IK in Quetta - NS ??

  • Just goes onto prove IK's contention, Nawaz Sharif is scared of going to Quetta. Just cant leave his bunker.

    So is Zardari, being a Baloch, he shd have been in Quetta.

    IK on the other hand, brave as he is was right amongst his people.

    Number of MPs dont determine a leader, actions do.

    Long live IK!

  • Nawaz Sharif brother died on Friday due to which he was not able to visit Quetta & he has announced to visit Quetta on Tuesday!

  • This doesnt look like an excuse to me. Who was barring the second tier leadership from showing up?

    Not to mention One of the two brothers couldve made the trip, OR Nawaz could have visited the second or third day of his brothers demise.

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  • Saad Rafique, Khosa Sb and likes got beatne up by the protesting crowd in Lahore, Sharjeel Memon and Mazharul haq got beaten next to Bilawal house.

    No rocket science these guys didnt go to teh Quetta protestors.

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