Does this Look Like Southern Punjab Province?

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    The Southern Punjab Bahawalpur province proposed by the ruling coalition of PPP, PMLQ, MQM and ANP looks more like Southern Northern Western Mianwali Bahawalpur province.

    Unfortunately, the parties like MQM and ANP, who never had any electoral representation from Punjab, are now proposing this division to please their allies. Even the recent surveys have shown that both PPP and PMLQ have totally lost their support from the people of Punjab due to their performance in the past 5 years.

    Mianwali is one of the northern most districts in Punjab, yet the ruling coalition wants to name it as "Southern Punjab". The two barrages, Jinnah and Chashma barrages along with Chashma Nuclear power plant are located in Mianwali, which is probably the reason the ruling coalition sees the northern district as part of southern Punjab.

    The people of Mianwali have called for shutter-down protest on Monday against this decision by the ruling coalition led by Pakistan Peoples Party.










  • I guess with Mianwali "in", an effort has been made to include Khan sahib's PTI also.

  • Why not via referendum Govt of pakistan ask people from highlighted areas to decide if they like to join southern punjab or like to stay with north punjab.

  • Unfortunately, the parties like MQM and ANP, who never had any electoral representation from Punjab, are now proposing this division to please their allies.

    Same thing can be said about Karachi and Sindh. PML-N has no electoral representation in Karachi then why do they interfere in Karachi politics.

  • At least they could come up with a more palatable name.


  • حکومت نے پینترہ بدل لیا

    پہلے کہا گیا تھا کہ صوبے کا دارالحکومت بہاولپور ہوگا اور وزیر اعلی اور گورنر بہالپور ہی بیٹھیں گے

    اور اب سب کچھ صوبے کی بننے والی اگلی اسمبلی پر چھوڑا جا رہا ہے

    اسکا مطلب یہ ہے کہ یہ سارا ڈرامہ صرف الیکشن تک محدود ہے

  • @Bawa

    what is "subah punjand".... something in your news clip?

    Any one, what would be source of income for this

    new "Bhalwapur south punjab" province... ? Do they have good agriculture land? water resources?

    Thanks for educating me in this...

  • Dear Xpakistani

    Sorry to say you wrote a lot on this forum but surprisingly don't know geographically Pakistan.

    This area have very fertile land(from khaniwal to Rahimyar Khan), mountain in DG khan and Rajanpur and desert in Bhakar (part of thal) and Cholistan in Bhawalpur and Bhawalnagar.

    Panjnad is one of biggest head works where River Sindh and Chenab combine.

    This is good name and fully support it, one is Punjab and one Punjnad.

    But i have reservation on Mianwali and Bhakar as south province. These are either north or west of punjab never be in south.

  • @tahirnaseem

    Asking question is first step towards learning... and i have no shame accepting that i need more education on many other topics / issues.... Thanks for educating me.

  • I don't see a problem Mianwalli being part of Southern Punjab province. And boundaries can be re-drawn if we can first develop concensus on need of a province in southern Punjab.

    From wikipedia ...

    The Saraiki people (Saraiki: سرائیکی) are an ethnic or linguistic group native to South Punjab,North Sindh, South Kyber pakhtunkha KPK and North east Baluchistan Province of Pakistan. The "Siraiki speaking belt" consists of districts of Bahawalpur, Multan, Lodhran ,Rahim Yar Khan, Rajanpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, Muzaffargarh, Layyah, Dera Ismail Khan, Tank, Laki Marwat Sukkur, Larkana, Dadu, Kashmor, Shikarpur, Ghotki, Qambar Shahdad kot, Jacobabad, Khairpur, Naushehro Feroze, Barkhan, Jafferabad, Jhalmagsi, Naseerabad, Musa khel and Sibi. A significant number of Saraiki speaking people also reside in India, with most concentrated in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Maharashtra and Gujarat.[1] The Saraiki speaking people follow many religions, among them mostly Islam but also some are Hindu. Many Siraiki speaking Hindus living in these areas migrated to India after the Subcontinental India divided into the modern day India and Pakistan in August 1947.

  • Now my next question, As of now do you see south punjab financially independent or it is dependent on north? or north dependents on south?

    What is harm if Mianwali falls in South Punjab, keeping in mind I/we not thinking of Serkiki Subah ( which is ethnic issue ) but south Punjab or southern corner type. Will this impact Northern area of Punjab ?

  • I am not sure why PMLN s opposed to Saraiki province. May be they think it will deplete their power or something.

  • and i am subah gona be another Masjid in Pakistan...without much research done

    "Masjid To Bana Di Shab Bhar Mein Iman Ki Hararat Walon Ne

    Mann Apna Purana Papi Hai, Barsoun Mein Namazi Ban Na Saka"

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    Carving more provinces from Punjab was first discuss on pkpolitics in December 2007 (probabally the first time ever on the Net). Most people rejected the idea at that time.–-will-cool-down-deprived-provinces

  • اگر نئے صوبے اس لئے بنانے ہیں کہ لوگوں کو اپنے مسائل کے حل کیلئے دور دراز کا سفر نا کرنا پڑے تو کیا کوئی پی پی پی کا عقلمند بتائے گا کہ میانوالی اور بھکر کا فاصلہ لاہور سے کتنا ہے اور بہاول پور سے کتنا

    میاںوالی اور بھکر کو اس مجوزہ صوبے میں شامل کرنے کا مقصد سوائے لچ تلنے اور دودھ میں مینگنیاں کے اور کچھ نہیں ہے

    میرے خیال میں تو پنجاب کے مندرجہ ذیل صوبے بنا دینے چاہئے

    صوبہ لاہور

    وسطی پنجاب

    بہاول پور

    سرائیکی صوبہ

    پوٹھو ہار

    اور پھر بات خیبر پختون خواہ ، سندھ اور بلوچستان کے مزید صوبے بننے تک جائے گی اور صوبہ ہزارہ ، شمالی بلوچستان ( یعنی جنوبی پشتون خواہ ) صوبہ کراچی و حیدر آباد، شمالی سندھ اور جنوبی سندھ کو بننے سے کوئی نہیں روک سکے گا

    ف ج

  • Personally I feel it should go this way;

    A) Punjab should be split into three provinces;

    1. Sooba Pothwar with Jehlum as capital so Jehlum and in and around can benefit.

    2. Siraiki Sooba with Bahawalpur as capital so it and in and around can benefit.

    3. Punjab: This can further be divided into East and West Punjab if needed.

    B) Rawalpindi and Islamabad are practically one urban area now so no point treating them separately under separate urban planning, and Hazara are not happy with Pakhtoonkhawa; so Rawalpindi, Islamabad/Federal area and Hazara should be joined into Federal District of Islamabad and Hazara. There is great potential to turn this area into a modern metropolis for everyone’s benefit.

    C) Tribal areas should be turned into Western Pakhtoonkhawa.

    Northern Baluchistan with major Pakhtoon population should be turned into Southern Pakhtoonkhawa.

    PS: There is no harm in making provinces on ethnic grounds. This is just Punjabi trick to discourage others from attaining their identity, dignity and self-respect while Punjabis themselves will happily enforce their ethnic name Punjab over both Siraikis and Pothwaris shamelessly. This is what Punjabis always do; blame others of what they are actually doing themselves in reality. Hypocrites as usual.

  • Thanks admin to provide such a good map. Does not make any sense to include Mianwali and Bhakkar in this new province. Khan sahib is against including Mianwali into new BJP province and so are Mianwali people. I think people had a protest in Mianwali city against the inclusion of Mianwali in BJP province. There are so many things to do for new provinces like boundaries, award of federal shares, water allocation, provincial and federal number of seats and boundaries that the best thing is to leave this to new government. PPP is doing this only for political things and now they themselves have messed up things as there are many different voices in PPP and coalition partners about new provinces in Punjab.

  • @ Yahya,

    A positive suggestion and could be modified with little improvements or changes.

  • I dont see any new province, It will end as an unfinish business.

    It will remain uncomplete till election and then PPP and PMLQ has good notes for election campainge against PMLN.

    PMLN could have supported the commission plan, but the geography of new province is architected in such manner that it can not be accepted by PMLN and this only the objective of PPP and PMLQ.

    About MQM, They always say it should be done as per the will of people not only in south punjab also in hazara. however they also want some good in their book if something good happen if not then also they have something to condemn bigger force in future.

    Its claver move by Zardari, and tough time for PMLN to reject or accept it, You see Ch. Nisar, who never thinks before speaking, but speaking very carefully in this regards.

    MQM concern for south punjab has reason as thier votes in Central Punjab are in double digit() but in south punjab in most constituencies it is in triple digits