Dr.Qadri's L. March-Loses Not As Heavy In This Fraud As Were in 1977 or 2007

  • Dr. Qadri's long march also turned up to be another public fraud like those frauds of 1977 P.N.A. movement or 2007 lawyers movement. However, I appreciate that Dr.Qadri did not inflict as heavy losses as those of the P.N.A. movement or lawyers movement. The two cited fraud movements costed numerous lives and property damages worth of billions.

    Dr. Qadri's long march is another nail in the coffin of public hopes, however, there is a lesson for others to play effective frauds without heavy blood spill or heavy damage to public property. Playing public fraud without heavy damages is a good precedent set by Dr. Qadri.

    Unlike Dr. Qadri, the present Chief Justice is a real wicked person who has not delivered any goods to the public after his restoration following a movement worth of hundreds of lives and the property worth billions of rupees.