Akbar udin Owasi - emerging fiery Muslim MP from Indian Hyderabad

  • شیرازی صاحب یو ٹیوب بند ہونے کے باعث ہم پاکستان میں پوسٹ کردہ ویڈیو نہیں دیکہ پائیں گے۔

  • He sound like just a "fasadi" in india..

  • He is fasadi but I think he is right. Muslims in India need voices like his. He has the potential to counter extreme Hindu voices like Baal Thakrey and Niradar Modi.

  • Even though he is charged with hate speech but I loved his speech. His speech certainly has religious touch but it's predominantly political. He talks a lot about socio-economic negligence of Muslims in secular India.

  • @Shirazi

    humm how about if we find Owasi in Pakistan to counter

    Taliabn and shia fanatics?

  • His speech, mainly targeting Modi and Bjp, is wake up call to the father of seculars in india and be vigilent if BJP announce Modi as premiership candidate in lok sabha election.

  • Those who can't watch on you tube ...

    Speech at Adilabad

    On December 24 2012, Owaisi addressed a rally of twenty to twenty-five thousand people in the Nirmal town of Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh. In his two-hour long speech, Owaisi made multiple comments against Hindus, Hindu deities, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Vishva Hindu Parishad, Bharatiya Janata Party, Narendra Modi, India and United States of America.[18][19][12][6][7][8][9][10] In his speech, Owaisi said that the 250 million Indian Muslims needed only 15 minutes without the police to show one billion Hindus who is more powerful.[20][6] Owaisi called the Hindus as "impotent" and the Indian police as the "impotent army".[19] He said that not even one crore impotent men can together father one child.[19] He said that these people (Hindus) cannot face the Muslims, and whenever the Muslims start dominating the Hindus, the impotent army (police) intervenes.[19][21][22][23] Owaisi said that "we (Muslims) will not let you (India or Hindus) live peacefully,"[24] and added that the Muslims could "teach the rest of the country a lesson".[12]

    Owaisi referred to Ajmal Amir Kasab, one of the Pakistani militants of the 2008 Mumbai attacks, as a "child", and compared him with Narendra Modi. He asked if Kasab was hanged then why is Modi not hanged, and said that the reason was only because Kasab was a Pakistani and Modi is Indian. He said that if the Muslims of India united like the Muslims of Andhra Pradesh, Narendra Modi would soon be hanged.[8][9] Owaisi threatened that if his words were not heard, "O India, destruction and ruin will be your fate".[18][8] He threatened that India will witness a bloodshed which has not been seen in the last 1000 years.[18][25] He also dared Narendra Modi to come to Hyderabad, threatening by saying "we will show him then".[8] Owaisi justified the Mumbai bombings of 1993 by saying they were a reaction to the demolition of Babri Masjid and atrocities on Muslims in India.[8][19] He also questioned the punishment handed out to the accused of the bombings, naming Tiger Memon as one of those punished even though Tiger Memon is still at large.[8]

    Owaisi denigrated Hindu gods in his speech.[12] Owaisi made derogatory comments against Hindu god Rama and his mother Kaushalya.[8] Questioning the birth and the birthplace of Rama, Owaisi asked "where all did Kaushalya go to give birth to Rama and where all did Rama take birth".[8][19] Owaisi mocked Hindu panentheism, saying that Hindus have many gods and goddesses, and every eight days, new gods keep coming up.[6][26] In a reference to the Bhagyalakshmi temple in Hyderabad, he said, "We knew about Lakshmi, but who is Bhagyalakshmi, we are not aware."[19][6] Owaisi mocked Hindu cremation by saying "when you (Hindus) die, you become air after burning and go astray."[3] Owaisi talked in derogatory terms about heritage places of India including Ayodhya, Ajanta caves and Ellora caves.[3]

    Owaisi compared the state of Muslims of India to the state of Muslims of the world and blamed India and America for the same.[8] Owaisi said that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the Vishva Hindu Parishad, and the Bharatiya Janata Party were poisonous snakes, and to "crush their heads" a stick is enough.[8]

    After the speech, Owaisi left for London citing "medical treatment" as the reason.[8] NDTV reported on January 3 that Owaisi was getting treated for intestinal injuries he sustained when he was attacked over a land dispute in 2011.[27] Owaisi returned to Hyderabad on January 7.[28]

  • His elder bro Assad ud din isnt any holy either. They dont miss a chance to rap the hindus and that too openly in jalsas.

  • I don't think thee is anything wrong with it. Muslims in India are politically very subdued. They are almost 25% of population and if they organize themselves politically and vote as political block there can be no gov w/o Muslim support and that 'd ensure rights for Muslims like lower casts. It's east to acquire moderate and main stream positions from extreme views once you have a political weight. I like the approah of Owasis, they should go further on right and once estabished at national stage they can walk towards center like Modi.

  • I agree, Muslims of India to unite.It is highly likely that Modi will be the next Prime Minister of India.