Altaf Hussain's Letter to British Prime Minister

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    Today's drone attack on Quaid-e-Azam by Altaf Hussain has set a new standard of anti-climax in Pakistani politics, where the nation was awaiting something of significance, but instead got something similar to last year, where MQM Chief Altaf Hussain held the entire media hostage and performed "Burqay Main Rehnay Do".

    Putting his political views aside for a minute, the question is why Altaf Hussain can't speak or give speech like a normal human being, when even his party workers can speak normally? Why can't MQM members dare to wake up Altaf Hussain and make him realize that this kind of abnormal activity is hurting their own party? For how long will Altaf Hussain continue to embarrass the genuine supporters of MQM?

    While MQM can hold the mainstream media hostage with terror threat, like what they did to Nusrat last year and recently threatened to kill families of Anchors, they yet don't control the social media where journalists, anchors and analysts are giving their personal views.

    Some of the recent tweets are:


    Please! Atleast spare honourable, the MOST dearest Quaid-e-Azam from being dragged into today's dirty politics! PLEASE! #PoliticalDrone


    Fact is Constitution of Pak NOW does not allow dual nationals to become legislators so what does UK coitizen AH want?2 change Constitution?


    “So is the #PoliticalDrone all about to prove that Quaid-e-Azam was "dual national" (when Pakistan did not even exist!)”


    The entire nation along with all TV channels have gone Mad listening to someone who makes no sense. If you get it pls let me know. Waiting!!


    Tonight the founding father has received Altaf's drone attacks!This is a serious assault.


    Can AH answer why he ran away to comfort of London while Quaid-i-Azam created Pak, lived and died in this country?


    Inside info reveals that TV channels forced to show whole AH speech or channels wld be turned off in Khi! #MQMTerrorPolitics!


    Pls save me from the political Drone. It has taken off from London and Landed back in London. What is the Big Boss trying to prove.


    MQM leader reveals his true colours by attaclking Quaid-i-Azam & his shameless party ppl listen obediently like a herd of sheep!


    AH threatens partition of Sindh if LB elections not held! Isn't this sedition? Shouldn't he be chargfed with anti-state activities?


    MQM leaders listening Altaf Bhai as have been held hostage.


    Let us not drag the revered Quaid into tawdry political debate in the country.


    Quaid carved a free country from a colony; today's so called saviours left freedom to bow to foreign masters!


    I wish more media persons could speak for the Quaid bcaus this great man can't speak for himself.What happened to free speech? men,women ?


    Finally, here is a letter from Altaf Hussain to Ex-UK Prime Minister Tony Blair proving his loyalty to his Queen.

  • admin on fire jeo admin jee!!

  • For weeks and two people of Pakistan will be talking about this speech....

    NO worry if we got power, pani and pesa!!!

    Some people will be issuing Certification if we are good pakistan or bad pakistan? or just american/birtish

  • بھائی کا ایک پٹا ہوا اشو دوبارہ کھولنا، ایک دفعہ پھر کمزوری کی نشانی لگ رہا ہے

  • ایڈمن جی آپکے اس لیٹر میں الطاف حسین کی دستخط جعلی ھے ----اسے تو کاپی پیسٹ کرکے ٹھیک کرلیتے

  • Naaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-eee-bakwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassss

    Altaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf Bakwaaaaaaaaaaaas

  • Why Jinnah is above criticism?

    Why NOT positive and negative aspects of Jinnah's politica life should be discussed?

  • Jinnah is the founder of Pakistan. In urdu language it is called "Babaaey Qaum". Anyone who wishes to discuss about Father of nation, should first discuss negative and positive aspects of his own father in public.

  • @zingaro

    Was Jinnah a God or Prophet?

    Jinnah was a public figure. So what is wrong if people discuss Jinnah in public? Idea of discussing someone's father is naive and childish.

  • He was certainly neither God nor Prophet. But the nation has collectively awarded him the title of "Father of Nation". He was a human who can err.

    Now I ask you a question if Altaf Hussain can make mistakes? If you say YES. Please write here only 5 mistakes which in your own opinion, Altaf hussain have done so far.


  • @zingaro

    The man in question is Jinnah NOT Altaf Hussain. Dual nationality holders and taking 2 oaths are not a crime. I have dual nationality and it does not make me disloyal (not even for 1 second) to either of the countries.

    If Jinnah had dual nationality then why not others can have.

  • بھائی جی ساری قوم کو بے وقوف بنا رہے ہیں اور ساری قوم بے وقوف بن رہی ہے ۔ میں تو کہتا ہوں ساری قوم کو اس پر مٹی پانی چاھیے ۔ ایک زبانی ڈرون حملہ تھا کوئی حقیقی ڈرون حملہ تو نہیں تھا ۔ ہاں اگر اس زبانی ڈرون حملے پر مٹی نہیں ڈالی گئی تو کئی حقیقی ڈرون حملے ہو سکتے ہیں اور کراچی میں لاشوں کی تعداد اور بڑھ جائے گی ۔۔۔۔۔۔

  • Is saadgi pay kaun na mar jaey ye Khuda

    Lartey hein aur hath mein talwar bhi nahi

    aaj kay nakaam drone attack kay baad oopar walay shair ki bari zabardast parody meray zehn mein aai hay lakin abi nahi suna raha :)

    ST. Either you are quite a young innocent or trying to be. Quaid has never gotten any dual nationality. The only thing which altaf tried to do today was to distort history, but that failed miserably. The creation of Pakistan and Quaid's life is not something happened many hundred years ago. It is merely 66 year back story and there are people still alive who will provide in tomorrows papers, material for chhitrol of altaf hussain.

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  • قائداعظم کی دوہری شہریت کا ڈھنڈورہ پیٹنے والے عقل کے اندھوں ، ، پاکستان اور انڈیا کی آزادی کے وقت ہر وہ شخص جس کے پاس پاسپورٹ تھا وہ پاسپورٹ حکومت برطانیہ کا ہی جاری کردہ تھا کہ اس کے علاوہ اور کوئی شہریت تو تھی نہیں ، وہ تو جب دو ملک وجود میں آئے تو ان ملکوں کے شہریت خود بخود ان کے شہریوں کو حاصل ہو گئی

    آیا کچھ سمجھ شریف میں

    ف ج

  • If MA Jinnah had two nationalities prior to '47 then it is valid comparison. All those who are questioning AH and TUQ's dual nationality should also ask why Jinnah had dual nationality.

    I am saying if because I am not sure he had. Dual nationality is no yard stick, if it is Jinnah shouldn't be exempted.

  • @FJ Saab

    There are two passports.

    1. British India Passport

    2. British Passport

    Jinnah had both or just first - British India Passport?

  • @zingaro saab

    Pakistan was born on 14th August '47 not MA Jinnah. He lived almost 70 years prior to that. In those 70 years did he have dual nationality?