Tax evasion: The case of Sohail Ahmed (Azizi)

  • Does that mean, Azizi does not ride 50cc Honda:)

    These pathological liars are disgusting, especially Hamid Mir is a certified crook. Hell with these B A S T A R D S.

  • I would not take this Phopho Kutnee's Name else Admin will delete my post.

    @Rizwan Qaimkhani bhai

    I would just support your comment, he (phopoo kutni) deseves more worst titles than you used for him.

  • Very interesting. The media watched dogs are being watched. I won't be surprised if all of them will have this sort of hanky-panky.

    As far as Hasb e Haal is concerned, lately I have been watching Aftab Iqbal's Khabar Naak during Cardio. I find it very amusing it much better than Hasb e Haal. I applaud him for putting togetherafter Hasb e Haal another classic show. I understand there is little to much Punjabi in the show which 'd be an issue for those who don't understand Punjabi very well. But I am thoroughly enjoying it.

  • I am surprised to see Sohail Ahmed's Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number (if it is real) in the report. Other countries have stopped the public access of such information some 25 years ago. As a matter of fact, privacy laws have been written to protect the Identity after a wave of fraud and abuse.

    I assume such numbers could be used for voter fraud and forging land deeds (which are very common in Pakistan) let alone the exhilarating imagination of Pakistani hackers and virus writers.

    “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself. ”

  • Imagine Pakistan where every body get worried and line up to file tax before due date???

  • expakistani Bhai

    How are you?

    Yes, you are right, it'll be so interesting every thief lined up to file tax and tax return before due date. I think they are already shushing in their big pantis. HAhahaha.

  • In a country, where 70% of the law-makers(members of the parliament) don't file any tax return, it is not very surprising to find journalists trying to evade taxes.

    I would imagine the salaried people have to pay some taxes through their payroll deductions by the employer.

    We should be mindful of the fact that the agencies will soon start a witch-hunt against the news media.