Pakistan bars stars from Bangladesh T20 league

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    I think it is a good news, Bangladesh need to realize that their team is not even good enough to be part of world cricket, Pakistani player now concentrate on local tournament and test/ODI which matter most.

  • This is heavy-handedness from Pakistan as Bangladesh cancelled the tour due to safety concerns. Anything is possible in the presence of the current interior minister and I do not blame the Bangladeshis one little bit for not wanting to visit Pakistan given the current law and order situation.

    Bengalis are not the only ones who refused, none of the international teams are willing to come to Pakistan yet Pakistan plays with them on neutral and even their own venue. Recent Example India.

    The only reason why PCB is giving stick to the Bengalis is because no one else will take any crap from us. India has been on the forefront in damaging Pakistani cricket yet Pakistan does not turndown an opportunity to please them so why so harsh with the Bengalis?

  • Long time ago, we barred their star to take up position of Prime Minister even though he had won election with clear majority.

    So what is the point of complaint?

    Pakistani law enforcement and security system is weak and inefficient; militants are more powerful than Police and army. Navy, air force, army bases have been attacked by terrorists and the whole country is burning.

    Would you send your son to go to Syria or Afghanistan to play cricket or soccer?

  • I think its not just about terrorist activities, BCP is more inclined towards Indian board. few years back they invited Pakistan and then cancel that tour after getting pressure from india.

    I think its OK to dump BPL. Those who are going to play cricket there without PCB permission should be banned for life.

  • gud from pcb well done