Raja Safdar and Raja Asad PMLN MNAs From Jehlum Join PPP

  • Dunya News Is reporting this right now.

  • Excellent news if true.

    It is a great victory for Sooonami.

  • Ye Live Press Conference in Geo News.

    4 setting PPP MNAs are joining PML-N in coming days!

  • Even if 400 PPP MNAs join PML-N, it will make no difference. Zero + zero = zero.

    When it is clear that Sooonami and its allies are going to win all 342 seats in National assembly, then it does not matter much who joins PML-N.

  • PMLN MNAs joining PPP

    and the most excited about this is PTI wale......Am i missing something?

  • raja afzal run bi election he lost by other canidate by 22000 votes,,,,so they think pml n not give ticket to them so they left pmln....

  • @ LHR

    PML-N is the only enemy of Pakistan and party of status-quo. It is therefore natural that any setback to PML-N and gain to a progressive party like PPP will be celebrated by other progressive force PTI.

    Afterall, it was the great Imran Khan himself who said that we can have an alliance with Zardari but not with Nawaz Sharif.

  • Yeh tu halat hai hamari pml se janey walo ke khushi pti aur ja ppp mai rahey hain its mean sb miley hain zardari se

  • Excellent news if true.

    Translation: Grapes are sour.

  • Scheduled Caste turning in to Barahimin? I mean why the they are joining PPP?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Raja saab is a big zero jatay jatay apni keemat lagwa gaay hahahahah, congratz to PMLN finally jehlum is no longer an issue interms of internal party politics. Wasay well played by raja jee :P

    Aur pti people instead of being happy you should be sad PMLN kay internal maslay jehlum main khatam ho gaay LOL.

    Raja joining PTI would have no benefits to raja nor PTI,

    NA 63 is confirm PMLN seat and raja in his wildest dreams would not have gotten the ticket from N so the best way for him was to sell himself to zardari and make some money while hes at it :)

  • یہ تو پرانی خبر ہے

    اس کے بارے میں نصرت جاوید اپنے کالم میں جہلم کے ضمنی انتخابات کے بعد اشارہ کر چکا ہے اور مسلم لیگ پر تنقید بھی کہ اس نے پرانے مسلم لیگی راجہ افضل کو بالکل نظر انداز کر دیا ہے


    سیاست کے سینے میں دل نہیں ہوتا والی مسکراہٹ کے ساتھ

    ف ج

  • پینڈو حرام خوری کرنے کے لئے پارٹی بدلتے رہتے ہیں بڑی بات نہیں

  • محترم روحیل تقی صاحب

    لالچ، حوس، طاقت، نہ مذہب دیکھتی ہے نہ، زبان، نہ قوم نہ فرقہ

  • Raja Afzal is an old Muslim leaguee. Paople of Jhelum voted from him in past despite his notoriety since he did help those who would approached him. However his sons who are now in politics have earned nothing but bad reputation and people of Jhelum were not happy with his sons.

    In the by elections, PMLN did not give ticket to Raja or his opponent Chouhdry Khadim to see who would win the public support. The people of Jhelum voted for Chohdry Khadim, who happens to be a person of much better repute. Raja family has been discarded by people of Jhelum and by PMLN and Raja Afzal has only his sons to blame for that. Raja ad his sons leaving PMLN do not affect the party in any way.

    I do hope that Furrukh Iltaf is not allowed to enter PMLN as he is a dacoit and don of first category and people of Jhelum despise him

  • Chaudhry Furrukh, rival of Raja Afzal seeking attention of PMLN, let see what PMLN does as:

    Chaudhry Furrukh, ex Distric Nazim brought by Gen. Musharraf.

    Chaudhry Furrukh is Son Chaudhry Altaf ex Governor Punjab who dissolved the Punjab Assembly and the cabinet led by Islami Jamhoori Ittehad (IJI) under political leadership of Nawaz Sharif and appointed Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo as caretaker Chief Minister Punjab

    What about Raja Asad the younger son, he continues his support to PMLN.

  • There is a long history .

    During 1996 when SS was appointed CM , Raja Afzal opposed that so SS was never happy with Raja Afzal . Perhaps Jhelum was the only district where PML N got all seats and they were looking for a ministry in 2008 collation but they were neglected . Funding was not provided for district . During last bye election there was no support by provincial government so ............................................