An Open Letter to Dr. Tahi Al Qadri Sahib

  • Dear Dr. Qadri Sahib,

    1. I appreciate your desire, intention and struggle to make Pakistan a better Welfare State.

    2. Unfortunately, historically, all your demands, look like a Utopian wishful thinking.

    3. Most of the best Democratic States in the World are being run and flourishing under the MUK-MUKAO of Two Party System.

    4. There could be an honest but not a single impartial person in Pakistan out of, over 200 political parties.

    Would you please, name one, at your next address?

    5. Reviewing previous record, even the Chief Justice of Pakistan doesn't qualify as 100% impartial.

    6. You exposed measures about the Pre-Poll Rigging.

    That is commendable.

    But unfortunately, you are committing the same 'mistake' for a Pre-Poll Digging, through an 'Orchestrated' Long March.

    7. Better you register a Political Party with the Pakistan Election Commission and manage for a Land Slide Victory by winning 99% Seats at the National Assembly, like Sheikh Mujib Al Rahman of East Pakistan and impose your manifesto through a constitutional process.

    8. Finally, please don't forget that :

    بد قسمتی سے پاکستان میں 1947 سے آج تک

    جتنے حکمران بھی آے ، وہ بیچارے یا تو ذلیل و خوار ہوے یا قتل ہوے

    آیندہ آنے والے حکمرانوں کا بھی ایسا ہی حشر ہو گا

    کیونکہ خاص ہے ترکیب میں قوم رسول ہاشمی

  • شیخ صاحب اپ اپنآ لٹٹر قادری صاحب کو میل کر دیتے - یہاں پہ پوسٹ کرنا کچھ سمج نہیں آیا - کیا اپ فارم کے کچھ ممبر سے امنڈ منٹ کرانا چاہتے ہیں - یہاں پہ تو قادری صاحب یحییٰ والی ای ڈی سے اتے ہیں مرے خیال میں

  • Dear Fear,

    The message would reach the destination.

    My objective was to share the feelings at all available sources of Cummunication without caring about the impact.

  • Dear Javed Sheikh

    1.Mr. Qadri appreciates your comments on PKP and thanks you for your appreciation of his efforts.

    2. Unfortunately, historically, all your comments have always been against Pakistan and Islam

    3. The best dictionaries do not contain the words MUK-MUKAO. Is this your invention? I have read somewhere that you are a retired teacher. Can you tell which University you studied in or are you just a retired Primary School Teacher?

    4. There could be an honest but not a single impartial person in Pakistan Peoples Party. Would you please, name one, in your next post?

    5. Reviewing previous record, no one even the Co-Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party qualifies as 100% impartial.

    6. You exposed yourself as an ungrateful and disloyal ex-Pakistani. That is commendable.

    7. Better you go back to your bed and start drinking again. Like your idol ZAB used to.....

    8. Finally, please don't forget that :

    This is just a forum and Mr. Qadri is not a member of the forum. If you really want to get in touch with Dr. Qadri contact the local branch of Minhaj-ul-Quran. They will provide you with his mobile number

    Best Regards

  • Nice to read the first response from the spokesperson of Minhaj al Quraan.

    Foinally, the real origin of DIWANA has been exposed also.

    There might be more Diwanas with Tahir al Qadri.

    If correct then this Molvi would also go with the wind.

  • Javed Sheikh Sahib,

    Good post sir, your suggestions to Qadri Sahib are all good but you forget we are not living in normal society. where withint two political parties people get elected/tickets base on qualification right now this is not the case with Pakistan.

    Somebody need to do demolition first and then re-construct political rules.

    WOuld you suggest something to fix this system rather then playing wait game ? Would be impossible to keep pakistan in United if we keep running democracy like this.

  • @expakistani,

    you are understating by using '"impossible" to keep pakistan United if we keep running democracy like this'

    There won't be any Pakistan left. The economy is nosediving fastly. The debt is growing with each second. The country is in shambles already. 65% of our budget goes to pay only the 'interest' on the debt we have taken. This means that debt is not reducing at all but increasing steadily (as we are taking debts each year).

    If the same situation goes on, within 2-3 years (acc. to some economists), the whole of the budget would go to pay only the 'interest' on the debt we have taken.

  • Nothing special to say regarding the letter, but I want to say that a person who is not eligible to represent a constituency is representing the whole nation - strange :( :(

  • He is representing the Constitution, I would say. And speaking for rights of all of us. Most of us are too ignorant or too lazy to read the constitution and hardly know what is right or wrong according to constitution.

    And don't you think it strange that most of the persons who get elected for assembly from their constituency are f.a. or b.a. pass? And think, they are so-called lawmakers who might not even know all the points in constitution. And they get to vote on a constitution amendment!! Strange??

  • 1. Even illiterate Citizens of a locality know better who is an honest and who is a dishonest person living in their neighborhood.

    2. They know better who could represent their cause better in a representative System of governance.

    3. After a few cycles of Elections much of the trash would be filtered away.

    4. A Parliament elected in 2018, would be in much better position to deliver.

  • After a few cycles of Elections much of the trash would be filtered away

    But none of the Bhutto trash has been filtered away so far.

    What do you say to that?

  • 3. After a few cycles of Elections much of the trash would be filtered away.

    شیخ صاحب بھی تھوڑے چکرا سے گئے ہیں ویسے تو پاکستان کے بارے میں بڑی نا امیدی والی باتیں کرتے ہیں لیکن اب تو بڑی پر امیدی والی باتیں کر رہے ہیں ۔۔۔۔۔

  • After the all opposition parties declaration, and after Imran Khan's announcement that he and his party dissociates from this unlawful long march, the agenda in respected Tahirul Qadri seems weakening, more so, when MQM separated at the elventh hour. But I admire the spirit of Maulana Tahirul Qadri, he still looks determined. After watching different channels live coverage the ladies (with children also look determined and right behind Tahirul Qadri. But a gathering of 20,000 or at the most 30,000 people (including kids from 2 to 10 years) you can not create a Tehrir Square. Weather forecast goes against the "long march". Opposition parties were unclear and doubted that this drama was staged at the behest of Zardari. But, whatever, they have given a clear statement against this "long march".

    There are rumors that federal government is thinking a crack down, this would be the biggest mistake of government. That is what Qadri Saheb wants. History of Lal Masjid would be repeated. Lal Masjid was one big factor for Ex.Gen. Musharraf to lose the political ground. I do not think Peoples party is that fool to repeat this. Whatever, huge fund is at the disposal of Dr. Tahirul Qadri, it would deplete every passing day. So will deplete the movement. I have not touched the contradictory statements made by Qadri saheb during one or two days.

  • Finally there are signals that Tahir Al Qadri's Circus is getting out of fuel and force.

    Directors of the Circus are getting desperate, panic and frustrated.

    There is possibility that the Ring Leader might go mad.

  • The End is close of this long march. An operation is due in 2 or 3 hours. Stay tuned