My second await

  • According to newspapers of 8 January 2013 surplus sugar production is expected this year too as over 4.5 million tons of sugar production is estimated against the domestic requirements of 4.2 million. Sugarcane crushing is in full swing.

    I am a sick senior citizen living as is generally said “on bonus life”. I have not got education from any American labeled institution or coloured printed text books. I did my primary from Municipality school which schools on those times used to be free. In the High School in 6th class first time I paid monthly fee which then was Two Rupees six annas. As such I am not familiar with modern economics. My economic is limited to the extent that when the production or supply is more then prices come down and if there is scarcity of any item its price goes up.

    While I am awaiting my proportionate share of two or three Dollars out of sixty million expected from Switzerland as consequence of the letter having been written, this “sick old man” today has also added another hope before resting-in-peace that this year I will get sugar even may be just for one single day @ Rs. 40/-.

  • My economic is limited to the extent that when the production or supply is more then prices come down and if there is scarcity of any item its price goes up.


    بھائی آپ نے تو "ایلاسٹیستی آف ڈیمانڈ کرو" یاد کروا دیا کہ جہاں سپلائی اور ڈیمانڈ ملیں گی اس نقطے پر قیمت کا تعین ہوگا، مگر اب سب کچھ سٹہ بازی کی نذر ہوا لگتا ہے، کارٹل ہیں، مافیا ہیں اور فیوچر کے سودے ہیں، تو امید کم ہی ہے

    Price elasticity of demand curve

  • The curve line of demand and supply holds good where stocks remain recorded and supply answers to demand. Here in Pakistan, out of thousand evils, this one evil laughs so loudly it creates zigzags in the curved line. Unrecorded and even recorded proceeds of sugar, wheat, rice, cotton and you name it are being smuggled to East (India) and West (Afghanistan) to gain exhorbitant profits. Add in the list of drugs and arms, land grabbing mafia, the name of agricultural mafia. The result is the basic rule of Economics miserably fails in Pakistan, surplus or no surplus. The prices for masses would never go down. This is the only progressing line (price) we have.

  • Here is the list of Sugar Mills. It would be a good excercise to list the owner/ political protection of each factory. Seach each in Google and look for the board of directors. By the way, there are more sugar mills in Punjab than Sindh. So there are more chances of Nawaz Sugar Daddies who f*ck Pakistani people every day.

    Punjab Zone

    Adam Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Ashraf Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Brothers Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Chanar Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Chaudhary Sugar Mills Ltd

    Colony Phalia Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Colony Punjab Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Etihad Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Fatima Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Fecto Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Huda Sugar Mills (Pvt) Ltd.

    Husein Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Hamza Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Haq Bahu Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Hunza Sugar Mills Ltd. (I)

    Hunza- Sugar Mills Ltd.(II)

    Indus Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Ittefaq Sugar Mills Ltd.

    JDW-I Sugar Mills Ltd.

    JDW-II (United) Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Kamalia Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Kashmilr Sugar Mills Ltd

    Koohinoor Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Macca Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Madina Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Noon Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Rahim Yar Khan Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Ramzan Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Shakargang Sugar Mills Ltd. JNG

    Shakargang Sugar Mills Ltd. BHONE

    Shamim Sugar Mills (Pvt) Ltd.

    Sheikhoo Sugar Mills Ltd

    Shehtaj Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Ltd. (i) FSD

    Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Ltd. (ii) MGR

    The Thal Industries Corporation(Unit-II Safina) Ltd.

    The Thal Industries Corporation(Unit-I Layyah) Ltd.

    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Zone

    Al-moiz Industries Ltd

    Chashma Sugar Mills Ltd. (i)

    Chashma Expansion Sugar Mills Ltd. (iI) RAMAK

    Khazana Sugar Mills Ltd

    Premier Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Ltd. (ZAMAND)

    Sindh Zone

    Al-Abbas Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Al-Noor Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Ansari Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Army Welfare Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Bawani Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Deharki Sugar Mills (Pvt) Ltd.

    Faran Sugar Mills Ltd

    Habib Sugar Mills Ltd.

    J. D. W-III (Ghotki) Sugar Mills Ltd

    Khairpur Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Khoski sugar Mills Pvt.Ltd.

    Matiari Sugar Mills Ltd

    Mehran Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Mirza Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Naudero Sugar Mills Ltd.

    New Dadu Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Pangrio Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Ranipur Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Sakrand Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Sanghar Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Shahmurad Sugar Mills Ltd.

    Sindh Abadgar Sugar Mills Ltd.

  • Pakistan allows extra 200,000 tonnes of sugar exports

    NEW DELHI: Pakistan will allow exports of 200,000 tonnes of sugar on top of the 300,000 tonnes already permitted, a producers’ body said, as it looks to trim surplus stocks and bolster domestic prices.

    “There was a request to allow (extra) exports of 400,000 tonnes but the cabinet gave its permission for 200,000 tonnes,” Shunaid Qureshi, chairman of the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association, told Reuters by telephone.

    Pakistan’s sugar output in the crop year starting Oct1 is likely to remain steady at last year’s level of around 4.7 million tonnes, Qureshi said.

    The country’s sugar consumption is pegged at around 4-4.2 million tonnes, and it started the 2012/13 year with around 400,000 tonnes of stock, said a dealer in Karachi who declined to be named.

    Most sugar so far exported from the nation has gone to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and east African countries.

    “These countries will again show interest due to lower prices. Millers in Pakistan want cash to start the crushing season … They can give discounts to world prices,” the dealer said.

    Traders from neighouring India were also showing interest in the sugar as prices there are much higher than in Pakistan, said another Karachi-based dealer.

    “Pakistani mills can offer sugar to India at $540 to $550 per tonnne … compared with Indian prices of $680,” he said.

    On Wednesday, December white sugar in London inched down $1.50, or 0.3 per cent, to end at $591.10 per tonne.

    Najib Balagawala, chief executive of Pakistan-based SeaTrade

    group, had said the government was likely to give permission to cash-strapped mills to export at least an extra 300,000 tonnes of sugar.

  • اگر پاکستان میں اتنا گنا پیدا ہوتا ہے تو

    کیا گنے سے الکوحل نہیں تیار کی جا سکتی

    جو کسی حد تک پیٹرول کی کمی کو پورا کر سکے ؟