Pakistani Taliban claim responsibility of MQM MPA’s killing

  • Gunmen on Thursday had shot dead four people, including the MQM’s provincial lawmaker Manzar Imam in Karach.


    I normally dont pray for "Bakshish" and "Maghfarat" of Politicican who are in office.... so i will stick to my habit.

    But to me this seems like Shia/Sunni target killing rather then Taliban activity...

  • @EXP Saab

    Why you suspect it's secterian and not political murder?

  • @Shirazi

    kia bolon.... mera experience ( :

    by looking at finger prints, the way it was done and where it was done. Taliban may be in karachi but doing such crime in ORANGI town need "brown skin" guys....

    For sure it was not done by MQM H, they got no one left to do such thing in karachi and specially in ORANGI is almost impossible field to play for MQM H.

    Syed bhi hey imam bhi hey.. tu shia bhi hoga, which may be he is not