New Satans

  • With each passing day my belief further gets cemented that in addition to many evils both internal and external having entered into the life of this unfortunate nation the worst one is the creature called “Anchors”. When I was a primary school child in the late 1950s and in early 1960s a secondary school one, the film actors used to be the most popular figures amongst the people. Cricketers were the second. Heroes of those days did not hold so much influence on common man as today unfortunately the Anchors have. Most from this new creature must be holding “Degrees” but factually most of them practically are semi literate. Most of them have different agendas which they play invisibly and silently. Imam Khomaini labeled Uncle Sam the great Satan but I think many of our anchors are more bigger Satan than Uncle Sam.

    Arslan Iftikhar case has not so far surfaced when Anchor Nusrat Javed who according to he himself has done journalism started talking about it in whispering tunes with his co-anchor that “Muna, soon you will see this and that”. When the co-anchor would ask to tell clearly was that about chief justice or any other judge, Nusrat Javed in most tactful way would say “don’t ask me, don’t insist me, I beg you, you know I have small children, I have this late night hours to go home”. This was a very tactful way of intriguing and influencing the audience that if in open word the story was narrated the “power” will take action. The day the Government declared an official protest against the recent most shameful anti Islam film, the protestors turned into a mob and went out of control. The anchor of the talk show “Faisla Awam Ka” who through her dress tries to influence the Islamic minds acted in a very hateful manner. Commenting when a Guest on phone described that Rehman Malik should had realized and made prior arrangements to control this rightly expected volatile gathering, the anchor sprew the poison under a very beautiful technique and clearly creating the desired hate countered-back that “poor Rehman Malik can either attend the court or concentrate on making such security arrangements”. Thus she very tactfully created hate against the court. This so-called Islamic mind anchor lacked any moral honesty to add that the Court had summoned Rehman Malik many days before the Government declared official protest and that releasing the importance Rehman Malik himself should had sent his request to court for adjournment on this reason which could never had been refused.

    18 December 2012 Anchor Nusrat Javed opened his talk show that before any preliminaries or any other issue is taken up, he wanted to take up a very serious issue. This was the day when earlier in the morning polio lady health workers in Karachi had ruthlessly been murdered. He quoted that a few hours earlier Imran Khan was in an exclusive with Hamid Mir “Capital Talk” where Imran talked all about politics but did not utter a word about this heinous crime as if it did not matter to him. Then he quoted Shaikh Rasheed who talks so much about common man was with Nadeem Malik “Islamabad Tonight” when Shaikh talked everything except for any word of condemnation for these poor health workers. Nusrat declared that Shaikh Rasheed had no interest with such matters. He then quoted Shahbaz Sharif who was an hour or so ago with Fareeha Idress who too talked everything and had not a single word of condemnation and sympathy.

    Since most from this new creature have no honesty to the conscious, Nusrat Javed deliberately failed to raise a million worth question that if Imran, Shaikh and Shahbaz had no honest interest with common man why the hell Hamid Mir, Nadeem Malik of his own channel and Fareeha Idress did not at their own raise the issue of murder of these health workers and collateral damage to the country due to this crime. After all the topic of discussion is selected by Anchors while the guests answer to the questions raised.

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    I totally agree.Its really a good post.

  • They can also be called new Pharoahs magicians that excel in making falsehood appear as truth.

  • Now I know why they call them anchors. These TV Talk Show personalities will keep the ship of the Psyche of this nation ANCHORED in Behr-e-Daqianoos of status quo.

    Let us rate them and find the Iblees among Satan (Shaitaan) anchors.

    1- Nusrat Javed -

    2- Mushtaq Mihas -

  • The crop of journalists in Pakistan is also produced by the same society that gives rise to corrupt politicians, elitest intellectual, dishonest merchants and character less Mullahs.

    I think "javed m" has unduly picked on Nusrat Javed.In most civilized nations if a journalist lashes out at another journalist or another TV station, it would be considered unethical.

    I think we have 3 types of people in journalism.

    1)Those who are on someone's payroll and give their opinion accordingly.This is the worst kind, I call them prostitutes.

    I won't name them because of lack of proof.

    2)Those who engage in logical fallacies.They lack critical or rational thinking and often follow their intuition.

    Hamid Mir's hype of the "Water-Kit" guy is a prime example.

    3)Those with bias.I consider them the least dangerous because we all have some sort of bias religious, political, liberal or conservative.

    The trick is to know your bias and try to be as objective as possible.

  • I will give more credit to these Satans to block yet another GHQ's encroachment than any Judge. The author seem to be in love with "independent judiciary" and can not tollerate any harsh comment passed about his beloved Iftikhar Chaudhry and has called Satan to anyone who ever dared that.

    Nusrat Javed is best of the lot and if the adjective to define him is Satan he is the biggest Satan.

  • the politicians, anchors, technocrats, army generals...all come from within our society and are from amongst us... This is what we need to think and ponder about. We can just blame superficially a certain group or breed because they are the same people we are!

    ...there are no 3 or 2 or 4 kinds of people.. there is only 1 type and that is Pakistanis. Fix the society (ourselves) and we fix everyone.

  • شیرازی صاحب

    کیا آپ کو پتہ ہے کے امریکہ میں کرپشن کم کرنے میں سب بڑا ہاتھ صحافیوں کا تھا .اس وقت کے سیاستدان ان صحافیوں کو بھنگی یا چوڑھے کہا کرتے تھے جب تک ہمارے صحافی سیاستدانوں کی لوٹ کھوسٹ کو عملی ثبوتوں کے ساتھ نمایاں کر کے ختم کرنے میں مدد نہیں دیں گے. فوج کی بالا دستی ختم نہیں ہو گی- سیاستدانوں کی

    کرپشن انتخابات کی دانھدلی سے شروع ہوتی ہے

    اپنے ہی ملک کو بار بار فتح کرنے کے علاوہ میں جرنیلوں کی کرپشن کو امریکی کمپنیوں کے مھتممان کی کرپشن کے متماثل سمجھتا ہوں

  • @azizi Saab

    I know one thing. If some one says something to Nusrat Javed, Najam Sethi, Ayaz Amir, Asma Jhangir & co my BP shoots up. Before writing a post I have to assure myself All iz Well, All iz Well.

    If Javed M. Saab had said something about Ansar Abbasi I 'd ve joined the chorus.


  • I am copying my statement from another thread that I wrote in response to Nusrat Javed silly statement in which he proved proved and proved the conspiracy of " chabi wala baba" with America" against Pakistan. He does not find any other conspirators in Pakistan. Most of the anchors have ties with agencies in different forms.

    بڑے دور کی کوڑی لایا ھے یہ نصرت جاوید----کیا سازش آشکار کی ھے اسنے ، لگتا ھے کہ اسے وحی آئی ھے یا جبریل امین نے آکر خود اسے بتایا ھے کہ امریکہ نے اس پاکستانی کے ذریعے چابی والے بابا کے ساتھہ معاملات طے کئیے ھیں جو اوبامہ کی الیکشن مہم میں اسکے پیچھت کھڑا ھے اور پھر اسے بابا سے گلے ملتے دکھایا ھے، مطلب اب یہ بات طے ھوگئی کہ اگر دیار غیر میں رھنے والے دو پاکستانی جب ملیں اور پھر گلے ملیں تو یہ پاکستان کے خلاف سازش ھوگئی

    جب امریکہ کی خدمت کے لئیے جرنال موجود ھیں، ایوب خان سے لیکر ضیاء الحق، حمید گل اور اسلم بیگ تک سب امریکہ کے ساتھہ ایک بستر میں ھیں مگر جب بوریا بستر گول ھوتا ھے تو پھٹے پاجامہ پر انڈروئیر پھن کر اپنا پچھواڑا چھپانے کی کوشش کرتے ھیں، تو پھر امریکہ کو ادھر ادھر ٹامک ٹوئیاں مارنے کی کیا ضرورت ھے ----جب گھی سیدھی انگلیوں سے نکل رھا ھے توانگلیاں ٹیڑھی کرنے کی کیا ضرورت ھے---اگر اس بابا کو امریکہ نے بھیجا ھے تو پھر فوج بھی اس کو آگے ھی بڑھائے گی، بھلا فوج کی مجال کہ امریکہ کی حکم عدولی کرے، کوئی اختلاف میرے خیال سے---پھلا این آر او بھی امریکہ نے فوج کی مدد سے ھی کرایاتھا---اب یہ چابی والا بابا حضرت موسیٰ کے عصاء کی طرح دوسرے ھر قسم کے چابی والوں کو کھاجائے گا تو سکون ھو جائے گا

  • I know one thing. If some one says something to Nusrat Javed, Najam Sethi, Ayaz Amir, Asma Jhangir & co my BP shoots up. Before writing a post I have to assure myself All iz Well, All iz Well.

    شیرازی بھائی ۔

    اپکے بی پی کا ایک علاج میرے پاس ہے اپ کافی پینا چھوڑ دیں ۔۔۔۔۔

  • Thank You asif bahi.

    Per your suggestion and Ghalib's advice I already quit. It's just sometimes under cloudy day or moon light I deveiate ...

    Ghalib chhuti coffee par ab bhi kabhi kabhi

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