Tahir ul Qadri Spokesman says MQM chief Altaf Hussain lack patience,forbearance

  • Tahir ul Qadri Spokesman says MQM chief Altaf Hussain lack patience,forbearance longanimity. He shared his views about MQM's absconding chief while talking to Hamid Mir in his tv show "Capital Talk"

    Hamid Mir (HM): MQM is saying you should show some patience. Sometime they support your demands sometime they say that you should show patience,have you been able to understand their dual stance(duplicity).

    Umar Riaz Abassi (URA): If someone himself shows patience & then preach to me that I should show patience ,If Shah sb (sitting on his left - PMLN's Zafar Ali Shah) say that I should show some patience then I won't mind,BUT person who himself lack patience , forbearance , longanimity should not be preaching me about "showing patience".

    HM: Altaf hussain doesn't have patience?

    URA : I think YES.

    HM: Doesn't have?

    URA: Nope he doesn't have patience. I am telling you the truth.

    HM: See what an important statement he has made,Umar Riaz Abassi,Minhaj ul Quran's spokesman says Altaf Hussain lacks forbearance & patience .

    URA: (he repeats again) Am telling the truth.



  • Who listens to Hamid Charya Mir other than loser like yourself! BTW, since you are believer in him, where is his boyfriend Agha Waqar?

  • The famous killer Ajmal Pahari released from KHI jail.


    is this a part of deal between MQM and Zardari?

  • And i always think that Altaf hussain take too much time in taking decisions...


    are not you posting same story linke and words on every thread....why not just start a thread.

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  • True that Hamid Mir is a characterless anchor like most of the other anchors. Our media is full of such characteless persons.

  • I think hamid want him found in bori.

  • @d0ct0r

    I don't intend to defend Altaf. I know he is a crackpot.

    But I am beginning to realize that you are an idiot too.

    On another thread, you were criticizing Qadri because of his long march, and now you are quoting his spokesperson and have started a new thread based on his statement.

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  • wsheikh

    My stance about criminal mafia gang that's plaguing Karachi or about Canadian Pope wannabe Qadri haven't changed.Point I was trying to make here was that any group or party which has worked with this criminal mafia gang eventually find out and realizes that they are backstabbers.For Qadri group it took just 20 days(23 Dec ~ 13 Jan-Day of MQM's embarrassing & cowardly U turn) to recognize MQM's real face. Let me paste my comment made in an earlier thread relevant to this point.

    Criminal Mafia gang(MQM A) is basically at odds with Pashtuns,PPI,PPP,Baluchs,Sindhis,ANP,Sunni Tehreek,Shias,Sunnis,JI,Haqeeqi,Punjabis,Makranis,Jeya Sindh,Karachi Police,Rangers,Army,Lawyers,Media/Journalists Traders,Industrialists,shopkeepers etc.

    MQM is killing pathans

    MQM is killing Baluchis(Quetta,Pasheen,Chaman tea hotel owners,workers),

    MQM is killing gilgitis (These half brained MQMized unit terrorists have killed several gilgitis as well just because they have a fair complexion like Pathans.

    MQM have killed Afghani rag pickers,roti(bread) makers.

    MQM have killed punjabis.(A lawyer was gunned down near marriot road other day)

    MQM is killing sindhis(A sindhi was killed in a road side make shift hotel in Korangi industrial area on 30th April 09)

    MQM is killing Muhajirs.(Surprised? you shouldn’t be! MQM is a terrorist gang so it can kill everybody and anybody. All those who were burnt alive in Tahir Plaza after they were locked up by MQMized unit terrorists were muhajirs. Victim included a woman as well(Hawa ki beti).

    Bottom line is that MQM is a criminal gang of opportunists operated by absconding british psycho Altaf and it won’t shy away from mercilessly murdering anyone .

    Besides Karachi,its regularly sending dead bodies to all provinces of Pakistan.

    In short sooner or later face of this criminal mafia gang is eventually exposed.All the other segment of society & groups were already aware of their reality,for Qadri & Co it took just 20 days..

  • MQM is not the only criminal or terrorist organization in our filthy politics. All others are similarly criminal and terrorist by nature.

  • Al-Shams, Al-Badr, Peoples Guards, Pahktoon Zalme, MSF, Peoples Aman Committee, Sind Liberation Army, Al-Zulfikar, are the terrorist wings of the most popular political parties in Pakistan. The above names are just a few..to give you an idea of how each n every mainstream political pary of Pakistan has a thunder squad to protect its intrests and to crush and kill the opponents. Its visible by their names clearly who belongs to whom.

    Peoples Party, Muslim League, Jamat-e-Islami, Jiay Sindh, JUI, ANP, with no exception have created their own Karblas n Yazeedi lashkars.

    So why to blame only MQM???

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  • Terrorism and crimes of MQM are known to all,that obviously isn't an issue here,real issue here is that everyone who has worked or dealt with MQM eventually finds out sooner or later that they are backstabbing,power hungry opportunist with no moral,ethics and principles..

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