PTI Frustration after IRI Latest Survey!!!

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    it seems that since pmln won the byelections....some lobby can not digest that and they put their puppets on mission to overturn this.

    byelections victory then all the major surveys shows that pmln popularity graph is going further up day by day but especially PTI seems to have more worried about it and imran fans day and night spreading lies over it by different ways.

    Instead of doing positive politics for the benefit of pakistan seems their agenda is just to blame pmln .

    They are not worried about any issues in pakistan....their politics is just based on blaming pmln and the development projects...thats why their popularity is going further down and if they keep doing like this i am sure by the election time it will further drop,

    have we ever heard imran or pti giving some suggestions for the improvement of election commission????

    Have we ever heard pti giving any suggestions over the caretaker govt.????

    Have we ever heard PTI giving any suggestions over the upcomming elections and election commission???

    In simple have we ever witnessed pti giving any positive suggestion for the benefit of pakistan????

    The drone issue and the drone march was just a photo sassion drama by pti which was failed miserably but this is what pti and imran is good at dramas and fake photo session.