South Africa v Pakistan 2013

  • All you can talk about cricket and may be sports but no pakistani politics and religion type stuff.

    Pakistan test team

    Pakistan test team looks good, except we are short of one fast bowler... also i am not sure if 7'1 Irfan can handle 5 day matches.... he fitness level seem like not good. team has done good enough in 3 day practice game, good to see

    wicket keeper making 93 runs... so i hope its end the future of Akmals for sometime.

    New guy in team Ehasan adil... i hope he will get chance in SA.

  • Expakistani sahi

    South Africa has a solid batting line and a solid bowling line up. i think we can compete strongly in bowling but our batting remains our Achilles heel like always.

    Amla, Kallis, Smith, Faf du Plessis, De Villiers are very solid

    Steyn, Morkel and Philander are strong bowlers.

    I think if our batting puts up a solid show, we could give a tough fight to South Africa. Else the result of South Africa-new Zealand series could be repeated.

  • Agree with you... in South Africa even to get a respectable draw our batting line up need to click. I am looking fwd how our two new guns Asad Shafiq and Azhar Ali will do against big names.

    btw per cricketinfo, we have two new fast bowlers added in team....

  • we have two new fast bowlers added in team....

    Yes now we have 3 rookies, one aging fast bowler, one emerging fast bowler. Dont know how to classify Umer Gul.

    Ashar, Asad and Younis have not scored well in the 4 day match though the openers have done well. Historically our openers have never been solid. Lets see what Hafeez and Nasir Jamshed combo performs.

  • Pakistan need at least 2 wickets to have a good start on second day...?

  • Unless Muhammad Irfan is unfit, I do not understand why he was not given a chance today. He was our surprise package and may get couple of good wickets on such a lively and bouncy track. I don't know Rahat Ali but team management decision of putting Irfan (If fit) is to me a poor choice.

  • Pakistan have cleaned up SA for 253 and now it is up to batsmen to get at least a 100 runs lead. Great work by bowlers despite saeed Ajmal was wicketless but Haffez got four and a runout in his over as well. Variety in Pakistan bowling is paying price as five wickets are taken by other than main bowlers (Haffez and Younas). Hafeez is becoming one of the finest all rounder of the world in all three formats, such a gifted player.

  • Hamaray dus bhallay na out karain .. 4 kar lain par Misbah ko do baarian de dain. na rote huay ground say gaey ye paanchwain din phir kehna

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  • ^^

    LOL .. khoon nikaal dega yaqeen karain :P

  • tsunami and Blacksheep brother we need tuk tuk in south Africa as to stay on wicket is only issue.

    روتے ہوۓ تو وہ انشا الله مصباح کو ایک باری دے کر بھی جاییں گے بس Hai کرو ایک دو اور بھی چل جاییں دوسرہ اینڈ بھی تو سمبھالنا Dua

  • I messed up Urdu " Rotay howay to woh Misbah ko Aik bari day kar bhi janyengay bus dua karo humarey aik do aur players bhi chal gayen akhir ko dosrah end bhi to sambanah hai.

    Misbah par tuk tuk ki do char aur phonkon ke saath

  • My fav comment of the day on cricinfo ...

    "No Pun Intended. Pakistan need 54 runs to avoid follow on."


  • LOL .. khoon nikaal dega yaqeen karain :P

    ویسے مذاق سے قطع نظر ستانوے اٹھانوے کے جنوبی افریقہ کے دورے میں اظہر محمود نے ایلن ڈونلڈ کو باقاعدہ رونے پر مجبور کردیا تھا۔۔۔۔۔۔ اظہر محمود کی وہ اننگز ٹیسٹ کرکٹ کی تاریخ کی دس بہترین اننگز میں شمار ہوتی ہے۔۔۔۔۔۔

  • I am not sure if Tuk Tok will be enough. I think Umar Akmal should have been in side in place of Asad Shafiq or Azhar Ali. You need to counter attack. No team will be able to score 500 or perhaps even 400 in test innings. 50 of 75 balls is much better than 50 of 200 balls in SA. In these conditions and with bowling attack both sides have and DRS it will be very difficult for any batsmen, especially from Pakistan, to hang around for 200 balls. You need some one who can do the counter attack. In present side Hafeez and Younus can do that but I think Umar Akmal should have been there. He is the best talent we have, though little in consistent.

  • Between, Im a big fan of Misbah and am usually one of the very few supporting him when things arent going his way.

    Hes the best thing that has happened to Pakistan cricket in the past 5 years.

  • why didnt they give chance to Anwer Ali - hero under-19 final of 2006

    junaid played that match too

    very unfortunate to see players like rahat ali and imran farhet to keep getting repeated chances because of their blood relations whereas a natural talent like anwer ali is being wasted

  • @rrb

    Anwar Ali is not part of line up brother, I was expecting Irfan will get a chance as he was our surprise package. Anyway bowlers have done the job now it is up to batsmen to get good score and have at least 100 runs lead. Last bating will be difficult and any target of 250+ is hard to achieve in 4th inning (unless wicket eases up too much and looses the bounce as well).

  • This going to be a classic test match, if we end up posting 100 + lead in two days...(we must need to bat 2 days; Ajmal will make SAfrican dance on this pitch on 3rd and 4th day.

    Good team effort by guys, amazing fielding and captain ship...

  • First four by Hafeez in Philander's over was just the trailer of the movie he will show today, InshAllah. Prof's confidence must be skyrocketing after the four wicket haul. I wish Nasir Jamshed carries on the form from India and th side match. He could have been dismissed yesterday facing Steyn in the first over of his career which was unfortunately the last over of the day. Would have been very unfortunate if he would have been out. Seems like Pakistan will play next five sessions and post a lead of 100-150.

    PS: I am glad to see supporters of all parties praying and commenting for Pakistan to win. Power of CRICKET. What cricket tournaments are coming around elections? May be the Champions Trophy win in England can help to calm down the nerves and election process goes peacefully. But may be CT is in June. Elections in May...