correctly is a federal subject under HEC. pronvicial government has no say in the administration whether it produces 10 phd or 10 lac phds.

  • here is new record too:


    Punjab University ki auqat mujhay bohat achi tarah maloom hai!

  • @Qaiser Nadeem,

    The supporter of Fake Degrees, Sardar Asif Ali is part of PTI. He tried his best to block the verification of fake degrees while he was minister in PPP government.

  • Rasheed Bhai,

    Sardar Asif is not a supporter of fake degree but a critic of HEC, which is well within his democratic right. He wants devolution of HEC to provinces which is what seems to be PMLN's position judging by your thread. Punjab Government wants to take credit for "revolution" in "Punjab University", which is governed by HEC.

  • If we can accept Sardar Asif, who opposed the verification of MPs Degrees, why not Sheikh Rasheed? He is openly praising IK in Talkshows. Above all, he can be the Hard Brick to hit Bagora of JI (The ill-behaved person of Media).


    As per "Daily Express" today Sardar Asif Ali (PPP), former Foreign Minister and Education Minister, is also thinking to join PTI and only now he is also seeing the corruption of government and specially Asif Ali Zardari. Ever since the issue of Fake degrees had started Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali had been a vocal supporter of Fake degree holders and against the HEC steps to verify the degrees of MNAs and MPAs.



  • I hope you realize that personal opinions of bloggers on insaf.pk cannot be taken as the official response of PTI.

    As I said the discussion is not about one individual "Sardar Asif", it is about the education policy of two political parties.

    I can also start copy pasting the "deeds" of PMLN MNA and MPs but I won't do that here because you are on the backfoot and trying to derail the discussion.

  • @Qaiser Nadeem,

    Well, instead of appreciating the VISIBLE progress of Punjab University, all you could come was that a fake doctor was teaching in PU. I had to remind that fake degree supporter was actually on your side.

  • Private universities conducting business administration and IT programs are causing hike in crime rate. The students of these universities waste lifetime savings of their parents and pass out with the degrees of junk value. Later, a lot of such youngsters switch to criminal activities.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Rasheed Bahi,

    Is PU under punjab university or under HEC ???