Reasons for Conversion of Protest March into Praise March.

  • Reasons for Conversion of Protest March into Praise March.

    Pakistani nation which is suffering from last many years from terrorism, extremism and anarchy, therefore is looking for some type of noble and unique leadership who can take them forward and due to that reason Pakistani nation always try to stand behind any one who try to show them some light and hope, but many present leaders do not have that boldness and courage which was the characteristic of leaders like Jinnah and Zia and in the way of their struggle these leaders are forced and diverted towards personnel agenda, which Pakistani nation has seen in the form of winning of 75 % seats in the election of 1997 by PMLN, Long march for Chief Minister of Punjab and large Gathering of people by PTI leader are examples of desire of people of Pakistan to change present cruel, unjust and unfair system.

    Recent long march is example of same phenomena, that people of Pakistan want change but their leaders do not have that stamina, courage and commitment.

    Main reasons of failure of this march is that leaders of present day Pakistan are main beneficiary and protector and defenders of this system.

    Few months ago PMLN was running a movement GO ZARADRI GO, but it became totally quiet when the same slogan was used during this march.

    Same is the case of MQM which want to bring a change by breaking status co but ministries and other luxuries are more valuable.

    Same is the case of PTI which want to bring a change but only for the selfish lust of power, because the problems of the people of Pakistan are not the problem of these elite class leaders they are far away from people they do no want to loose their present status and privileges.

    It is very interesting and disgusting to note that the recent march which was started with the demand of removal of present government has ended with the praise of present government, by doing this organizers of this march has tried to take revenge and penalize those opposition parties who were morally bound to support this march but instead of that they avoided but in fact opposed this march, which is a proof that leaders are not committed and they first keep their personnel agenda and believe just on solo flight and do not have ability to work together and nothing good could be expected from such selfish , divided and coward leaders.