The end of Dr. Qadri's circus in Islamabad

  • The united opposition moved today to thwart Pope Qanadi's moves to derail democracy. The opposition parties inside and outside parties were gathered today by PMLN and included JI, JUI-F, PML-F, Pashtoonkhuwa PMAP and others.

    They resolved not to accept any unconstitutional step and demanded PPP-led coalition to announce date for upcoming elections and caretaker setup while reposing full confidence in CEC.

    This resulted in PTI announcing not to take part in Pope's drama, which is encouraging if they stick to it

    Hopefully now the establishment and PPP both got the message and Pope will go home very soon and dates of election as well as Caretaker set up can be formalised within limits of constitution

  • well lets see if PPP will follow what so called

    UNITED oppostion is asking.....

    If you look at TUQ is asking enforcement of Article 62,63...

    leaving Achakzai sahib and few, who will support such law?

  • now same thiefs, dacoits, fake degree holders, murderers, feudals will come back to power....

    now is the right time for electoral reform (pre-election). I agree with Qadri's emphasis on article 62 and 63.

  • PPP announces general elections before May 6 .....although final date not given yet

    There is also a lack of honesty factor with PPP (So far only Pope Qanadi has proved to be a bigger lier)..... but with democratic forces united and building political pressure will ensure elections held per schedule

  • Article 62 and 63 are not implementable in any country let alone Pakistan.

    Whoever put it in the constitution was being delusional.

    Any criminal or illegal act should automatically disqualify any candidate that is simply commonsense law.

  • Even Mohammad Ali Jinnah or Liaqat Ali Khan would be eligible to contest Elections under article 62 and 63.

  • @LHR

    your missing the point, we had election few times next elections wouldnt be first in Pakistan history.

    who will make sure people with corruption charges, plane hijecking, murderer, and jaldi degree holders are not getting party tickets.

    We had elected goverment for last 5 yrs, do you think they were better then Mush or Ayyob goverments?

  • Even Mohammad Ali Jinnah or Liaqat Ali Khan would be eligible to contest Elections under article 62 and 63.

    @Javed Sheikh

    Read your post again and tell us why should you not be given Joginder Singh as a permanent ID?

  • If article 62,63 can not be implemented, then please delete it from constitution. The parliament made so many amendments, so why didn't they make amendment in this clause of constitution??

    If the Elections are held without implementing Article 62,63 and 218 in letter and spirit, same corrupt people would come to power again.

  • Enforcement of constitutional requirement is biggest hurdle for PML N and PPP. thats only reason they are united.

  • Expakistani and xianahmed

    An independent CEC (already in place with concensus from all democratic parties) is already in place to deal with Article 62 and 63.

    If someone still falls through the EC net then there is an independant Judiciary (for which all political parties along with civil society contributed) to deal with it in accordance with constitution

  • 1. Even illiterate Citizens of a l0ocality know better who is an honest and who is a dishonest person living in their neighborhood.

    2. They know better who could represent their cause better in a representative System of governance.

    3. After a few cycles of Elections much of the trash would be filtered away.

    4. A Parliament elected in 2018, would be in much better position to deliver.

  • End of Pope's drama for sure......seems there are hardly few thousand servants left with Pope Qanadi in Islamabad

    • All the educational institutions working under Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) would reopen on Thursday (Jan 17) after three-day holidays.

  • اگر شیخ جی ، طاہر قادری کے مشیروں میں شامل ہوتے تو قادری صاحب کی سیاسی چالوں اور سیاسی چوولوں میں فرق ختم ہو جاتا

    ف ج

  • @xain

    The said articles need to be revamped not deleted altogether.Any criminal or illegal act should disqualify a candidate.

    Can you define "Sadiq" and "Amin" and how and who can be the judge of that.

    Is it in name only?

    There is an Amin - AMin Fahim and a Sadiq guy who left the country after embezzling lot of money

  • For the remaining few in Islamabad ......"Most Honourable Department of Police" is there...... while the "gang leader" is already required by local SHO....

    The FIR nominates Tahir-ul-Qadri, Hanif Mustafavi, Abrar Raza, and 21 other members of Tehreek Minhaj-ul-Quran for disturbance of public order, attempted murder and robbery.

  • @ FJ Pak

    اگر شیخ جی ، طاہر قادری کے مشیروں میں شامل ہوتے تو قادری صاحب کی سیاسی چالوں اور سیاسی چوولوں میں فرق ختم ہو جاتا

    You mean they would have increased even more??

  • @LHR, an independant CEC you say? who doesn't even have the right to VETO a decision. The whole panel of 5 Election Commissioner makes a decision. And CEC's vote count as only ONE. CEC , alone, can do nothing. He has been given no rights.

    @JavedShiekh, In 2018, there won't be any Pakistan left, If same corrupt people come into power. The economy is nosediving. 65% of our budget goes to pay for the "interest" on the debts we have taken. If it keeps going at same rate, 100% of budget would go to pay for the "interest" on the debts we have taken, in 2-3 year. You can always wait though till 2018. :)

  • @Zia, revamp or delete, but the parliament didn't do anything to change it for last 5 years. And I can give you one of the reason, why? Most of MPs don't even know that this Article exist (most of them would probably don't even know the whole constitution, and the irony is that they are the country's lawmakers).

  • @xianahmed

    "In 2018, there won't be any Pakistan left, If same corrupt people come into power"

    Please be assured that Pakistan will be there for ever and ever. There is no doubt about it even if 100's of Pope Qanadi likes land in Pakistan to destablise the country.

    There may be many ills in Pakistan which make it look like not a very stable country .....and Inshallah all of these will get eliminated with a passage of time and continuation of the democratic process.....

    Unfortunately to achieve that there is no short cut!