South Africa v Pakistan 2013

  • I think Zardari has made his mind that he cannot form government next so get the government benefits till the last day, probably mid march. Election seems to be in early May and Zardari know people will abuse him in such a hot and no power time. Abuses make nothing to him as he get millions daily. Be-izzati to is ki hoti hai jis ki koi izzat ho. Chor loteron ko dakho kaho ya badmash inko kia.

    Pakistan will play scotland and Ireland 2 one days each (4 in total from 17-26 may) starting May 17. Champion Trophy is starting June 06/2013.

  • Good to see that we our team can demonstrate its talent. I hope we remain consistent too.

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    Yaar we dont talk about politics in sports bar... its like have a Vodka in Masjid. hehehehe

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    "Vodka in Masjid"...

    Even that was perfectly fine until Hazrat Ali messed it up.

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    Dude you r " Kafirly "funny.... you will join me in dozak!!!

  • Half of the team is made up of old men, some of these have never been seen before. PCB seems to discover new talent after they have crossed 30. Some times, makes me feel like going for trials.

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    Yes this is purely a sports thread "Lakin kia karein Zardari ko har jaggah gallian deni hi parti hai"

    Back to cricket, Pakistan's real test will start today as they have a very fragile batting line up. Opening is very talented but they do not have much experience of playing on bouncy wickets. Ball comes a foot higher than Dubai/Abu-Zebi, have to play most of the time, flew to slip, point, gully everywhere getting a thick or thin edge. Middle order seems very strong, Younas if in form is a man to watch in test cricket, Misbah (tuck tuck) will hang around for ever. Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq technique will be tested on bouncy and fast wickets where ball comes quicker and you need a very quick judgement to play or leave the ball. Very sold foot work is required, half hearted efforts result the edges in slip areas. Let us see how 2nd day shapes in.

  • Pakistan all out on 49 proved my concern and fear right, I think everyone was worried what will happen to our batting but no one expected 49 all out.

    Do not be need to disappoint too much, it was Pakistan batting first test against very high quality bowling and mainly on fast and bouncy track. They will adjust to conditions much better in second test. This test is gone for Pakistan, I do not expect Pakistan to come back now and to be in a commanding position as they were at the end of Day one.

    This happens when you play too much on low flat tracks and all of sudden your batsmen have to adjust over a foot bounce each ball and pace and swing bowlers like Steyn. Things will be better later Whatmore is professional coach he will help team batting to adjust quickly.

  • wondering if they do practice on such pitches before going to tour?

    such performance will hunt team in this long tour... let hope we find a hero in 2nd innning.

  • Point to ponder why didn't SA made Pakistan to follow-on. Are they afraid of playing Saeed Ajmal in the fourth innings. ha! ha! ha!

  • @expakistani and omer

    I do not think they have any facility where ball can come a foot or more higher to practice for south africa. Asian teams always struggle in SA and Australia but good teams have to adjust quickly before the series is gone. These days in tests teams avoid to play fourth inning and never use follow on mainly to give rest to bowlers and to put 350+ total pressure in 4th inning. I think over 400 total in 4th inning was chased only one time in test history.

    ODI and Twenty20 are played more on batsmen friendly wickets anywhere in world, I think start with ODI would have been good for Pakistan batting practice.

    If Pakistan makes 200+ score in second inning they will lose by big margin but batsmen will get practice against quality bowlers on this wicket. Good for Pakistan in next match.

  • After Inzi , Yousuf and aging Younus, Pakistan does not have batting talent for test cricket. Test cricket needs technique more than anything else. 20/20 fiesta has damaged cricket in Pakistan.

  • Yes middle order was very strong that time, but opening was poor. Now we have very good opening pair but not enough experience to play on bouncy wickets. Middle order has aging players of Younis Misbah, Azhar and Asad are new and again no experience here.

    20/20 has mainly damaged test cricket in asia because of IPL episode Pakistan is less affected as we do not play in IPL. Australi, south africa and Australi still value test cricket a lot and try to win test series and give less importance to ODI and almost none to 20/20.

  • @mawan1971

    Opening pair has yet to show that they have technique to play test cricket wickets.

  • @sipahi

    Please do not blame openers only, the performance as whole including specilized batsmen was awesome. They all were in great hurry, but the most responsibility was of seniors in batting, but howmany seniors you have in the batting lineup? Except Yunas Khan no one even touched the figure of 50 appearance,apart from yunas Khanthe next highest test appearance is of Umer Gul(46), but he is not batsman.We always play on the basis of assumption and presumptions. we always base on that if A will not score than B&C will do, and if they don't than D and so on so upto last.If you will select these babes of cricket with feeders in their mouth, so this will happen.

  • In the recently concluded NZ-SA series, NA bowlers did reasonably well but the batsmen couldnt perform.

    In the first test held in January NZ did well to restrict SA to 347 for eight in first innings but itself was bowled out for 45 in first innings and subsequently suffered an innings defeat.

    We seem to be following NZ.

    But it has been our history . Weak performer outside the subcontinent. But we dont believe in fixing any of our issues so why shall we fix our batting issues.

  • @hypocrite

    Don't worry brother our bating is fragile and it was fragile even on flat tracks, I remember in Sharja Pakistan were all out under 60 in both innings when Australia was having very good side. Things will settle as they get more opportunity to play these conditions. They need a 200+ score to get good practice in 2nd inning as they have lost the match already.

    We have very talented openers after a long time but lack experience in these conditions. Middle order is mix of aging players and rookies like Azhar Ali and even Asad.


    I dont know above link will open or not but it describe how discriminate were third umpire using hot spot technology. Apni Ankhon Ka Shahteer bi nazar nai aata aur hamari ankh ka ball bhi bohat hai.

    Hot spot technology use is different for two teams. SA players are honest when they lie they played the ball and no LBW they are honest even hot spot says otherwise.

    Mari Howi Team ko aur to namaro, Har jeet kheel ka hisa hai magar insaaf zarori hai.

  • Actual competition from Pakistani side was who will give the best catch

  • What a disaster, goes to show how ill prepared our team is to play on these kind of wickets. Especially when 80% of the team has been recruited due to political pressure.