Synthetic double-helix faithfully stores Shakespeare's sonnets

  • A team of scientists has produced a truly concise anthology of verse by encoding all 154 of Shakespeare’s sonnets in DNA. The researchers say that their technique could easily be scaled up to store all of the data in the world.

  • It is pretty expensive right now but in a decade we will be able to store all the data available i,e all the knowledge learned by humans can stored on something the size of a granola-bar.

    Just mind boggling!

    Shall I Encode Thee In DNA? Sonnets Stored On Double Helix

  • Ironic! intelligent humans now trying to write data onto DNA.

    Atheists, when given the example of the humongous amount of genetic code in the DNA, they reject it as a sign of intelligence and attribute it to random chance.

  • What a shame! - The Divine Creator forgot to encode his message in DNA.It would have prevented any misinformation and spared the humanity of thousands of religions and the malicious sects within these cults.


  • The Divine Creator forgot to encode his message in DNA

    You don't need DNA to know everything. Demagh bhi dia he sochnay kay liyay.

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  • Synthetic DNA copies (sequences, transcription, translation, replication etc.) is quite a new thing for me. It is like jumping from molecular biology to industrial biology (industrial nonbio-technology was not part of my major during my academic career). After reading the article I could only understand that the biological behavior of DNA to cause million of copies of the same called RNA. The alleles (double helix DNA codes have two pairs of proteins viz. a – t and c – g with different sequence from one animal to another that makes the identity of one individual to another animal body of the same specie. The quite amazingly the short tandem receipts (STR) can be replicated in millions through many processes of DNA engineering. But how this biological process can be used in synthetic replication is quite a new thing for me. There is always room for better today from good yesterday is the name of the game in scientific research.

    What I have understood from the article which you have provided Zia sahib. Nick Goldman of European Bioinformatics Institute, have bifurcated the double helix of DNA to single helix to make it non-biological to make it synthetic fibre while the enormous replication process of DNA remains in tact. How was it possible, no details have been given, because if a DNA is broken down artificially, it loses its properties. George Church of Harvard Medical School, Boston, has said “if its true, it’s a great breakthrough, in copying and recording. Not only it is manifold cost saving but also time saving.

    Nick Goldman has given the name of “synthetic DNA” having the series as Zero and One, while in molecular biology the sequence code of paired proteins of a/t and c/g are named as A and B pairs in a STR.

    I am trying to get more information how it was made possible, but if it is as true as précised, it is really a major break through. Thanks Zia sahib one more time for inviting us in this new major breakthrough. On getting some more details I will revert to this subject.

  • Imtiaz Sb,

    You are very wise and lucky to have chosen Micro-biology as a field of your studies.The future of Medicine and now it seems even technology may belong to advances in genetics.

  • How to turn living cells into computers

    Genetic system performs logic operations and stores data in DNA.

    Roland Pease

    13 February 2013

    Synthetic DNA can perform logic operations such as “NAND” and give out the answer by lighting up the cell with green fluorescent protein, or GFP.

    Synthetic biologists have developed DNA modules that perform logic operations in living cells. These ‘genetic circuits’ could be used to track key moments in a cell’s life or, at the flick of a chemical switch, change a cell’s fate, the researchers say. Their results are described this week in Nature Biotechnology1.

    Synthetic biology seeks to bring concepts from electronic engineering to cell biology, treating gene functions as components in a circuit. To that end, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge have devised a set of simple genetic modules that respond to inputs much like the Boolean logic gates used in computers.

    “These developments will more readily enable one to create programmable cells with decision-making capabilities for a variety of applications,” says James Collins, a synthetic biologist at Boston University in Massachusetts who was not involved in the study.