• Yes, we have to endeavor ourselves for how to save Karachi in order to save Pakistan. That should be the key issue of every single national debate.

    Since I'm from Karachi, so I know how I feel when it comes to Karachi's problems. I think all problems of Karachi are deeply embedded in the ocean of hatred created by money and power greedy elements of Pakistan.

    The fact is that such elements invested all their energies and resources in growing the problems instead of uprooting them. They have always used the most effective weapon of divide and rule in the name of religion, language, cast, bradri, subayiat, lissanyat etc. etc. to keep the nation divided.

    Now let's try to find out the remedy to such realities.

    You see, everybody knows his own household better and only the only he should be responsible to put it right. Can you imagine some Karachi Walas go to Lahore and tell Sharif Bradran what and how to do in Lahore, and that Lahoris should be ousted from every important jobs in Lahore and fill it up by Karachi boys with the intention that the city of Lahore becomes eventually a domain of Karachi walas? So what do you think how these two brothers are going to feel about it? Obviously not very good. Most probably they would say, and rightly so, that "Go to your Karachi, and leave us alone, we know how to run our Lahore by ourselves and we don't need your help." This is exactly the crime committed by Punjab's sons of soil against the rest of Pakistan. And this is the only problem causing all problems in Pakistan, specially in Karachi. Now it's not only Panjab, but also the sons of soil of Sindh too who have started to play this smart game in Karachi. Also the leaders of Pushtoons are trying hard to become stake holder of Karachi. They all are using Karachi for becoming a strong power and money stake holder. They believe Karachi is a gold mine. But it's so true that Karachi is indeed the key city to all Pakistan. But also this is true that Karachi cannot be run by anybody else than by Karachiates themselves. As long they do not achieve the right to rule their own city the city will never come to peace, and so won't Pakistan.

    Karachi walas did prove already that there was no proble and no crime while they held their city into their hands. So why can't they be allowed now? But we know it will not be allowed. But we also know that Karachi will remain totally paralyzed as long not allowed to be run by MQM with total powers. In extreme case a civil war will decide the destiny of Karachi and Pakistan. Intelligent people resolve their matters by themselves. Otherwise my enemy's enemy becomes my best friend. Is it really so difficult to understand all this???

    Allah is my witness that I have written all this as a true, loyal and faithful Pakistani, and not as a Karachiate.

    Allah Pakistan ka nigehnan rahai. Amin