"Takht-e-Lahore " worried about karachi

  • Didnt Tahir Ul Qadri asked for free and indepdent ECP... and this stupid Sharif make a fuse about TUQ

    Now look what he is saying..........

    ECP not being allowed to play effective role in Karachi.

    How many seats he got from Sindh in last free and fair elections???


  • He got more than 75% seats in Sindh in elections 97 held under PPP president Laghari

  • Such processing for new provinces should be done by the personalities of these new provinces like for Bahawalpur by MNAs and MPAs of Bahawalpur.Similarly for South Punjab by Imran Khan,Gillani and Qureshi and For Karachi by Iltaf Hussain and Zardari.

    Midwifery by Farhatullah and Dr Farooq Satar in South Punjab province is for which purpose whether they are there to include Seraiki Speaking Bannu of KP and Seraiki Speaking areas of Sindh in this new province.

    Are the people and leaders of these provinces can not handle their affairs and matters themselves.

    In view of past experience of objection on arrival of Mr Nawaz Shareef in Sindh and Imran Khan in Karcahi, such interference can have adverse reaction.

  • M AKRAM NIAZI sahib

    "He got more than 75% seats in Sindh in elections 97 held under PPP president Laghari"

    Is it true.....would you please post some link,

    btw, in 97 Laghari was not part of PPP... he was let go for dissolving BB's govt.

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    NA-151 Sukkur-I Syed Khurshed Ahmed Shah PPP

    NA-152 Sukkur- cum-Ghotki Mr. Ali Muhammad Khan Mahar PPP

    NA-153 Ghotki Mr. Khalid Ahmed Khan Lund PPP

    NA-154 Shikarpur-I Mr. Aftab Shahban Mirani PPP

    NA-155 Shikarpur-II Mr. Ghaus Bux Khan Maher PML (N)

    NA-156 Jacobabad- I Mr. Illahi Bukhsh Soomro Speaker National Assembly

    PML (N)

    NA-157 Jacobabad- II Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani PPP (SB)

    NA-158 Naushehro Feroze- I Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Khan Jatoi NPP

    NA-159 Naushehro- II Mr. Asghar Ali Shah PML (N)

    NA-160 Nawabshah- I Syed Shaukat Hussain Shah PML (N)

    NA-161 Nawabshah- II Syed Shabbir Ahmad shah PML (N)

    NA-162 Khairpur Justice (Retd) Syed Ghous Ali Shah PML (N).

    NA-163 Khairpur- cum-Sukkur Pir Syed Fazal Ali Shah Jillani PPP

    NA-164 Larkana-I Begum Nusrat Bhutto PPP.

    NA-165 Larkana-II Mr. Shabir Ahmed Khan Chandio PPP

    NA-166 Larkana-III Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto PPP

    NA-167 Hyderabad- I Makhdoom Muhammad Amin Faheem PPP

    NA-168 Hyderabad- II Mr. Tariq jawaid HPG.

    NA-169 Hyderabad- III Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui HPG.

    NA-170 Hyderabad- IV Syed Naveed Qamar PPP.

    NA-171 Hyderabad- V Vacant

    NA-172 Badin-I Mr. Abdul Sattar Leghari PPP.

    NA-173 Badin-II Dr. Fahmida Mirza PPP

    NA-174 Mirpurkhas Pir Aftab Hussain Shah Jilani PPP

    NA-175 Mirpurkhas- cum- Umerkot Pir Noor Muhammad Shah Jillani PML (N)

    NA-176 Tharparkar Dr. Arbab Ghulam Rahim IND

    NA-177 Dadu-I Vacant

    NA-178 Dadu-II Haji Muhammad Bux Jamali PPP

    NA-179 Dadu-III Mr. Abdul Hamid Jatoi PML (N)

    NA-180 Sanghar-I Haji Peer Bakhsh Junejo IND

    NA-181 Sanghar-II Jam Mashooq Ali IND

    NA-182 Thatta-I Baboo Ghulam Hussain PPP

    NA-183 Thatta-II Syed Shafqat Hussain Shah Sheerazi PPP

    NA-184 Karachi (West)-I Mian Ejaz Shafi PML (N)

    NA-185 Karachi (West)-II Prof. A.K. Shams HPG

    NA-186 Karachi Central-I Kunwar Khalid Yunus HPG

    NA-187 Karachi Central-II Mr. Muhammad Farooq Ahmad HPG

    NA-188 Karachi Central-III Mr . Hasan Musanna Alvi HPG

    NA-189 Karachi South-I Waja Ahmed Karim Dad Baloch PPP

    NA-190 Karachi South-II Vacant

    NA-191 Karachi South-III Capt. Haleem Ahmed Siddiqui PML (N)

    NA-192 Karachi East- I Mr. Ajaz Mahmood HPG

    NA-193 Karachi East-II Dr. Nishat Mallick HPG

    NA-194 Karachi East-III Mr. Muhammad Arif Khan Advocate HPG

    NA-195 Karachi East- IV Shaikh Liaquat Hussain HPG

    NA-196 Karachi East- V Mr. Muhammad Farukh Naeem Siddiqui HPG

    (Source: http://www.na.gov.pk/uploads/former-members/11th National Assembly.pdf)

    Total No. of seats: 46

    Total No. occupied by PMLN: 10

    PMLN Occupied seats (%): 21.7%

    75% means: 34.5%

    Mr. Akram

    Stop making the false claim. I am sure you have problem recognizing the difference between your mouth and your tail pipe because this claim hasn't come from your mouth.

  • Very bad Rizwan, maybe he had the same list .. just dint know how to calculate percentage. You should help him.

  • @Rizwan Qaimkhani

    Smashing by Bashing with Dashing.

  • @expakistani bhai

    You remmeber my 2nd post under thread you started for **Karachi delimitation not possible: CEC


    Next you will see Ch. Nisar and Pervez Rasheed and then voices of forum members against CEC and EC.

  • I think he is counting MQM seats as well ...

  • In the above circumstances, how many seats did MQM won from punjab to take leading role in division of Punjab?

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  • MQM is not leading role... MQM is supporting this bill. PPP and PML Q are leading parties.

  • expakistani

    R u sure MQM is not playing leading role in division of Punjab. Your statement contradicts the statement made by the leader of a party called as MQM which wants Punjab division as MQM has won many seats from Janoobi Punjab in previous elections (LOL). Just read the following news.

    "Farooq said that MQM chief, Altaf Hussain was the first leader who raised voice for the creation of Janoobi Punjab province while addressing a public meeting in Multan and his party tabled a bill in the parliament on February 2012 for the creation of a new province".

    Source: http://www.nation.com.pk/pakistan-news-newspaper-daily-english-online/lahore/28-Jan-2013/mqm-pushes-for-janoobi-punjab-province

  • Lead role is from PPP they have more power and seats + PML N and Qs. MQM is passing support to local people and thats most they can do. If Punjab division need to work out, PPP and PML (A- Z) need to be serious and lead. All others have supporting roles.

    MQM have supported Hazara issue, but do you think MQM can lead in this issue without any support from others?

    Only place where MQM can do "dharna" and lead from front when it come for Sindh... they will be the main player there but look like they are not thinking at this moment which is defiantly a wrong thing.

  • @expakistani

    Don't be hypocrite. Based on one of the statement of NS, you have started this thread by labeling it Takht-e-Lahore " worried about karachi by giving the logic that How many seats NS got from Sindh in last free and fair elections??? But now you are trying to justify the stance of MQM in the division of Punjab by some lame excuses. Therefore based on your own logic, I have two questions to you

    1- Why London based Takht-e-Nine Zero worried about Janoobi Punjab

    2- How many seats Altaf got from Punjab in last free and fair elections???

  • Do you see MQM doing dharna or long march or any such sort to pressurize fed government to create south punjab / divide Punjab? They took the bill to National Assembly and give their 2 cents. Same will can be done by PML N regarding Hazara or karachi province.... but they cant put presure tactics since they have no ground and support there

    Regarding my post , it is about

    "ECP not being allowed to play effective role in Karachi"

    When TUQ asked for Free and independent body / ECP many including PML N made jokes about " Canadaian baba",

    Why cant PML N ask for Strong, free and independent ECP for PAKISTAN with effective role. Implementation of Article 62 and 63 with proper way....

    May be strong ECP can cause trouble for many in PPP and PML ranks? Otherwise i am all in support of Effective ECP not only in Karachi but in entire pakistan.

  • expakistani

    would mind reminding us who initiated the resolution of dividing Punjab in NA, and that was even before the same was discussed or approved from the Punjab Assembly...

    i think you as usual is distorting facts here....

    Yesterday, MQM was on televiosn, Farooq Sattar was trying to take the credit of dividing Punjab... and what mandate does he or his party have to divide Punjab???

  • PPP is playing politics in the name of a separate province in the Southern Punjab. They know the frustration of people of southern punjab so they want to encash it in the next election by creating a soft corner in this region's masses.

    As far as the issue of separate province is concerned, it is a long long road to reach the goal.

  • MQM can take credit for what they have done in parliament...they have no resources and support on the ground work to start any kind of street protest, pressure tactics, agitation in south Punjab...and they should stick to parliamentary process rather then gathering people in Bhawalpur.