Maulana Tahir Ul Qadri summoned by Canadian Police for immigration fraud

  • Canadian Imposter Maulana Abdul Shakoor Qadri alias(al-maroof) Tahir Ul Qadri is summoned by Canadian police on 5th feb. They want him to explain that he had applied for assylum in Canada citing reason that his is life under threat from extremist in Pakistan because he had met Danish Cartoon Maker who had made offensive cartoons of Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon him) that were posted in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten so his(Qadri's ) life is under threat in Pakistan so he should be given Canadian Nationality. Qadri's son Hassan Mohiuddin Qadri also applied for assylum using same pretext,but after realizing that his case was weak,he withdrew his application..

    Police now wants to ask Qadri that if his life was really under threat in Pakistan then what is he now doing in Pakistan since last 30 days.


    Canadian authorities summon Qadri for violating oath


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  • Dealing with Police is no big deal for it is a norm for all crooks.

    However if he has to repay back the 'welfare benefits' which have been claimed for health reasons.....that might hurt!

  • If this news is true, which looks true, even then Qadri can not stay for long in Pakistan, because, on the point of his rendezvous with blasphamous cartoonist of Denmark he has a great threat of his elimination by any of Jehadist groups. If his citizenship of Canada is revoked he can apply any other wesern country. He can take another stand that he risked his life for "West's interests". This stand being so weak and westerns authorities being not that fool, I do not foresee anything like this trick, this time, would work. Maulana saheb, you are in a fix now. It is every possibility that now Western intelligence agencies would dig out from where he secured billions of dollar fund for his long march.

  • Or he could simply make his case strong by orchestrating a fake attack on himself just like he did back in 1990s..


    What a high court commission wrote about Dr Qadri


    ISLAMABAD: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri, the Pakistan Awami Tehrik’s leader who has all of a sudden appeared on the political scene to rescue the state, was in 1990 declared by the Lahore High Court a person of such a mental health who could manipulate and exploit anything for his political gains.

    An LHC Commission, while investigating the incident of an assassination attempt on Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri had written that Dr Qadri had engineered the so-called murder attempt on himself, which depicted his sick mental health.

    This commission’s report was not challenged anywhere, well placed sources in Punjab Law Department told The News.

    The Constitution, which was frequently quoted by Dr Qadri in his December 23 Speech, may also bar Dr Qadri from becoming member of the parliament for not fulfilling the criteria mentioned in article 62 (f) of the Constitution.

    Details reveal that Dr Qadri had alleged that an assassination attempt on him was made by the Punjab government on 21st April, 1990. The Punjab government on April 30, 1990 constituted a one-man commission to investigate the matter.

    Justice Akhtar Hassan while handing down findings of the commission wrote that learned judge of LHC Justice Fazal Karim has refused to continue as head of the commission because of the unjust and unwarranted criticism by Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri. The commission had mentioned that on July 9, 1990, when the Advocate General was cross questioning Dr Qadri, he (Qadri) boycotted the proceedings of the commission blaming that Justice Fazal Karim had made up his mind to give an anti-Qadri judgement.

    Justice Fazal Karim later on July 14, 1990 refused to be part of the commission. The government latter amended the notification and appointed Justice Akhtar Hassan as head of the one-man commission.

    Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri had tried to give an impression before the commission, before he boycotted it, that the Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Jamhoori Ittehad people had tried to kill him.

    One of the witnesses, Mufti Ghulam Sarwar Qadri had told the commission that Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri had delayed a Juma prayer for 45 minutes because General Zia-ul-Haq was expected to come in that mosque that day.

    Regarding details of the assassination attempt, the commission had pen downed that 20 shells of bullets were collected from the roof of the bathroom of Dr Qadri’s home, among which, ten shells were handed over to the police by Dr Qadri himself.

    While revealing the statement of one Malik Muhammad Ashraf, Superintendent of Police and in-charge Forensic Science Laboratory, the commission has mentioned that Qadri himself pin pointed the places where there were marks of bullets. Nineteen points were inside the house while three were on the outer walls of the house. Ashraf had told the commission that the marks outside the room of Dr Qadri were not of bullets. Ashraf had also brought the windowpane of Dr Qadri’s bedroom before the commission just to prove that the bullet mark on the pane was not of a real bullet and how it was different from an original mark because the glass had not broken into pieces and was in its original condition.

    The forensic experts had also declared that recovery of the bullet shells from the roof of bathroom of the house was technically wrong as the angle and distance from where they were fired did not match Dr Qadri’s claim.

    The Commission was also told that blood was also found on the roof of Qadri’s house and it span long through a line as if someone had tried to run away to the neighbour’s house. The Commission writes that the blood was not clotted and there were chemicals in it so that it could not dry, as was proven from the laboratory tests.

    The commission also wrote that the police acted hyper-actively to the incident while Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri did not cooperate with them. Dr Qadri also filed an application with the Federal Investigation Agency.

    The Advocate General apprised the Commission that Dr Qadri had exploited the political difference between IJI and Pakistan People’s Party. Dr Qadri had the support of such lawyers who were PPP loyalists and it was alleged before the Commission that Dr Qadri was in fact chosen to benefit PPP. The Commission didn’t conclude anything over these allegations but said that each of these allegations had some life in it.

    The Commission concluded that the firing incident on Dr Qadri’s house was concocted and damage to Dr Qadri was as result of his own activities.

    The Commission also mentioned that Dr Qadri was fond of dreaming and then explaining and exploiting those dreams specially mentioning the name of Holy Prophet (SAW). Exploiting dreams related to Holy Prophet (SAW) depicts the ailing mental condition of Dr Qadri, said the Commission, adding that anything can be expected from such a person.

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  • between..... Let us know when Canadian agencies gona arest him.....

  • Criminal gang apologists obviously can't figure out clear difference between Absconding terrorist and serial killer of thousands of people having head-money fleeing to Britian never ever to return back and some one who is expelled out on gun point by a tyrant dictator simply coz he just hate & detest him..who attempts to come back,fails,then again attempts & succeeds on second attempt and then eventually kick that tyrant dictator's arse out of the country..

  • دلالوں کے ساتھ ہمیشہ کتے والی ہوتی ہے


    وہ دھوبی کے کتے کی طرح نہ گھر کا رہتا ہے اور نہ گھاٹ کا

  • And no Canadian Qadri can't run to Saudi Arabia. So far he was flying under the radar but after his recently attained new found fame,I am sure Saudis too would go through his fake dreams & claims about Prophet Muhammed's(peace be upon him) visit to Pakistan while he plays host & take care of his(prophet's) lodging,food,transportation etc,his purported meetings with Imam Abu Hanifa,his meeting while he was under treatment with angel Azrael and Prophet Muhammed pleading to Azrael on his behalf..

    Nope,Simply no chance.. They love barring & beheading such heretics.

  • beheading will sort out the evil for good

  • We obviously don't want or wish him to be beheaded,Absconding British terrorist would loose an earnest partner,who like him is an imposter & knows very well how to exploit & play with emotions of innocent & gullible people. I was simply stating what Saudis like to do.. (People have clearly rejected him despite his preposterous religious claims and spending of billions of rupees,may he flee back to Canada safe & sound to save his nationality,he didn't moved an inch until his case was approved,moment he got Passport in his hand,he headed back to Pakistan.)

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  • This post is deleted!

  • So there was not "western power" behind Qadri... why else canadian will investigate his "Immigration issue".

    Some one from Canada may put some light on this story...In USA once you become Citizen or green card holder even if used

    political assylum there is no bar to visit your homeland.


    News is saying person in picture is "Bari" that mean No prove of his crime....btw person look like a "Bakkri" rather then Phari.

    what u think?

  • EXP

    I am no law expert but your assumption about freedom to visiting homeland is about right. But there are some complexities. One cannot hold office in their homeland or they will loose their nationality as was the case with Lord Conrad Black who lost his Canadian nationality after accepting British lordship. That might be the reason Qadri won't be interested in holding Pakistan PM or President positions.

  • @ex

    Yes u r right rules does not apply on Altaf's gang. They have license to kill issued by higher authorities.

    Baizat "Bari" in 100 murders............. I am speechless.

  • Babey "lordship" and " shikh ul islam " are two different things, in fact in Pakistan every other person is either

    "Shikh Ul Islam" or "Shikh ul shetan"

    Why the hell Canadian immigration will get worried about his visit to Pakistan and about his intention to be PM in pakistan well in advance.....?

    and what is Royal Canadian Mounted Police, dont you have some kind of Immigration department who take care of all previous and current immigration issues

    Man not only your medical care system but immigration system is so f**k up.

    No wonder you guys are not supper power.


    or may be news paper is "evening special type" what you think?

  • EXP

    Calm down saathi!

    Try to understand. Canadian government do not delve into individual matter unless someone complain. So there must be someone who knew him inside out and rat him out. Besides if he hasn't done anything wrong than he should Face RCMP. For your information, RCMP is the federal authority investigating crimes on federal and international levels. Immigration and citizenship canada has limited authority in these matters.

  • Let Pakistani leaders keep their children and assets abroad and go over there to enjoy time whenever things are not favourable in the country.

    Let stupid public of Pakistan suffer from problesms as a punishment for their stupidity.

  • he is the only one person in Pakistan who has done something against corrupted leaders.That is a great service, now collecting worms and insects in his personnel life is totally useless.