Corruption - The Buzz Word

  • Based on our reletive social & economic conditions, I find most of Pakistani amoung the best performing people around the world. But I never understand why we as a nation don't have such high self esteem. Often we are cursing other people, our leaders and even our country.

    Corruption is the buzzword we are using in most of our discussions to ignite emotions of common person. However corruption is generally considered only a symptom but not the root cause(s) like crimes (symptom) have inverse correlation with level of education (one of root cause of crime). Normally treating symptom would not resolve the problem in the long run unless we treat the root cause(s).

    Similarly Dr Qadri & his sponsors/supporter, using the same buzzword corruption and trying to ignite common person's emotion. In my opinion they are just discussing the symptom without a single word about the root casue(s) of our problems & its solutions.

    Moreover in the past such people (like Mr Qadir) were used in number of places to destabilize the spacific countries to implemented agends of big establishments.

    Pakistan need healthy discussions about the symptoms to find out their root causes and then suggesting their solutions - that will bring long term positive changes in our society.

  • First thing we need to accept the fact that Pakistan the 34th most corrupt country in the world.

    In my opinion we have strong corruption "system", and there are people or i may say institutes in pakistan to protect such system. Root cause of corruption is to look for "EZ way out"...rather then wait in line for turn.

    You want to file for your ID card or passport, dont stand in line but try to find some street smart person who will do it sometime with wrong data and information to get the job done, and people think its OK.

    You are not filing for income Tax return, its ok because next door neighbour is doing same thing, IK did samething, Nawaz Sharif is doing same thing ..."so why we bother to file income tax..? "EZ way out from responsibility"