INQLAB step by step..Good Job Qadri Sahib

  • People of Pakistan should take this opportunity and kick out

    Corrupt system and tola from Pakistan.... Qadri sahib and his supports are brave people, they are fighting for Pakistan not like some leaders who are fighting just to save" Democracy for corruption"

    They need to go step by step for success.

    1: Get Zardari (at fed and sindh) and sharif goverments down

    2: Hunt down corrupt politicans and their family and put them under speedy trail... this time dont let them run to

    London, USA and Saudi Arab

    3: Bring peace and stability in Pakistan.

    4: Implement article 62 and 63 before next election

    5 : Once pre elections condition are full fill then send army busy at boards.

    Thousand gather in front of Parliament House:


    Malik Riaz and Churdrion ke besti....thats why i am supporting Qadri

  • In a bid to avoid a possible smackdown, the government has surrendered to Tehrik Minhaj-ul-Quran

  • So Mr. Ex-Pakistani

    It is ok if a Russian guy come to Pakistan, spend billions and demand that Pakistan Must Give in to Russia and should be considered as a Russian State henceforth.

    It is OK if a Indian-Canadian comes to Pakistan and spend billions and demand that Pakistan should giveup Kashmir...

    Your Thoughts (if any) highly appreciated!!!

  • Khanamer bhai: What else do you expect from an Ex-Pakistani. His sympathies for another Ex-Pakistani are understandable.

  • I can,t understand why people r going mad over the issue by colurful n confused arguements.

    Like Nawaz Shareef ,Imran Khan was also not shaking hands with Military Establishment on War Against Terror issue & Military Establishment,on the order of its masters doesnt want to come out of this war due to huge supply of dollars to its pockets.("Gen. Akhtar !We must not be the king but the King Maker" in the words of Zia-ul-Haq)

    So my dear bros! there's nothing new.Establishment again won its agenda.Condolances for Nawaz &Idiot Imran Khan who fired all the bullets on PML (N) & now showing his teeth with empty gun.Had both of them joined against dollar-seeker army,the situation had not worsened so much.

    Military Establishment feared their allience n nothingelse becoz the allince means exclusion from War Against Terror,cut-in dollar supply to Pak Army (PVT) Ltd &end of terrorism in Pakistan.Its a great nightmare for chaps at Ghee HQ.

    Now Queen Elizbeth,s oath-loyal Padri(Canada is a part of NATO,Qadri should be loyal to that also) will continue the war.Big hands for Generals with their pockets filled with dollars.

  • guys you are all mentioning his Canadian nationality and where all the money is coming from.

    to be quite frank, i think this guy does NOT look like he will run back to Canada.

    his car was fired at last night, bullets pierced through his window, he is still there, fighting it out.

  • @khanamer

    He is canadian Pakistan, just like i am American Pakistan and there are some Bitish Pakistani..... I am proud of Qadri sahib....I dont see any establishment, any out side force behind him. You need alot of courage to leave your drawing room and comfortzone and come to Pakistan.

    What you think of Nawaz and sharif? Born and raised in Pakistan but both are pakistans worst enemy... their politics, their family their party.... Are not you tired of this " democracy bachao or pakistan ke Bajao" politics.

    People with corruption must need to face justice first...people with Jali degree must need to stop going to Assemblies.

  • This man went to India at invitation of Gujarat mass murderer Modi. This man supports the so called war on terror that has killed millions. This man has blood on his hands. This man has been groomed in West to be a agent of West. This man has zero credibility. West is counting on these parasites for their long term interests. He is traitor and more evil than the evil politicians.

  • I have just got up and political changes in Pakistan are fast changing with the summoning (possible arrest) of PM and other involved in power rental corruption in Supreme court.

    Dr. Qadri's long march is making its way deep into Islamabad and corrupt rulers are on the retreat.

    Soon both looteray PPP and its "very friendly" opposition PML-N will announce official alliance.

    Long Live Dr Qadri

    Long Live long march and dharna

  • @Abdul Rahman

    People told me that your are also living in USA?

  • @Abdul Rahman

    Not again!

    You are champion of deviating thread topic; please open a new thread for Modi and war on terror. This thread is about Dr. Qadri and his sincere efforts to change miserable conditions of ordinary Pakistanis.

  • expak,

    That's why I know these creatures like Qadri very well.

  • @expakistani

    Abdul Rahman, a taliban lover is a disloyal American citizen and according to him America is a sinking Titanic but he would not jump off the sinking ship. Why doesn't he move to his beloved Afghanistan?

  • I can guarantee one badmash will NOT sleep tonight and guess what is his name?

    I invite sincere members of this forum to guess who he is?

  • @Abdul Rahman

    will talk to you on some other post.

  • @Sweettruth

    Biggest Badmash is sharif..... es ke bari tu gul hogai

  • All those who did not join long march are now feeling sorry for their injudicious decision.

    Inqlibai parties like MQM and PTI should repent on their poor decision earlier. I bet they will now contacting Dr. Qadri to join the dharna. It is still okay; dair ayae durast ayae

  • @expakistai

    Your are correct;

    Car aap ki hooi

  • @expakistani

    Thanks for starting this timely and relevant thread