• Petrol will not be available in Islamabad for next 3-4 days! Have witnessed long queue at Petrol Pump station! Fill your car before Car remain Statue!

  • SheikhulIsam and Altaf Bhayya are well prepared for such tactics and have already ordered their followers to bring oil tankers to accompany them to long march .......

    They have borrowed them from NATO

  • its a long march... people will be walking on street

    why the hell we need petrol?

  • What local consumer will do? How taxis, private vehicles can move in twin cities resident, if there is Petrol available?

  • @sadat

    I feel sorry for you guys. I guess you live in Islamabad. Pakistan’s incompetent rulers cannot supply basic necessities of life to ordinary citizens. The live a comfy life style; they have never queued 45-60 minutes outside a CNG filling station.

    I will advise you to ration daily need items as well. You can expect worst of the worst from them. In tough times, corrupt Pakistani leaders will flee to America, London, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Current wealthy ruling mafia is mainly responsible for most of the problems ordinary Pakistanis face day in day out.

    Who would you vote in next election and why?