Imran Khan to join Dr. Qadri

  • Rumors of Imran khan will join hand with Dr. Qadri in Long March.

    Can anyone confirm ?

  • ابھی دنیا نیوز پر سلائیڈ چل رہی تھی کہ تحریک انصاف نے الیکشن کمیشن پر تحفظات کا اظہار کردیا ہے۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔جاوید ہاشمی علامہ طاہر القادری سے مسلسل رابطے میں ہیں۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔لانگ مارچ پر تحریک انصاف کی کور کمیٹی کا اجلاس شروع۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔اگر یہ خبریں درست ہیں تو کہیں سیٹھی صاحب کے تجزیے کے مطابق پلان بی پر عمل درآمد تو شروع نہیں ہونے لگا؟

  • Imran Khan just tells me "We are not joining the TUQ march." (Dunya TV anchor Naseem Zehra's Tweet)

  • Nasim Zehra ‏@NasimZehra

    "Imran" Says "I haven't changed my position on CEC at all." PTI has expressed full confidence in CEC.

    Sana Bitcha is back to attack PTI. Her opening lines were "Imran Khan takes another U-turn, he was asked to attend my first show but he declined". LOL

    Than she goes on to spread rumors that PTI is joining TUQ and that PTI has reservations on CEC.

    Nice ploy by PMLN, trying to show that PTI is unreliable so we don't have to take them into confidence for the interim set up.

    These pathetic tactics won't work now. Interim gov't must be set up with consultation of all political parties. PTI will not let PMLN and PPP do mukmukka.

  • قیصر صاحب

    پہلے دنیا نیوز پر سلائیڈ چلی تھی یہ بات ثناء بچہ نے نہیں پھیلائی۔

  • In last nights programme on ARY IK's cousin and SVP of PTI Niazi said that they support Mullah Qadri of Canada and that the party has not made a decision NOT to join Mullah Qadri and will decide soon

  • @pkpolitician sb.

    She started it and than there were slides on Dunya, as far as I know.

  • @LHR,

    Yes, if interim gov't is not set up with PTI's consultation than PTI has every right to re-assess its position.

  • Its not just rumours then.....daal main kuch kala hai

    utton utton dramay karde jao

    wichon wichon khai jao

  • قیصر صاحب

    ممکن ہے آپ کی بات ٹھیک ہو، میں نے شروع سے پروگرام نہیں دیکھا، جس وقت میں دیکھہ رہا تھا اس کے تھوڑی دیر میں دنیا نیوز پر سلائیڈ چلنا شروع ہوگئی اور پھر ثناء بچہ نے بھی اس بات کا ذکر کرنا شروع کردیا کہ تحریک انصاف نے بھی الیکشن کمیشن پر تحفظات کا اظہار کردیا ہے۔

  • تحریک انصاف نے بھی الیکشن کمیشن پر تحفظات کا اظہار کردیا ہے۔

    i believe IK has just been informed who is the CEC?

  • utton utton dramay karde jao

    wichon wichon khai jao

    Like PMLN asked for the dimissal of Balochistan gov't but it can't get 2 of its ministers in Balochistan Gov't to resign.

  • Last night 'Dawn' also said that that PYI is considering to join the march , Today Jamal Laghari also created some suspense at Geo but PTI can not afford such adventure .

  • I guess IK is playing a 'clever' game this time.......and also keeping his mouth shut rather than embarrassing himself

    He is perhaps waiting for.....what orders come thru and then make a decision rather than being accused of U turn again!

    is his visit to PMLN today part of this ploy...under the covers of afsoos??

  • nobody is joining anybody...currently imran just wants to keep his cards to his chest for the moment ..


    a man lost his brother .. trust me if imran wanted to have a secret meeting with nawaz he has a 1000 ways rather then going as you out it "under the cover of afsoos".. you can refer to shabaz sharif s meeting with kayani in 2009 if thats what you are looking for ...

  • لگتا ہے قادری صاحب جیسے اچانک ائے تھے ایسے اچانک غیب بھی ہو جائیں گیں ۔۔۔۔

  • How can he leave this . He was almost uncounted person and now he got big fame . The money spent on this event and media is beyond expectations . Zardari , Nawaz and Imran are looking very poor now .

  • In my opinion ,Pope has landed with just one objective,

    i.e Going Back...

    But,after persuading his followers only to vote for Imran Khan.

    Secret Hand of Rawalpindi again seems to win its agenda,i.e

    Sorry Mr.Nawaz Shareef

  • That will be a fatal mistake by IK, if he dares to join Qadri. The players are trying to allure IK to join this so called revolution, because one of the objectives of this long march is also to demolish the political stature of IK.

    Beware IK

  • Attention:

    Asad Umar ‏@Asad_Umar

    all those asking what PTI will do...wait for IK's press conference tomorrow at two pm...