My Analysis of Dr Tahir Ul Qadri Long March

  • Pre Lude:

    After 18th Ammendment was duely signed between government and opposition and all road map to next elections was decided , the first appointment that was the result of this ammendment was of mr fakhruddin g ibrahim for chief election commissioner.

    Chaudhry Nisar Ahmed opposition leader consulted all parties sitting inside and outside parliament who are in opposition to finalise a name and fakhruddin g ibrahim was unanimous.

    The Shockwave:

    The first real result of this appointment was the bye elections held in last quarter of 2012 , which was based on new voter lists.

    PML N land slide victory and improving of vote margin sent shockwave to pml q , mqm and ppp. Although their were claims of rigging and pml n being in govt factor , no REAL Complaint was lodged to election commission and the general perception was that their wasnt any rigging and this result was due to the performance of punjab govt and clever electable hunting.

    PML Q leader ch parvez elahi was quoted as saying that if in this spirit the elections of 2013 would be conducted election commission should announce 2/3 rd majority of PML N and their is no need to go through the exercise of election.

    After this shockwave came another shockwave for MQM which is ally of PPP. Chief election Commissioner summoned Army for door to door verification of voter lists , and with MQM already dis gruntled on local bodies elections postponement , this new talks about voter verficiation and new contituencies determination caused MQM to panic a lot.

    These two parties statements during this period was obvious that they are not happy over appointment of chief election commissioner and over all election commission and NOW these two allies want their OWN 18th ammendment , suggesting they didnt realized at time of 18th ammendment that how much space PPP had given to opposition parites thanks to PML N.

    Being In coalition government , an ammendment was not possible and zardari couldnt ullfill his or his allies demands to re structure election commission so what to do , as any erratic decision would be turned over by supreme court in light of 18th ammendment.

    Enter Tahir Ul Qadri:

    As stated above coalition partners could no longer be in a position to get new ammendment done constitutionally so lets get a FAKE OPPOSITION against whom we all would surrender and show weakness and make him a stake holder in next election process and care taker government where as in actual he is an undercover protecting our interests.

    So tahir ul qadri comes to pakistan and initially takes many positions but retreats.The drop scene was yesterday when the headlines of newspapers was the "chief election commisioner should imimediately resign" and this long march ended successfully by making tahir ul qadri a stake holder in decideing interim government and forming of election commission.

    What Lies Ahead:

    First step has been achieved by allies , through making tahir ul qadri seem like an opposition person or revolutionist.

    In second step they are going to take liberty by getting some key decisions done through this DUMMY or Fake opposition which cannot be done constituionally.

    It'll be interesting to see what does PML N and co do when tahir ul qadri would try to sabotage whole 18th ammendment in future and opposition's interest are being compromised.

    End note : Imran khan once again proved to be an angry young man and a person not capable of even running for union council election as he got played by allies agenda and moreover he couldnt realize that this whole fiasco is to sabotage the ONE ACHIEVEMENT by opposition and that is the election commision on which IMRAN KHAN has full trust.

    He failed to safeguard his or his party interests and he also failed in presenting a clear stance and foolishly kept saying that tahir ul qadri's agenda is right.

  • So this is no way near done yet and wait for episode 2 :)

  • کروڑوں روپیہ بھی خرچ کیا اور منہ بھی کالا کروایا

    دلالوں کا یہی انجام ہوتا ہے

    مک گیا تیرا شو قادری

    گو ٹورنٹو  گو قادری

  • Bawa ji salaam, Qadri nahe Paadri

  • گو ٹورنٹو گو قادری

    He has heard you, arriving on January 28 on EK 241.

  • Great victory for people of Pakistan

    Great victory for Dr. Qadri

    Long live Dr Qadri for starting dharna culture

  • Qadri has proven what cowards these corrupt politicians are specially Nawaza who like a scared rat gathered all parties around him in his Raiwand bunker, with many of these parties being just bicycle parties. If Nawaza needs support of such parties then he is really scared from the inside.

  • @yahya

    Nawaz badmash was having sleepless nights for the last one week; that is why he called all Right wing tanga parties at his Raiwand mahal. He should be thankful to Govt and Dr Qadri to resolve this matter peacefully.

    In my view, next dharna should be outside Raiwand mahal. I will fly from America to attend this dharna.

  • @Sweettruth:

    Completely agreed...and since Qadri is a maulana himself he completely neutralised mullah parties well. Imaging that. Who could have thought it was possible to neutralise maulanas, a formidable weapon of right wing parties, in Pakistan.

  • Has anyone given ONE READ to what i wrote :)

  • @yahya

    Dr Qadri is a liberal religious scholar of high distinction; he does NOT preach violence and intolerance in his lectures. Moderate Pakistanis should support him to fight against extremist religious Right wing moulvis like Talibans and their extremist political Right wing Nawaz The Badmash.

  • sarbanikhan

    They can't really term Qadri as 'opposition'. Even Maula bakhsh Chandio of PPP in Jasmeen Manzoor's show admitted that Qadri have literally,unofficially become part of ruling coalition govt after signing of this agreement. So he can't be projected as 'opposition' by Zardari & Co. Govt might have surrendered their rights to this canadian Qadri but opposition will exercise its right prudently and after consulting other parties including the ones that currently not in assemblies.Imran Khan clearly played a damaging role,whole thing now ended but he failed to take a definitive and clear stance about Qadri's march.

    Last Dec Imran was launched now he was running out of steam so Qadri(Imran 2.0 with religious touch) is relaunched this december against PMLN.

  • بابا ،،، سب سے ہاتھ کر گیا.

    جو مقصد تھا وو حاصل کر لیا

    لوگ پرشان ہیں اس لانگ مارچ میں تھا کیا ؟

    اب یہ راز آہستہ آہستہ کھولے گا.

    بابے نے پچ سیٹ کر دی ہے اور اب لمبا ٹیسٹ میچ ہوگا اور ٹک ٹک کی لمبی اننگ کھیلی جاۓ گی

    جو کچھ ہو گا لاہور میں ہو گا اور منہاجل قرآن کے دفتر میں ہو گا.

    جو کام بابر اعوان ، منظور وٹو ، تالپو اور عمران کی اچھل کود نہ کر سکی وو بابے کا مارچ نے کر دیا

    قاضی گیا اور قادری آ گیا

    سب کے جوڑوں میں ،،، گیا

    چار دن کا دھرنا اور سب ناک رگڑنے آ گے

    یہ بابا چیز کیا ہے

    نہ پتا ٹوٹا نہ گملا

    ذرا بوجو تو یہ وزیرے قانو کیوں آیا تھا ؟

  • @AzH

    Nice one!

    Dr Qadri has awaken a sleeping nation and given public a hope and awareness to fight for their due rights which are being usurped by corrupt ruling dynasty mafia for the last 65 years.

    Welcome to Dharna - a Pakistani style

    Long Live Dr Qadri

  • An American or an a Pakistani traitor? or both?

  • کروڑوں روپیہ بھی خرچ کیا اور منہ بھی کالا کروایا

    دلالوں کا یہی انجام ہوتا ہے

    مک گیا تیرا شو قادری

    گو ٹورنٹو گو قادری

    حضرت پیرومرشد امام لچ تل باوا جی ۔

    کافی دنوں سے آپ کی کمی محسوس ہو رہی تھی ۔ لگتا ہے آپ بھی کئی راتوں کے جاگے ہوئے ہیں یہ سوچتے ہوئے کہ

    “ہم سے بڑا بھی کوئی لچ تل ہے “

    اب لچ تل شو ختم ہو گیا ہے ۔

    جس یزیدی وزیر اعظم کی گرفتاری کے آرڈر پر دو نفل شکرانہ کے ادا کئے ۔ حسینی لشکر نے اسی کے ساتھ معاہدہ کیا ۔

  • چار دن کا دھرنا اور سب ناک رگڑنے آ گے

    کیا خیال ہے قادری ناک رگڑ کر وہاں سے نکلا ہے کیونکہ سب کچھ “پری پلاینڈ“ تھا

  • شیخ الشعبدہ کی کینیڈا واپسی کی سیٹیں بک ہو گئی ہیں ۔ اب وہ 27 جنوری والے مذکرات کون کرے گا ۔

    یہ لنک دیکھیں 12:30 منٹ پر

  • یہ لاٹھی بےآواز ہے.

    ایک دفع قادری سے پوچھا گیا آپ اتنا اجتماع کیسے اکٹھا کر لاتے ہیں ؟

    اور یہ منہ میں کیا پرھتے رھتے ہیں؟

    یہ لاٹھی بےآواز ہے

  • Long March by Molvi Tahi al Qadri was a Brilliant Political Move by Mr. Asif Ali Zardari.

    No Political Pundit, TV Anchor and Media Persons could understand his Master Plan.

    Just analyze:

    1. Timing of the Show

    2. Deputing a Molvi to accomplish the Mission

    3. No damage to life and property.

    4. Joining of MQM and PMLQ

    5. Union of Opposition Parties at Raiwind.

    6. Isolation of PTI

    7. Exposure of Religious Fanaticism by a Religious Molvi

    8. A strong message to Military and Judiciary.

    9. Displaying a soft image of Pakistan where younger males and younger females stayed for 4 days and 5 nights without any immoral activity or incident.

    10. How simple is to befool the Nation through emotional exploitation?

    11. Government lost nothing and Molvi gained nothing.