What happend to IK's Press Conf.

  • We have seen Opposition parties's stance, these parties have Achakzai, Bazinjo, Sherpao, Fazal ur Rehman, Talal Bugti anf many other leaders...

    Now what is IK thinking.. I think again he have again made a blunder...

  • You are well within your right to think what you want to, just like IK is in postponing his press conference.

  • Imran Khan might go isolated due to his immature outlook.

  • IK decided against his 7 points?

    Good he didn't continue with his idiotic points

  • .. while the 'matures' sat with their heads together in Raiwind. Ironically, these 'matures' never sit together for Balochistan, for the energy crisis, for the Queta massacre, for the aggression at LoC .. yet they leave everything aside and attend to when their rozi roti- read iqtidar is in danger.

  • Finally Imran Khan made a wise decision to support Democratic forces.

    TI is not joining hands with Molvi Tahir al Qadri.

  • The matures were sitting and all leaders from Balochistan had therevtrust on them... Unlike some ametures who don't know what to demand and when to demand and what to say

  • @tsunami, agreed.

    all the 'matures' decided to get their heads together after the Qadri March... They are now united to save their interests for the next elections.. They could easily have invited PPP also, as they are also in same ship..

  • Yeah,

    The 18, 19 and 20th ammendments were because of qadri

    The appointment of Fakhro Bhai was beacuse of this padri guy

  • The matures were sitting and all leaders from Balochistan had therevtrust on them

    =) .. u made me smile. Sure after leading these Baloch leaders into boycott of 2008, they sure trust the 'matures'. You can say that if these Baloch contest 2013 with the 'matures' in an alliance. For now maybe the Baloch have a big heart and dont turn down invitations even if they come from a .. well 'mature'.

    ametures who don't know what to demand and when to demand and what to say

    Apn he nuqsan kar rahay hain? Let them. What bothers you ?? =)

  • IK sum up the 18,19 & 20th ammendments in a single word, .. he calls the MuqMuqa

  • We succeeded in uniting status Quo. It's now PTI vs ALL. Just like we have been saying for last couple of years. our next move is attacking zardari good luck defending him :)

  • IK who?

    The self declared party head, who most likely going to boycott the coming election... And just have backed down from his 7 demands...

    Anyway, qadri's show is over... Welcome back to noon vs pti

  • The 20th amendment should be worded as follows to ensure the demands of Ik and TuQ are complied with:

    The Leader of House in consultation with Leader of Opposition should announce the name of the care taker PM, but only after recommendation of such name by Mr Imran Khan Niazi and approval of such name by SheikulIslam Dr Allama Molana Tahir Qadri of Toronto, Canada.

  • @LHR

    How many elections did Mr. IK took part in and what is his representation in assembly and who is ths padri guy?

  • @khanamer

    Both IK and TuQ started their political ambitions roughly together about 16 years ago.......since then both took part in elections and their candidates got between 500-2000 votes in all constituencies .......except winning their own seats when Mush was President and General Ehtesham Zamir was ISI Chief ensuring the elections are carried out in "fair manner"....they have been rejected by the Pakistani awaam.

  • And yet we have to appoint president and pm with their consultation

  • what they say....

    baat to hai sahi....per baat hai ruswai ki

  • Nawaz Sharif copied all demands of Imran Khan, and his toadies are calling Imran's demands bogus, LOL.

    N o o r a N o o r a hi hota hai.

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