Zaid Hamid gone full retard

  • Zaid Hamid is now officially retarded.

    He is ready for battle on the LOC with India.

    I am sure a lot of you have seen a movie called "Tropic Thunder", Zaid Hamid just went full retard, never go full retard.

    Does he not look like a homo in a Batman costume?

    لنڈے کی ٹوپی میں تین سوراخ کر کے، چوکیدار سے بندوق لے کر جناب جہاد کرنے چلے ہیں .

    ابے گدھے چشمے تو اتار لیتا.

    Our firm and final message to the Hindu Zionists! You have been warned now.

    We are the soldiers of Rasul Allah (sm) and are burning with desire for Ghazwa e Hind! By Allah, we desire for Shahadat more than you desire for wine.

    We wait for you in ambush. You will not see our faces, we will move stealthy in the darkest of nights, strike like the lightening bolts and then disappear like the morning star!

    Our nation is armed and ready and the sight of dirty Hindu Mushriks are enough to unite this nation like a solid wall of steel. Come on, we are eager to meet you in the battle. 30 million armed Pakistani tribals, mujahideen and patriots stand united with our armed forces.

    You start this. We will finish it for you. That is a promise.. and this time, we will not take prisoners. If you do not believe us, try us!!

  • and the cooler goes to Zaid Hamid.. at this time we need to diffuse the situation down

  • LoL

    Is this his real picture?

  • Yes, this is him and those are his words. I wonder if he knows that there are Pakistani Hindus?

  • No I doubt he is not wearing lal topi


  • Repeated post deleted

  • Where did he get this uniform, balaclava, green gloves and guns from? We all know who is behind him; but we don't know who is ahead of him. LOL

    I can't stop laughing at his balaclava!!!

  • @Qaiser Nadeem

    With this picture, you have made my day!

    Guess what else can he do with this outfit/guns/gloves/balaclava?

  • I bet it's not a balaclava, he found and old tube sock (purani juraab) while cleaning the house and got the brilliant idea of cutting 3 holes in it and wearing it on his head to look "cool".

  • @Qaiser Nadeem

    With your permission, can I save this picture on my laptop?

    You may be right; this balaclava may actually be a woolen sock but question arises "whose house" was he cleaning when he found this sock.

  • ST, you can save any picture that I post on this forum.

  • @Qaiser Nadeem


    Guess, what else can he do in this outfit?

  • نصرت جاوید نے اس کا نام صحیح رکھا ہے لال ٹوپی والا مسخرہ

  • Someone should tell him to remove balaclava and put on his Lal topi again.

    I have been laughing since I saw this picture. I had a big lunch today and I may chuck due to laughing.

  • I Am Sam. Remember? went full retard - went home empty handed.

  • Pakistan's defense is now in safe hands.

    Make Zaid Hamid chief of army staff wiht Lal topi.

  • All Zaid Hamid needs a black a donkey and he is all set to start the Nishat-e-Sania ( nothing to do with Sania Mirza) of Islam...

    It would be great scene, Zaid Hamid, riding a black donkey, waving his gun and sword towards Indian army, and the Indian army dying of laughter...

  • During Iraq-Iran war, Ayotullah Khomeni distributed the keys of heavens for the teenage boys who were going to war fields for fighting. Thousands of them got killed and thousands of them became physically invalid.

  • Bitter lies

    Guess, what else can he do in this outfit?

    He can become Obama.

  • He went all the way to LoC dressed like this and suddenly Pak government announced cease fire. He had to come back disappointed. Zaid sir if you are reading by any chance, my sympathies to you! May be next time you will get a chance to kill some dirty hindu mushriks. If not you can find some within Pakistan and kill them so that not to waste the effort of dressing up like that.