FOUR demands of Dr.TuQ..!!

  • No. 1. Elections should be held in accordance with Article 62, 63 and 218 of Constitution of Pakistan, and within 90 days from now.

    No. 2. Election Commission of Pakistan should be dissolved and reconstituted again.

    Reason for No. 2. CEC has no real power and the Provincial Election Commissioners and rest of staff are political appointees.

    No. 3. Caretaker Setup should be made by consent and agreement of all parties.

    No. 4. Federal and Provincial assemblies should be dissolved by the Govt.

    Reason for No. 4. Enough time to be given to caretaker setup to hold free and fair elections within 90 days according to Article 62, 63 and 218.

    All demands are logical,well explained and within constitution. Why people are concerned about him being an agent or anything else? We should not care who it is but we should care what he is saying. If a person is saying something right and within constitution, then he should be supported.

  • دعا کرو کہ کوئی ہنگامہ ہو - روڈ بلاک ہو جایں - ہفتے کے لئے آفس بند ہو جایں - چھٹیاں ہو جایں -

    کومن پاکستانی کی سوچ

  • He has just quoted some provisions of the Constitution without mentioning the practicability.

    Could he name A SINGLE IMPARTIAL person out of 180,000,000 people of Pakistan?

    The moment he names, that person would become controversial.

    Better he should establish his credibility like Sheikh Mujib Al Rahman by bagging a Land Slide Victory through Elections, instead of posing as a Puppet for a Hidden Hand.

  • Could he name A SINGLE IMPARTIAL person out of 180,000,000 people of Pakistan?

    His name is Javed Sheikh but unfortunately he is not a Pakistani anymore. He is just a puppet for a hidden hand.

  • He clearly mentioned that details will be discussed on table with Govt. And He won't be naming some person of course, all the parties would jointly name the Caretaker Prime Minister.

  • @xainahmed Saab

    TUQ has one demand care taker PM, rest are just smoke to hide real demand care taker PM demand.

    Who will determine if certain candidate lives up to article 62/63 criteria. Isn't that election commission? When papers are submitted oppsoite candidates and ordinary citizens raise their concerns that are addressed by EC's rep some migistrate. I remember every single time an advocate from Pindi Wahab ul Khari has standard objections on Sheikh Rasheed, he is not married etc and Judge over rules them.

    If EC is disolved who will re-constitute it? Isn't it the same govt?

    20th amendment says leader of house in consultation with leader of opposition should announce care taker govt. There is no constituional binding to consult parties outside parliament but they said will envertheless. Qadri saab wants GHQ's nod instead so that under article 254 and with the blessing of care taker CM they can extend the tenure of care taker regime beyond 90 days.

    That's not going to happen but nice try.


  • anyone coming from Canada after getting the canadian passport can name the caretaker PM of Pakistan or is the privilege restricted to Pope Qanadi only?

  • @Shirazi,

    Hardly anyone raises concern over nomination papers. The point is that Eletion Commission should itself check whether candidate fulfills requirement of Article 62,63. Which is very logical and fair.

    The process of Dissolving and Revamping Election Commission can be discussed on table.

    20th amendment was made by the Same assembly. It says that Leader of House in consultation with Leader of Opposition should announce care taker Govt. But it doesn't says not to contact anyother parties. So this is quite possible

  • Xan ahmed

    If therebis no president, no ec, no parliament etc, who will appoint all these?

    Any ideas

  • What is this issue with anyone Canadian Nationality? Lets see and discuss what he is saying is right or wrong. Even if a kaafir says a right thing, he is right on that issue. People are just rejecting things because it is Dr.TuQ who is saying this. And missing the whole point of understanding whether what he is saying is right or wrong.

  • So please you listen to kafirs, or canadian nationals...

  • @khanamer

    This is what should be discussed on table amongst all parties. The long march effects are already showing. All parties have started the discussion on caretaker Govt.

  • @khanamer, Truth is Truth, no matter who says it

  • حکومت اور جمہوریت پسندوں کو کسی کی بلیک میلنگ کے آگے نہیں جھکنا چاہئیے

    آج ایک جاہل مولوی پچاس ہزار لوگ لیکر پارلیمنٹ پر حملہ آور ہے تو کل کوئی سیکولرزم کا ماما ساٹھ ہزار بندے لا کر لا کر بلیک میلنگ کی کوشش کر سکتا ہے

    جسکا کوئی مطالبہ ہے وہ عوام سے مینڈیٹ لے کر آئے اور اپنی اکثریت سے آئین میں ترمیم کرے

    اکثریت پر اقلیت کے فیصلے نہیں تھونپے جا سکتے

  • Long March Circus has flopped miserably, today.

    Molvi Tahir al Qadri might go panic or desparate.

  • @xian ahmed

    Bro you are mistaken, elections are only days away, this kind of discussions betwen paries are norm, withou qadri, we were already hearing names of possible care taker PM..

    Anyway, if the same parties have to sit and decide the care taker setup, then why dissolve the things they akready created, for example, who wil be the president, who is going to elect him, or you like IK and Qadri have not though about it.

  • @Xianahmed Sb

    "Hardly anyone raises concern over nomination papers."

    That explains how in touch are you with political process. Candidates or their reps with power of attorney appear in front of migisterate when papers are scrutinized.
    And why Tahir ul Qadri is so worried about the process if he is not even going to take part in elections?

  • If we cant produce one single honest person with no controversial past then why the F**K we have one flag and passport?

  • @khanamer

    Qadri has succeeded in creating a pressure group and the situation is changing drastically after the long march.

    I agree that the elections are near, but if the same corrupt practices happen as has been happening in previous elections. And the pre-poll rigging goes on without any check, same corrupt people would get elected again. So the full implementation of electoral reforms is necessary for next elections.

    As for the President, he is not neutral and unconstitutional therefore. When all the parties get together and start on some point, they will reach some conclusion about it.