Film Autopsy (Review) of ZERO DARK THIRTY

  • What a piece of trash!

  • Kathryn Bigelow turned out to a CIA whore..

  • As you sow so shall you reap…jihad is a two way street apparently...

  • مسلمان ہر وہ کام کرتے ہيں جس سے مستقبل قريب ميں ان کو پھينٹی لگے-

  • A deception fed to the whole world, forced down the throat with the might of biggest military industrial power of this world. Based entirely on circumstantial evidence devoid of any impartial investigation and blocked to be scrutinized by independent authorities. Clumsy cover up and thousands of unquestioned answers later a rotten vomit of vile hatred is what this film is. It shows the ugly truth of dirty espionage and secret warfare trying to justify the inhuman acts in the name of self proclaimed nationalism or may be globalism. At least with communism they still considered Russians atleast humans. Average joe in that country of US of A is not concerned with what happens to the millions of innocent muslims around the world because of a lie. They are brain washed to sit infront of TV and receive their daily dosage of what ever lie/deceit is sold as truth to them. They will buy every thing because it has ZERO effect on their health.

  • I don't buy the conspiracy theories.

    Matt Taibbi's scathing review is worth reading.Americans by using torture under the guise of enhanced interrogation has brought herself down to the level of these terrorists.

  • "A more accurate movie about the torture program would have been a grotesque comedy that showed grown men resorting to puppet shows and dance routines and fourth-rate sexual indignities dreamed up after spending too much time reading spank mags and BDSM sites – and doing this thousands of times to thousands of people, all over the world, "accidentally" murdering hundreds of people in the process, going to war by mistake at least once as a result of it, and having no clue half the time who they're interrogating (less than 10 percent of "terror suspects" at places like Bagram were arrested by American forces; most of the rest were brought in by Afghanis or other foreigners in exchange for bounties).

    I mean, this is real Keystone Kops stuff, on a grand scale, only it had the minor side effect of destroying everything America purports to stand for, in addition to being comically stupid and ineffective.

    Zero Dark Thirty is like a gorgeously-rendered monument to the fatal political miscalculation we made during the Bush years. It's a cliché but it's true: Bin Laden wanted us to make this mistake. He wanted America to respond to him by throwing off our carefully-crafted blanket of global respectability to reveal a brutal, repressive hypocrite underneath. He wanted us to stop pretending that we're the country that handcuffs you and reads you your rights instead of extralegally drone-bombing you from the stratosphere, or putting one in your brain in an Egyptian basement somewhere.

  • Don't buy it , u r becoming part of endangered species anyway who believe in "official" truths. I wonder what will happen t u when truth will finally come out. I think a prescription of oliverstones untold history will be good for ur blocked brain waves, may there still is some intelligence there

  • I have no desire to engage in stupid arguments.

    Read the review by Taibbi and comment on the content of the movie.

  • It is ironic that when it comes to accuse others, we dont need slightest proof but just imagination and wishful thinking, but when "others" prove "our" "crimes", "we" need proof as bright as Sun but still willing to deny.

  • Movie is narrated from point of view of CIA operative working frantically to cover up the lie. May,s review covers only one aspect of the movie but conveniently neglects the basis of this whole genocide of innocent Muslims.

    Again my hope of finding sanity an objectivism n this bunch is shattered.

  • Muslims wanted jihad and they got it. Now they are crying over it. Next time be careful what you wish for.

  • "Muslims wanted jihad and they got it. Now they are crying over it. Next time be careful what you wish for."

    This is the most stupid idiotic thing I have read on this forum.

    Westerners, just like Muslims, have varying degree of understanding about this whole issue. There are people who would say, "we wanna kill all Muslims"; you would find them on the internet mostly. And then there are serious people.

    Between these two are the wannabe atheists/scientists/liberal/kalay-angairz/intellectuals good for nothing scumbags who have no contribution what so ever toward betterment of any society.

    P.S. posting youtube videos doesn't count as constructive.

  • The movie came on heels of impending humiliating defeat of US and NATO war criminals. Officially they are "withdrawing" in 2014. This is to deflect the American public view about the loss of thousands of soldiers and trillions of dollars. They are preparing the public to forget their colossol failure and loss. The situation is back to square one as it existed 12 years back when the combined might of so called civilized world pounced on a improvised poor country. Taliban will be back.

  • Wow!

    Before the cyber jehadis satarted twirling their mustaches or should I say Darhis, they should have read the article by Matt Taibbi.

    He wrote a scathing criticism of the movie and the torture policy of Bush administeration.

    The movie is misleading in depicting that torture helped CIA in finding Bin Laden.But the nutjobs here lose it as soon as they see the name of their beloved leader mentioned.

    My sympathies for their loss.


  • Whatever, the Zionist controlled Hollywood wouldn't make a movie especially a box hit if it does not promote their agenda. Matt Taibbi or whoever doesn't matter.

  • "....they should have read the article by Matt Taibbi.

    He wrote a scathing criticism of the movie and the torture policy of Bush administeration...."

    Who is Matt Taibbi? and why is his review important that we must read it before posting our "own" thoughts here.

    You talk like a slave my friend.