14th January 2013 , Day of Democracy

  • I congratulate all Pakistani's on the day

    Two Important wins of democracy

    First is imposing of governor raj in Baluchistan on public demand

    And second is failure of TuQ's March .

    All hidden powers could not convince any of known political party to participate in this march or follow the TuQ .

    This is great win of democratic forces of Pakistan which I have never seen before .

    I hope the elections will be held well in time and we shall see a much better democracy in coming days .

    A better future is just close for for Pakistan and the democracy is the only way .

    I have no concern with the results but I am very much hopeful .

    We have seen much bad in past and it is day to remember the happening of 12th May 2007 . You can see the difference today .

  • @ Mr, Anwar Kamal,

    killling, looting, land grabibng, corruption and all kind of crimes,if this is your democracy then i hell this democracy and pioners of this shame.

  • This all is result of open and hidden rules of nondemocratic forces . We have never seen democracy actually .

    It will take time but things will improve .

  • @ Sir,who are non democratic dorces, and democratic forces,?

    so you call Altaf a joker and serial killer Mr percent Zeradri,a looter cheater, and graber, Gillani an other main country looter Moulana diesel, and others a democratic forces.

    Better you keep with your democracy, we need nly basic necessacities to live, and not your democracy .

  • First is imposing of governor raj in Baluchistan on public demand

    And second is failure of TuQ's March .

    Don't take Qadri too lightly.He knows how to exploit the simpleton people of Pakistan.

    Nawaz Sharif needs to insist on immediate caretaker setup or PML-N should resign from the Parliament.

  • Qadri is nothing but establishment is trying their best .

    Hidden forces are trying their best

    Media is trying their best to show this show a bigger one

    They have pushed Sh Rasheed to this camp

    They are trying their best to Push Imran also

    Who is more going for the agenda of US and their puppets .

    You will know soon

  • No one gone with them

    Thanks to all political parties .

    This will be the first time that there will be an election without interference of Establishment .

    I am happy with this all happening .

  • TUQ failure will be Pakistan failure... people who dont qualify under article 62 and 63 will come in to power and we will see same of old.

  • Who can qualify under 62 , 63

    Even TuQ can not

    He has been declared a liar by High court

    Only Taliban are fit

  • Is he even running for office? with Canadian Nationality he is not even qualified but Zardari, chudaries and Sharifs are in assembly and there is no bar on them to stop.

    if i am correct once TUQ was MNA and then resigned...

  • We should be very happy on this success of democracy .

  • Jung news heading reflect the situation in Pakistan

    They are not united against, drone attacks, Affia, rymond davis, taliban, corruption but TUQ gave them a chance to get united....


  • Aik lakh jhootatay maray to Aik Papa Padri peda hoa

    ایک لاکھ جھوٹے مرے تو ایک پاپا پادری پیدا ہوا

  • Again it was not bad at all

    I am happy with the happy ending . I appreciate all the democratic forces of Pakistan which remained affirmed with democracy and Plan A , B and C all were failed , I appreciate Kaira who defused all the tension in a press conference only and the ruling alliance easily tackled this drone attack . However terms came out in the result will help the nation , no doubt . Pakistan was made through democracy and it can live with democracy . Need of a new political , social and regional contract with a NRO for all is a need of time and I wish to see it happening before or after the elections .

  • ہمارا یہ مجاہد میڈیا جو فوج کی ناک میں سے نکلی غلاظت کو پھول بوٹے دکھاتا رہتا ہے ، وہ جو میمو گیٹ جیسی من گھڑت دیو مالائی بکواسیات پر حقیقت حقیقت کا راگ الاپتا ہے ، جو اس اسٹیبلشمنٹ کے ہر مخالف کو دنیا کا سب سے بڑا غدار بنا بنا کر پیش کرتا ہے - خاکی وردی کے ہر جھوٹ اور سچ کا ہمنوا یہ میڈیا ، بہ یک زبان طاہر القادری کے خلاف تھا - کیا یہ اتفاق ہے کہ معجزہ -؟ کیا سیاستدانوں کی طرح یکدم ان مجاہد اینکروں کو بھی جمہوریت کی سمجھ آ گئی ؟

  • no , They were with him till they understand that qadri is no more and do you remember that Kaira said openly in front of media in his press conference to the media that you have received billions .

  • تمام سیاسی طاقتوں كا رائے ونڈ میں اجتماع قادری اور اس كے پیچھے ڈور ہلانے والوں كے لئے ایك انتباہ تھا جس نے ان كے غبارے سے ہوا نكالنے میں اہم كردار ادا كیا ۔جمہوریت كے تحفظ كے لئے كردار ادا كرنے پر تمام سیاسی لیڈر قابل تحسین ہیں ۔

  • I have a question to the revolution-seekers,

    Where this inqilaab liquidated on Thursday....

    Yesterday i was waiting for Ex-PM,Ex-President,Ex-Chief Minister,s public trial.Today im seeing Caretaker of the nation again in exile...

    Im trying to find a die hard chap since yesterday,Quaidkamazaar on the forum.I think he is busy ,may b constructing "Qadrikamazaar"