New Province - Bahawalpur South Punjab

  • This is indeed great news as spadework is being done for new province in South Punjab. Soon a new Province will appear on Pakistan's national map. This should be the beginning of more new Provinces throughout Pakistan.

    Pakistan need new provinces to provide better facilities/public infrastructure/local governance to its public and creation of new provinces will be widely welcome by general public.

    Hazara and Karachi should be next regions for new provinces.

  • well it south punjab or bhawalpur... I dont like name "Bahawalpur South Punjab "

    sounds like some indian got name " Ram Muhmmad david".

    All other is good, i like the idea of administrative division of all.... name them Sindh A B C D or Punjab CHOTA BARA Darmyana.

  • Are the people and leaders of these provinces can not handle their affairs and matters themselves.

  • Such processing for new provinces should be done by the personalities of these new provinces like for Bahawalpur by MNAs and MPAs of Bahawalpur.Similarly for South Punjab by Imran Khan,Gillani and Qureshi and For Karachi by Iltaf Hussain and Zardari.

    Midwifery by Farhatullah and Dr Farooq Satar in South Punjab province is for which purpose whether they are there to include Seraiki Speaking Bannu of KP and Seraiki Speaking areas of Sindh in this new province.