Letter-gate - The Final Chapter?

  • Is Judicial activism and the skirmishes with Zardari government going to land Pakistan back in the lap of Army?

    ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman Admiral (retd) Fasih Bokhari to submit a copy of a letter written by him to President Asif Ali Zardari in which he had accused the apex court of pressurising NAB officers and of interfering in their duties.

    In the letter sent Jan 27, Bokhari accused the court of interfering in NAB investigations, particularly against politicians, and endangering the independence of their work.

    A three-member bench of the apex court, comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Sh Azmat Saeed, heard the case Wednesday concerning implementation of its March 2012 ruling in the rental power projects (RPP) case.

    During today’s hearing, the chief justice inquired NAB Prosecutor General Karim Khan Agha on the bureau chairman’s letter to the president expressing reservations over the judiciary.

    Chief Justice Iftikhar said the court would examine the contents of the letter to determine the reasons that may have led Bokhari to draft it.


  • Zia saheb! Your apprehention is right. Today the apex court issued Contempt notice (without any preliminary show-cause notice) to Chairman NAB. What lies ahead? I smell a rat.

  • Titanic is heading towards a direction to hit the Glacier.

  • From Sethi Saab's discussion impression I got if NAB chairman resings, convicted on contempt or in any form and shape forced out references won't be processed until government find his replacement. And appointing new NAB chairman is not a joke, it's a constitutional position that requires consent of both leader of the house and opposition.

    Also, Zardari seeked legal advice on letter but not from SC as suggested by Sethi Saab, he asked Law ministry instead. Also, I remember Sethi Saab predicted elections in 2012 many times but that never happened. Chirya's hit and miss rate is 50-50.


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    ’ججوں کی تقرری میں صدر اور وزیراعظم کا کوئی کردار نہیں‘


    میرے خیال جو لوگ ان ججوں کیلئے کچھ زیادہ ہی عقیدت مندی کے جذبات سے مغلوب ہیں ان کے سوچنے کیلئے وقت آگیا ہے۔۔۔۔۔۔

    ججوں کو اب تعینات بھی جج ہی کریں گے اور جج کو نکال بھی جج ہی سکتے ہیں۔۔۔۔۔۔

    برسبیلِ تذکرہ کل کے بولتا پاکستان، جو کہ انتہائی مزاحیہ تھا، میں مشتاق منہاس تک نے نصرت جاوید سے محسنِ پاکستان جنابِ عبالقدیر خان کے ٹیکنوکریٹک سیٹ اپ کے حوالے سے بیان پر نصرت جاوید کی رائے کو تسلیم کیا اور معذرت کی۔۔۔۔۔۔ ویسے اس فورم پر بھی ایسے کئی غیر ملکی شہریت بھی رکھنے والے مُحب وطن شامل ہیں جو محسنِ پاکستان کا دَم بھرتے نظر آتے ہیں اور جب مجھ جیسی کالی بھیڑیں یہ کہتی ہیں کہ ڈاکٹر صاحب تو ہماری دفاعی اسٹیبلشمنٹ کا ایک مُہرہ ہیں تو گالیوں کا نشانہ ہی مجھ جیسی کالی بھیڑیں ہی بنتی ہیں۔۔۔۔۔۔

  • Today the apex court issued Contempt notice (without any preliminary show-cause notice) to Chairman NAB.

    امتیاز احمد صاحب۔۔۔۔۔۔

    کیا آپ کو نہیں لگتا کہ جانے انجانے میں ایک اور فرینکنسٹائن مونسٹر تخلیق ہورہا ہے۔۔۔۔۔۔

    میں کافی پہلے سے ایک بات کہتا آیا ہوں کہ اس عدلیہ کی اچھائیاں کاسمیٹکس ہیں جبکہ جو خرابیاں یہ عدلیہ پیدا کررہی ہے وہ اسٹرکچرل ہیں۔۔۔۔۔۔

    :-) ;-) :-)

  • Fasih Bokhari was trying to be more loyal than the king

    He forgot

    Chief say jis ka bhi panga howa hay

    Woh nanga howa hay

  • I totally agree with you Blacksheep saheb. The monster is in the making. If a new government is formed after the election it wouldn't be easy for them to govern. The result would be disastrous. The elastic has a limitation point, after that it breaks.

  • This particular gate is Zardri's own creation and a self inflicted wound with a careful planning and objectives in mind. Remember elections doesn't suit Zardaro tola and he will do whatever he can to either avoid it or delay it as much as he can.

  • All institutions should work within their limits, otherwise anarchy will result.

  • All institutions should work within their limits, otherwise anarchy will result.

    Zia sahib

    Key to progress of the country . Key to success of the nation

    You have put is so eloquently.

  • "All institutions should work within their limits, otherwise anarchy will result."

    I have not seen anyone who disagrees with the above statement. It is "politically correct" to say that.

    The real issue is getting a common view on what are the limits of the major institutions and mechanisms (who & how) of arbitration if any institution violates their bounds.

    One answer is to this issue is implementation of "Constitution of Pakistan". But, biggest hurdle in Pakistan is lack of trust across major institutions in Pakistan. Basis of mistrust has grounds based on history of Pakistan.

  • Over-sized egos are usually a big hurdle for their ability to compromise and develop bipartisan strategy (muk-maka).

    PS:This is the biggest drawback of Imran Khan, rendering him unsuitable for a leadership job in politics.