Prime Minister BB Netanyahu’s Re-election

  • According to exit polls on Israel’s Channel 2 Prime Minister BB Netanyahu won with big margin…what Netanyahu victory means? In my view

    1.Iran is going to be on top of the list

    2.Attack on Iran is just matter of time

    3.Pakistan is going to play a big role during IRAN kerfuffle

    4.During Iran kerfuffle a Pakistani government which can calm Pakistani public anger is needed

    5.Pakistan election 2013 results going to reflect that

  • Pak-Power

    Do you have any idea how it could develop? Do you really believe Irani forces will be drunk in those days when they decide to attack Iran? Further more, do you really believe that any forces will be willing to wipe out Iran? If they did so and achieved it, then please tell me how on earth will they be able to tell Saudis that Iran is an acute danger to them, in order to black mail Saudis politically?

    So please, don't try to come out with this kind of things.

    Pakistan is not and will never ever be any banana republic.


  • @Pak_Power

    "4.During Iran kerfuffle a Pakistani government which can calm Pakistani public anger is needed"

    Ideal situation for PML N,

    "Karagil Operation... PM ko nhi batya"

    "Karachi Operation....PM ko kyber nhi thi"

    "SC idea janab kon log tey"

    "Rymon Devis.....Sharifs were busy in UK"

    "Dingi virus issue..... Asi tey london they"

    "Musharaf's Martial law.... maaf kerdeo, hum chaley Saudia"

  • @Pak_Power Bhai

    I dont know your objective behind this thread and opening view:

    But do you really think US has option of military strike against Iran or US will allow Israel to attack on Iran and mess up the entire GCC.

    Issue over Iran is just a tool for US for handling Israel, Saudia, GCC countries and keeping Eurpeon away from Iranian oil and not establish ties between Iranian and Europeans.

    However, even this will happen what you think then


    What our army will do?

    What our government will do?

    What our politician will do?


    Forget all....

    What will be the future of Drone Attack? if election takes place and the dream of PMLN will come true.

  • Look guys I am not trying to spread hatred against any country out here....furthermore when I mention attack on Iran don’t read that as a full scale war with boots on the ground it means to wipe out Iran’s nuclear program with some kind of Air Attack combine with some undercover operation…..


    Burying head under sand won’t change anything…Yes indeed I can guess how it would develop Iranian forces are no match to Israel’s superior Air Power what are Iranians going to do? Fire their fajar missile at Israeli F-18 jets lol….you gotta be kidding me….Wake up…

    With all due respect sir Saudis want BB Netanyahu to do the job for them, Saudi plate is already full saudi’s won’t be out of the woods anytime soon….


    Pak_Power don’t tolerate RETARDED D0uchebags….if you don’t have anything sensible then take your pills on time and run along the road…

    @Bitter Truth Bahi

    I am not trying to belittle or spread hatred against Iran….as a keen observer of Israel’s establishment I thought We Pakistani’s are only focused on Afghanistan while International players have already settled Afghanistan matter and are cooking Iran.

    Obama Administration going to bow down to BB Netanyahu US have no choice but to give green light. bahi ji Plan is to kick Mullah’s out and put some secular Shah type in place…..

    Our Army will do what they always do dance on American tune…

    hard to say if our good friends Altaf bobby bahi and Zardari baba are still in power you can expect hollow actions some news buzz and that’s about it they will go along..But if PML(N) is on driving seat things can get really ugly if it would be just Nawaz Sherif it’s not hard to put him in his own shoes but PML(N) first and 2nd line leadership is extremely emotional and sadly Anti-Israel…they will make matters worse….All of Pakistan will be up in arms and media will be fanning the flames of Anti- Israel sentiment.

    PML(N) is very sensitive about public sentiment so if there is big brouhaha about Drone’s PML(N) going to follow what media would be saying….

  • @Pak_Power


    I thank you for reading my post and update me with your views.

    In your comment, I think, there is nothing for spreading hatred, you have given your views based on your information and facts.

    I do agree with you on main point like:

    "Plan is to kick Mullah’s out and put some secular Shah type in place….."

    Yes, its true but the choices you mentioned to implement such plan, I dont think its fruitful option for US.

    I mean military strike either by US or Israel will cost alot to US and his allies compare to its benefits what US have after changing regime in Iran.

    Considerring Hazbulla and Hamas and Iranian strategy and economical control over GCC it will be big mess up in entire region. India and russia and china are other factors who have their vested interest in Iran.

    If you read about GCC countries thier ruler might be agreed on US strik over Iran but the arab public sentiments are absolutly in favor of Iran against Israel. that give cuations to GCC rulers for their weaken position to rule the region if Israel take initiate to strike on Iran.

    For that reason GCC ruler urge on US itself to strike on Iran wihtout engaging Israel but US srike against Iran will unifies all Iranian across the world and 40 years efforts of US for building and strenghting secular oppisition against mulla will be simply wasted.

    I am may be wrong but based on my study while being student of Economic and Finance, Issue over Iran quite different as it looks in newspaper.

    The actual issue is not nuke but Iranian market and Iranian natural resource which in recent time out of reach from US and on other hand China, Russia and India are fully enjoying by maintaining diplomatic ties with Iran, Eurpeon was partially enjoying same prior economical sanction imposed by US and EU.

    What US wants?

    I think after squeezing iranian economy by imposing sanction US has brought Iranian Establishment (S-E-P-A-H) "remove the dash to read it clearly" on table for final dialog, and in recent time (S-E-P-A-H) has also decided to bring a reformist president in goverment. Iran has election in June 2013 and Ahmedinejad has completed his 2nd term then ofcourse the president would be changed.

    Again what are objective of US after changing regime? they will have a anti-mullah government in Iran who simiply does not have so much hate for US. In that case US is able to start 2nd diplamtic plan to secure its economical position in Iranian market and natural resources and remain one step forward from eurpeon. if US success to have economical ties with Iran then 3rd plan might be for blocking or breaking Iranian ties with Asian powers.

    Now pakistan's position either on government level or army level or public level, they take whatever position it will not impact anything if US plan to strike Iran by ignoring Eastern power (Russia, China and India). but this will not happened and before change come in pakistan, things will be changed in Iran.

    Its my personal observation, might be wrong...

    Let me say something on...


    PML(N) is very sensitive about public sentiment so if there is big brouhaha about Drone’s PML(N) going to follow what media would be saying….


    Brother taking position while being in oppistion is very much easy than while being in government.

    Without considerring fate of TUQ, we all have seen the at least 25K people at D-Chowk even they might be anti-democrate and might be anti-pakistan but no one can deny there were pakistani public with sentiment and, with due respect, we have observed the comments of PMLN leadership about public sentiment.

    Once again thanks for reading and replying, I appreciate.