Is this the right time to announce interim caretaker govt and elections?

  • Salam,

    After looking at the situation in our country and whats happening everywhere in the country .. I am thinking PMLN and PPP should relieve our nation's stress and announce dissolution of all assemblies and announce a caretaker govt in 3 days and give an election date.

  • Who they are planning to put in interm govt. Things are in such a mess that we might need to get Mooin Qureshi or Shukat Aziz type people from somewhere else, hard to find any honest & senseable pakistani to lead Govt for short time...

    plus all the blame of PPP and PML N will go on new govt

  • I know what you mean, but atleast get the dialog going, PMLN should send 4 names to PPP through back door and get the ball rolling. PPP leadership also should start to look for neutral caretaker PM and announce to the public and then they can say election will be performed on the regular date in march, I think it will calm down this whole situation and will give pakisatani nation something to look forward to.